Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ear Candling (hold your stomachs!!!), Gaining Weight Through Fasting???!, Natural Calm, & Contradictory Views on the Raw Diet... Grrrr...

Hello Everyone! You are not going to believe what I stumbled across in this tiny little-itty-bitty-nook-and-cranny on the planet... in beautiful Iceland!!! I look at the synchronicities of this spectacular Universe in AWE, and all I can say is... it was meant to be ;). It is my pleasure to introduce you to Eirikur Hermannsson. Eirikur was Ann Wigmore's right hand man.

In the picture above to the far left, you will see the cover of a book that Ann Wigmore gave to Eirikur a couple of weeks before her passing. To the right of that pic is an up-close snapshot of the picture on this book. Eirikur is the man who I have circled in this picture, to the left. The two pictures to the right are from a really old Ann Wigmore Institute brochure. Eirikur is in each and every one of those pictures in the brochure. In the pictures below, you can see Eirikur and I hanging out just a few days ago. You can see that I am just absorbing every word this man has to say like a sponge!

Eirikur and I have been hanging out a lot here in Iceland. I can't believe the stuff that we have uncovered at his house. He was showing me letter after letter that Ann Wigmore personally signed and gave him. One was the legal rights to translate any and all of her books and publications into the Icelandic language, and to publish and sell these translated works in Iceland!!! That is a huge honor and clearly shows Dr. Ann's deep trust in Eirikur. Below I have included pictures of a couple of the letters that we came across. We get to see her actual real live signature! ;)

This is just the tip of the iceberg of all the valuable, fun, and profound information Eirikur has to share with the world. I am ABSOLUTELY Dumbfounded by all the things I have seen, witnessed and heard here. There is so much more that I want to share with you, but I don't want to overload you with all this information right now. I'll aim to simply include more information, stories and pictures with each passing newsletter.

Ann Wigmore's 'program' has been evolving since the day she started it and improving all the time. Eirikur has a mass of research and information that Ann Wigmore did not ever get around to publishing. Additionally, he took this information and has been experimenting with it for many years. You would not believe what Eirikur's kitchen looks like. I may include pictures of it in the next newsletter. He is TRULY walking the Live Foods Walk. He is an amazing handy-man and has re-created his house into a Living Foods Paradise. There are sprouting racks that drain into the sink, pallets and pallets of wheatgrass, buckwheat, and sunflower greens on racks all across his kitchen, and he has literally tonnes of incredibly valuable soil from all the decades of composting. I hope to share more details about all this with you next time. Eirikur has been quiet for many years and it seems like he is seeing mine and Angela's arrival here as a sign to come out to the public once again. We are teaming up and brainstorming on what we can create, to bring you the most updated information available. So many EXCITING ideas are brewing, possibly including a retreat center, leture tours, new materials, and much more...

Eirikur has been telling me story after story about this lovely lady, Ann Wigmore. Stories about the ex-Presidents of the US, pharmaceutical companies contacting her, personal stories and so much more. I feel like I understand her life and passion so much better now. I fall deeper and deeper in love with Ann Wigmore with every passing second here. I believe she was and is truly a blessing to this planet and radiated PURE GOODNESS - not willing to sell out for any dollar amount. There is no doubt in my mind right now that a LIVE foods diet, the way that she ate herself, is the ultimate nourishing diet. Much more to come on that in the future...

Iceland has been a BLAST in so many ways!!! We had around 100 Inspired Icelanders attend our first talk here. Unexpectedly to me, everyone in the audience looked extremely healthy. Angela was telling me that the lifespan out here in Iceland is pretty high, and one reason for that is the clean air and pure water. The water comes straight from the mountains/nature and even the tap water in the cities has this water coming out of the faucets. I LOVE taking LONG HOT showers as there is no chlorine in the water and it is extremely healthy to bathe in it.
We are also doing another event in Iceland on August 7th, which involves a raw food demo and talk, with food also available from 6pm. I personally will be teaching people step-by-step "How To" eat a healthy Intermediate diet and avoid and heal degenerative disease. You can see more details of the event here HERE.

I am coming back to NYC and CT shortly! I have a 'Raw Transformation' talk planned for Saturday August 16th in NYC, at Bonobo's Raw Vegetarian Restaurant and another on August 14th at Glen's, Catch a Healthy Habit Cafe, at 7pm. For the NYC event, there is only room for about 70 people and well over half the seats are already booked, so I urge you to RSVP ASAP... if you'd love to be there. You can learn more about both these events at this link HERE.

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The information below is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. I would love for you to make an appointment with Dr. Fred Bisci at 718-979-7950, for the most accurate information possible.

I never believed that Ear Candling is a very effective therapy - I just didn't think it did much. However, when I saw the results that Angela had, I was absolutely dumbfounded!!!! HOLD YOUR STOMACH!!!!... ooOOOOooooOOoowwww! You see the picture to the right????! That is all ancient ear-wax that Angela released after her first ear candling session in April 2007. Keep in mind that Angela used to weigh nearly 300 pounds and was very 'toxic'. When she got this ear candling done, she couldn't believe how sensitive her hearing became. She never thought in her life that her hearing could be so clear. Her sinus cavities started to purge out all this junk, which had been clogged by all of the wax over the years. Unfortunately, the day after her ear candling session, she took a plane ride to speak with me in Kansas City. We all know how the pressure in an airplane can be quite intense. This pressure shifted things even more in her sinus cavity and when she landed, she got quite sick, as all this old waste was purging out from her. I am just so happy to know that she got it all out!!!

Gunda Wrote:

Really enjoying your blog!
Was excited after I read your articles, Overweight on a 100% Raw Food Diet after Long-Term Fasting or Juice Feasting and Juice Feasting Answers, just now about the metabolism slowing when we juice fast and that weight gain is a possibility if we are not careful when we come off the fast. This is good news to me because I am quite thin as a result of eating high raw for the last year and a half. My BMI was as low as 16 about a month ago.

So.... if I fast - which I have always avoided because I'm so thin at 5'7" and 103 lbs - will it slow down my metabolism enough that I can gain weight afterwards or do I risk getting even thinner from fasting? I can't conceive of going back to a SAD way of eating since that means sick, tired, fibromyalgia, asthma etc. again but I sure am skinny. I do light workouts, yoga and running too btw. I am a 53 yr old woman and I loosely follow the 80/10/10 formula except I'm probably at 70/10/20 (fat).
Also would enzymes and or probiotics help with weight gain?
Enjoying your blog,
Gunda Chapman
P.S. I enjoyed seeing you and Angela here in T.O. last summer! Also Looking forward to reading your new book which I just ordered.

I've been passing this question up in my blog for quite some time now as I didn't want people to misinterpret my response. Now that time has blown over... Here we go!!!

Yes! There is a great possibility that if you fast for a long time, and then go back to your previous diet, you will gain weight for the same reasons stated in those articles (Metabolism slowing down and your body becoming more efficient and needing less food). The ultimate way to do this would be to do a supervised water fast. I heard of a man who had a hard time putting on weight and he decided to do a water fast for... I think 14 days (it may have been more???). He then was putting on muscle mass afterwards like it was nothing, due to his metabolism slowing down. I would guess that a 92 Day Juice Feast is roughly the equivalent of doing a 14 day water fast, in terms of the amount of cleansing that is done and how sensitive a person becomes. There is a big difference between just drinking water and consuming gallons of juice and supplements in a day. However, overall I would recommend a Juice Fast over a water fast for many reasons. Let's talk about the down-sides to doing a water fast.

  • Water fasting results in free radical in the system, because the poisons being released are so acid forming. Free Radical Damage can be one consequence. Juice Feasting is great in this regard, because the alkaline juices neutralize these poisons.
  • In this day and age, I personally don't recommend water fasting for more than 6 days at a time...especially if you don't clearly understand how to pass the toxins out of the body. Otherwise, I feel the lack of nourishment can cause long-term damage to a person, due to a mass of endogenous toxins being released and floating in the body, plus exogenous toxins from the environment. I would recommend a small amount of juice and hemp oil after the 6th day, to cover your grounds.
  • When water fasting, I recommend laying in bed pretty much the ENTIRE TIME, with your eyes close. On a juice fast (feast), you can get on with your typical day much more easily.
  • Water Fasting has the potential to raise your sensitivity level to environmental toxins and past food choices... Today, man-made chemicals in the air are mixing with other man-made chemicals, creating chemicals that science has not even heard of!!!! GEEESH!!!!!

    Gunda... I don't recommend doing a water fast or juice fast for yourself, in order to gain weight. In fact, I don't recommend anyone to do this, but it can be done. You are probably the healthiest you have ever been right now and I feel that it is silly to risk this balance, just to appease yourself and others, by gaining weight. You can do this, but I sense there is a possibility that you would be compromising your longevity. Your metabolism slowing down is a sign that you need less food to accomplish the same tasks that you were doing before with more food. Therefore, the food will not be needed by the body and will just be added on to your body as excess weight. The same amount of food will now be more of a burden and more damaging to your body after the fast than before it. In general, skinny people live longer. However, in today's societies, it is usually more socially acceptable to be a person with at least a little more weight on their body. You may rather have more weight than live a potentially longer life - the choice is yours - whatever makes you happy ;). If you were to water fast, you would need less food afterwards and you could actually eat less after the fast and maintain the current weight you are at now, due to your metabolism slowing. If you feel like eating less food and fasting for this reason, I feel that can be a very beneficial thing.


    When I recommended taking Colosan for people who are not willing to do colon hydrotherapy, as it helps with breaking down the mucoid plaque, this product started flying off the shelves. I hope you've all been finding great results with it. I am astonished that I have also never talked before about one of my favorite and BEST SELLING products on our website, Natural Calm. This supplement helps literally THOUSANDS of people with reversing Magnesium deficiency, sleeping, having regular bowel movements, and much more. The Natural Calm is simply straight Magnesium Citrate, nothing more. You take 4 ounces of HOT water and add in anywhere from a tsp to a tbsp of Natural Calm powder, which then dissolves like 'alka seltzer' in the water. After it is completely dissolved, you can add in some cool water, so that it doesn't burn your mouth. Then you just drink this delicious tea-like drink and you're off to have some fun. It is completely natural and the magnesium is completely absorbable in this liquid. It helps so many people to sleep at night. I don't take it often, but every once in a while, I love to have a glass of it, when I remember. I take it about once a month or every other month. It's almost like a 'Down High'. I fall asleep soooo easily after taking it, smiling at the way it helps me feel. After I take it, I usually also have a nice bowel movement right away. I know people who take it every day and LOVE it. I recommend just buying the inexpensive 16oz bottle, which will last you for many days, for just $20 HERE. However, if you want a FREE sample, email me your full name and address at this link HERE and I will get a couple of sample packs sent out to you immediately.

    Josee Wrote:

    Hello Matt,

    I've started eating raw last May 15. Since then, I've read many books, including Frederic Patenaude, Dr. Doug Graham, Gabriel Cousins, and David Wolfe's. I just read one of your article about eating too much fruit. I have to say that I am now extremely confused with all the contradicting information I've read. This is quite scary, as everybody seems to have a different opinion on what a healthy raw diet is. Who is right? Who to believe? Everyone claims that they have the right way. I am now very concerned and am starting to believe that altough very attracting, the raw food diet is actually very dangereous and could lead to serious health issues, on the long-term.

    I would love to remain raw, but there too much contradicting information out there that I am now greatly doubting the goodness of this type of diet.
    Josee-Britanie Mallet
    writing you from Hull, Quebec, Canada

    Mmmmmmm, isn't it GREAT Josee!!! So many paths to choose from! I urge you not to discount the 100% Raw Food Diet, just because the so-called "Leaders" of the Raw Food movement seem to have contradicting views. Yes, I agree, the 100% Raw Food Diet can lead to serious health issues in the long-term if not done correctly for you. I have unfortunately seen it happen many times. However, I have also seen people succeed with flying colors. For example, Dr. Fred Bisci is almost 80 years old and he runs 5 miles every morning on the beach, around 5am.

    The key is to be your own person. I feel that you should read all the views and books, including my book RAW SUCCESS if you like... ;)... and then using YOUR OWN intuition, consume what you feel is correct for you. I think it is GREAT that there is so much to explore out there!!! Oh, and don't let our egos get in the way of your health... ;)

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    THANK YOU, Mr. McCabe and...ENJOY :)

    I also highly recommend purchasing John McCabe's book 'Sunfood Living' at the same link HERE for masses of extra info, in a classy book, including the other topics listed below:

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