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  • Cravings, Breast Milk,THE RAW CHOCOLATE CHALLENGE!!!, and More - Blog Post
  • Almond Dream Bar & Chia "Sushi" Recipe - w/new Matt Monarch Recipe Video - oh boy...
  • New products - Lydia's Organics, Sovereign Silver, & more
  • "BELOW Cost!" Specials: Sun Warrior!!!, Activated Barley
  • "At Cost!" Specials: Raw Food Charts
  • More "Below Cost!" Specials:Tempuraw, Grawnola, and Flax Crackers
  • Matt Monarch's Monthly Recommendation - 4-Quart Enema Bag
  • Shining the Spotlight - David Rain
HELLO EVERYONE!!! How about that Rawkathon?!!! WOW!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to EVERYONE who participated. I learned so much from ALL the speakers. I hope you enjoyed it too, if you saw it. I got so much heart-warming feedback about my personal interview that I had difficulty keeping up with email all this last week. I highly recommend purchasing the DVD set of these talks, if you missed the free showings. You can access the DVD sets HERE... And... They are only available until Thursday and then Kevin takes the Rawkathon project down offline. Since I talked about children a lot in my interview, I had many questions in regards to that subject and I answer these Qs in the content below.

There are a few questions that I get from people OVER AND OVER AGAIN. One of those questions is: how can someone stay 100% Raw, living in a colder climate??? How can this be done, without warmer foods? WELL...I am currently living in the UK and it is FrEeZiNg out here!!! Usually I just wear about three layers of clothes, when it is WAY out of control. However, today, I stumbled across an AMAZING extra way to stay warm. We went to a wheatgrass juice bar in the FrEeZiNg weather and they were also selling shots of STRAIGHT Ginger Juice! We jumped on the opportunity. It was one of the craziest experiences I have ever felt. Drinking straight ginger feels a bit extreme, but I definitely want to do it again, just to get that experience again. I felt REALLY HIGH afterwards and I was warm from the inside for the rest of the day, despite the 40 degree F weather. Wow! Ginger Juice!!! I recommend it?

Well... Here we go... Please Enjoy another ~Jam Packed~ Newsletter this week!

Cravings, Breast Milk, THE RAW CHOCOLATE CHALLENGE!!!, and More - Blog Post, by Matt Monarch

The information below is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. I would love for you to make an appointment with Dr. Fred Bisci at 718-979-7950, for the most accurate information possible.

In Last week's Newsletter we shined the spotlight on Steve Pavlina. Steve gets over 2 million visitors a month at his self-development blog & website, EVERY SINGLE MONTH. As one of his income streams, this successful man was making over $100,000.00 a year by simply putting Google Ads on his website.

Steve just announced in his blog:

The day has finally arrived. I just finished removing all Google Adsense ads from This includes the blog, the forums, and all other pages on the site. Unless I missed something, there should be no more Adsense ads showing anywhere on this website.

Dhrumil, creator of Give It To Me wrote on Twitter:

Today Steve Pavlina said goodbye to $100K of passive income that didn't jive with his purpose - crazy raw foodist!

LOL!!!!! Tell me about it Dhru! I LOVE IT!!!

To see the blog post of this 'Crazy Raw Foodist', Steve Pavlina, click HERE!

Also... Dhrumil wrote an article about Steve dropping the 100k per month HERE.


Jenny wrote:

your rawkathon video is so GREAT... you're too funny about durian... i can't be mature about my trigger food- mulberries. CANNOT stop. i get the same look on my face that you got when he asked you about the taste of durian.
do you know why trigger foods like that are ones we shouldn't eat... rather than our bodies telling us that the food is giving us something we're lacking (i.e. iron or magnesium in mulberries??) This question is based only on healthy whole foods, not applicable to someone craving cheese or a big mac, fyi!! ;))
For instance sometimes i crave dulse like mad , eat large quantities for a few days and then it will stop for a bit. . . thoughts?
"A creative economy is the fuel of magnificence."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hey Jenny! Sorry about the mulberry picture above, I just couldn't resist encouraging you to drool all over your keyboard. Yes, I have had a lot of positive feedback from the Rawkathon interview that I did. It's been CRAZY!!! Yes, I feel too that of course there is something very valid about the concept of 'eat what your body wants'. However, our mulberry and durian addictions may be a bit different... If my body needed durian nutrients, I would just need one or two pieces to get what I need. I feel that we need a lot less food than most of us think, or are willing to actually consume regularly.

Overdoing even these 'healthy' Raw Foods I feel hinders the body and most of that food is not utilized. From my perspective, most humans at this point eat food to stop the feelings of detoxification. For example, the SAD eater craves cheese or a 'Big Mac'. They are addicted to those toxic 'foods' and when they stop intaking them, they detoxify and their body wants their 'Big Mac' fix to stop the detox, while at the same time getting stimulated. Although not as damaging as the SAD cooked/processed foods, it is the same situation with Raw Foods. If a raw foodist goes on a Water Fast, they will most likely go through withdrawals as they detox and want the raw foods they were previously eating. For example, I noticed that I was eating a few tablespoons of pine nut butter every single day for weeks. When I stopped eating it, I practically tasted it in my mouth as I detoxed it. At the same time, I started to lower my fat intake on the 100% Raw Food Diet and the experience of the fat detox was extreme for me, for many weeks.

I sometimes eat a mass of dulse too. I overdo it. My body doesn't need it all but I do it anyway. My partner Angela explains a lot about these kinds of emotional eating patterns and how to release them in her book 'Raw Emotions'.
It may also interest you to hear that an experiment around overeating was done on apes. They gave one group of apes an unlimited supply of bananas and they regulated another group with a smaller amount of bananas per day. The ones who had an unlimited supply ate more than their bodies needed, became diseased and died at a younger age. If we follow our intense desires around food, it may not always be the best thing.
Andrea Wrote:

I LOVED listening to your Rawkathon interview, thank you for the colon hydrotherapy info. At the very end of your Interview, Thank you for offering the energy of the "Will to go for it".
BTW - When you mentioned "Bad Investments" in the Rawkathon, the houses weren't "a bad investment" in the sense of your fault. It was pushed on us by the people in power. My husband and I are losing our third home. I am a real estate broker, even we were duped!
One Q if you get a chance I am breastfeeding my 23 month old and been doing green smoothies for a month, really want to transition to raw vegan completely but worried about detoxing into the milk. From my understanding of what I heard you said, would it be better for me to wean her to goat's milk now? I will start the colon hydrotherapy right away.

Awww... Thank you so much Andrea. Your lovely comments mean a lot to me.

About your question. Your intuition I feel is everything here. I feel that it would definitely be best to favor your baby's health over your own detox, if you must choose one or the other. If you feel that your baby should still be on breast milk, then I would not take that away. Cleansing the colon will certainly be a great aid for removing the toxins from your body. In my opinion, it is of course possible to go raw while breast-feeding, if you choose to: ideally you would just be sure to be careful and pay close attention to what you are doing and your baby's responses. One idea is to maybe just eliminate the next most damaging foods from your diet (Refined Sugars & Processed Starches) COMPLETELY and take it from there. There is no need to rush and make a big jump into being 100% raw, if you are still eating many other foods. Each permanent step forward/improvement is a big one. I hope that all helps.

Andrea wrote back:

Thank you so much for the quick reply. How cooool to hear from you in person! My goal was to make it to a minimum two years BF'ing with her since we chose not to vaccinate. Now I can't imagine her wanting to stop, and would prefer to wean naturally. So, thank you for the validation of my intuition, I will be continuing to BF and go slowly. Since I recently learned of the raw food lifestyle I just felt like I was in a catch 22! I want to give her the best quality BM possible... been confused about exactly how to do that while improving my diet and without detoxing into the milk! Right now we are both congested, so I am not sure if we are both detoxing or just have a cold.
If you (or your fiance) come across any raw food diet information that pertains to breastfeeding moms, please forward to me if you can. =) I have bookmarked to check out Dr Bisci's site too, thanks.
In the Rawkathon, I LOVED your vision for your child, that's how I feel about my little Indigo "dolphin child". I'm from Kona, Hawaii, though now in San Diego, and used to take people swimming with dolphins for a living. We swam with a pd of over 200 Hawaiian spinner dolphins while 5.5 months pregnant - they sonared me and were so interactive and fantastic! I highly recommend it when you do get pregnant, it is an experience you will cherish forever. It was pure bliss for all of us! The love and ecstatic joy of it all.... Just wait till you guys are parents - it is the most amazing experience in the world! I am so excited for you and you fiance, and especially your child, to have such wonderful, aware parents to be born to is such a blessing!
Thanks again for your help and living your purpose.
=) Much Love, Andrea

Thank you, Andrea! ...and check out the answer to the next question too - I sense it may help you even further...

Patricia Wrote:

Firstable I would like to apologise for my english, but I am spanierd. I am breastfeeding my two daughters, one is three years old, the other one is 17 months old. I am not a raw fooder and I don't know if I will ever be, but I am reading and experimenting with this diet cause I think is the healthiest one and that's what I want for my family. I would like to be at least 80% raw and do colonics and "water days", as I use to do in the past. My doctor has advice me to do not do any of these while I am breastfeeding cause it could be harming for my daughters and also I could loose my milk. She told me to be raw for a few days instead. What do you think of that??, I think you cannot that colonics if you eat food, true?

Hi Patricia,
Overall, I give you the same advice as to Andrea above, that it is all about your intuition. In terms of potentially losing your Breast Milk, my main recommendation to counteract that is to DRINK VEGETABLE JUICE. Dr. Fred Bisci once told me that he knew a woman who had a problem producing breast milk, so he recommended her to drink a couple glasses of Vegetable juice daily and I believe that included carrot juice. After she did that, she had so much breast milk, she didn't know what to do with it all!!!
Here are some great 'Raw Pregnancy' Resources:

This woman had a raw pregnancy and now the baby is here:

Jinjee of course has MASSES of info on raw pregnancies/kids:

RawMom might has a wide range of useful info to share:

Raising Alex - this is the blog from Melissa Gilbert, who has been raising her son Alex raw:

I haven't read it yet, but the book 'Baby Greens' may be useful. Plus the book 'Fresh' by the Boutenko kids has info on how to transition kids to raw. And... of course, 'The Continuum Concept' is a personal favorite. All of these books can be purchased HERE.

I knew that SOMEONE out there must have successfully transitioned from drinking coffee daily to replacing it with Raw Cacao. Although Raw Cacao may not be ideal for EVERYONE, I am definitely proud and happy for one reader - Amanda - who has taken up Raw Cacao and as a result, eliminated Coffee!!! I see this as a very beneficial use of the Raw Cacao Bean!

Here's Amanda's summary of her journey:

From Coffee to Cacao
A lot of our coffee addictions are psychological. Knowing this lead me
to reframe how I approached it, rather than that warm start to my day
it became the beginning of a cycle of Rolla coaster crashes which
ultimately robbed me of all the good stuff I was putting in my body by
leaching vital nutrients from it and countering the alkalinity of my
diet with acidity. It just stopped making sense once I began to engage

with this new belief. That was the first step. The second was having
something even better than coffee to start my day, cacao! Nothing could
be more perfect. In naked chocolate David Wolfe explains that in Spain
they prefer these drinks to coffee and its not so hard to see why. It's
a great replacement too because if you crave coffee emotionally not
only does it flood your body with feel good molecules, including
neurotransmitters like Serotonin and Dopamine, even a bliss chemical
called Anandinamide, but it gives you a replacement for the oral
fixation/behavioral component of coffee reliance. You don't have to let
go of the appeal of a kick start and you don't have to crash! I love
adding raw maca to mine. This gets me flying! I do a tbs of cacao with
vanilla flavored almond milk and a tsp of maca and I'm good to go. The
appeal of cacao drinks first thing in the morning and the immediate
rush of feel good energy, especially with the maca added, makes the
transition away from coffee quite an easy one, at least for me. You can
add agave nectar as well if you like something sweeter.

CONGRATULATIONS AMANDA!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your story like this. I think this testimony may help many people with their coffee addiction... AND... Amanda, you have definitely already motivated one reader, named Thomas Cleary. He is even intending to use your Cacao Recipe EVERY MORNING!!!

OH... I've got some great news everyone... The Raw Chocolate Challenge is officially ON!!!!!!!

Meet Thomas Cleary...
Thomas resides 8000 feet above sea level, in Crestone Colorado, at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. He is a 42 year old science teacher who lives a fairly healthy lifestyle. He eats mainly vegetarian (some fish) and gets out to hike, raft, fish, and rock climb, or just to walk the dog regularly. That said, he also has a long term coffee habit. Each morning he wakes early to do his school lesson planning with 3 stout mugs of coffee and usually another three cups of decaf in a thermos on the way out the door. It doesn't seem to matter what he had for breakfast, he is hungry well before lunch, due to the coffee. Thomas has been wanting to get off coffee for some time and is motivated to take up the RAW Chocolate Challenge!
In addition to teaching school, Thomas runs a home based business, recycling old rock-climbing ropes into beautiful and durable door mats, dog leashes and toys, and more. Thomas weaves and meticulously adjusts every Retied Rope Rug himself. The ropes he uses are steeped in the stories and the memories of the many climbs they have encountered. To contact Thomas, or to check out his environmentally friendly business, go to

Thomas has committed himself to take on the Raw Chocolate Challenge!!! For 90 days, he has agreed to eliminate Coffee and replace it with Raw Cacao.

So, now meet our gracious Master Raw Chocolatier, Linus Gorpe...who is the official Raw Chocolate Donor for this Challenge. Linus has agreed to provide Thomas with a total of 90 Raw Chocolate Bars, freshly made by his business... The Raw Chocolate Company. Linus stated, "'Pitch Dark' is our strongest chocolate bar and 'Twilight' is easier to eat a lot of. I think that 45 of each would be best." Sounds great to me Linus and thank you for your generous donation in the name of raw research! Well there you have it, readers - chocolate challenger successfully matched up with chocolate provider! I recommend supporting Linus Gorpe's business "The Raw Chocolate Company". I feel he definitely DESERVES your business. His company is based in the UK, so I would recommend stock-piling up on his chocolate, so that you get the biggest bang for your buck. He even has a deal that if you buy 11 bars, you get 1 free. You can order his chocolate HERE. Linus, the founder of the company and guiding chocolate jedi-master, decided to explore just what was possible with raw cacao. He evolved into something of a mad scientist, but when he emerged from his chocolate laboratory he had the recipe for his chocolates, and a shining glint in his eye.
That shining glint was what quickly secured the upward growth of The Raw Chocolate Company. Joining the ranks of that other Crazy Raw Foodist Steve Pavlina, Linus invested a great deal of money, time, energy and love into starting The Raw Chocolate Company. Founded in early 2006, the Raw Chocolate Company is now ten people strong and expanding, and is fast becoming a favourite with chocolate lovers all over the world.

Linus!... YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!

I am also going to supply Thomas with all the ingredients for Amanda's Raw Cacao drink At Cost for the 90 days, as he wants/needs it. Thomas wanted me to also mention that cheese and sugar are pretty big in his diet..... He supposes that those will be the next harmful foods to go, as and when he is done releasing the coffee addiction.

Lastly, I would LOVE to include a short, sweet message from Thomas to Linus that I was cc'd on:

Hey Linus,
Thomas Cleary here, you and the Raw Chocolate Co. are sponsoring me on the Chocolate Challenge put together by Matt Monarch. THANK YOU so much. I am looking forward to using your fabulous sounding chocolate to help me quit coffee. I can't wait to get started and your sponsorship is a big part of my motivation. Thanks again, I'll be in touch as things progress!
Thomas Cleary

Well there you have it, trusty readers!!! I will keep you posted on the Raw Chocolate Challenge as the 90 days goes by...and let's all please send Thomas mighty best wishes for these 3 months...
Dana Wrote:

Hi Matt,
Periodically when I was a SAD eater I would get a pain in my chest that felt like heartburn. Not actually heartburn, but similar. I am finding that over the last month I am feeling the pain more often and pretty much all the time. I know it isn't a heart problem or anything because I have been having the pains for a while. If I was going to have a heart attack I think I would have by now! (I am also only 24) I am concerned because I was expecting that pain to go away, not increase on raw. Could it be a gas thing? Am I eating too many fruits? I have read your stuff regarding too many fruits, but what I don't know is how many is too many? I just want to do right by this poor body of mine, and am struggling with how to do it.
You and Angela have been an inspiration to me and give me strength to keep looking for the answers. I am also inspired because you two are close to my age so I feel the ability to relate to what you both say.
My best,

Wow Dana! I am really impressed by your perception and insight that the blood gases may be causing the so-called 'Heartburn'. It could also potentially be thousands of different things, however, I think you nailed it right on the HEAD...!!!

When you were first experiencing heartburn before you improved your diet, in my opinion, that was a direct result of eating the foods you were choosing. Back then you ignored your body's warning signs and it went away. Now that you are going raw, you are eliminating all of those food choices that caused the problem and all the stored waste/toxins are being released inside your body, in the form of gas - hence, you are feeling this pain again.

These gases travel all throughout the body and if the gas pressure gets strong in the heart area, it can create something like the feeling of heartburn, but a bit more severe. When this happens to someone, they may experience a lot of fear as they feel their life may be in danger, due to a Heart Attack or something similar. Many months after my mom improved her diet, for example, she went through something very similar and it scared her a lot. She had to catch her breath and sit down often, as she experienced physical pains in her heart.

Dr. St. Louis Estes, author of 'Raw Food and Health', is the only other author I know of who seemed to write about these blood gas concepts. His book is available HERE. I highly recommend reading the chapter entitled "Gases". I recommend reading my book 'Raw Success' first, which goes into great depth about the Blood Gases.

Dr. St. Louis Estes writes:

Palpitation of the heart is very often caused by intestinal gases. I have seen cases suffering from gas pains to such an extent they were forced to go to a hospital for treatment. Every morsel of food or drink which they took into their body was seemingly converted into gas, and the misery which they suffered was intense. Severe contraction of the muscles around the heart and sharp, stubborn pains through the heart areas, which actually shut off the breath for a few seconds, frightened these patients into believing that death was imminent. The natural result of this condition, if neglected, would be a diseased condition of the heart, for the pressure of the gas on the nerves causes surcharging and congestion of the blood vessels and a persistent irritation to the regions afflicted. The great strain on the heart under these circumstances lowers its vitality and changes the heartbeat, making it slower and irregular, or quickened with frequent rapid flutterings and racing throb. Fainting fits are not uncommon to these conditions, for the sudden congestions due to gas around the heart draws the blood from the brain.

Dana, I feel that if you do colon hydrotherapy, there is a chance that you may get instant relief. The internal release of these gases is an ongoing process and I recommend cleansing the colon on a periodic basis, accordingly. Additionally, I of course don't know what you eat, or how you eat, on a daily basis. A lot of people overlap meals, overeat and other habits like that on a raw diet. These foods are powerful and when you mix poor eating habits with these endogenous poisons and gases, a very toxic system may result. This is just another reason why I feel it is important for a Raw Foodist to practice periodic colon cleansing.

I heartily recommend getting those two books that I mentioned above, as this is just the tip of the iceberg that we've covered here, in terms of the effects of the blood gases in the body. One other potentially-related phenomenon is that many people experience an unusual amount of hair loss when they go Raw. Here is another excerpt from Dr. St. Louis Estes' book, in which he gives a possible explanation for this:

Continuous recurrence of this reaction to gas deprives the scalp of its nourishment, and the hair dies and falls out.
('Raw Food and Health', by Dr. St. Louis Estes, pgs 112- 113 )

Lastly, we came across an eco-fashion website HERE, which introduces a car that is powered by AIR!!! It's unfortunate that we don't often seem to take the ball and run with this type of technology. We once had an ideal replacement for gas-fuelled cars... the Electric Car. However, owners were forced to give up their cars and they mysteriously 'disappeared'. You may want to check out the film 'Who Killed The Electric Car' to learn more about that story. For now, we're wishing the AIR car a great reception...

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Almond Dream Bar & Chia Recipe
Almond Dream Bar

(Warning: my hair is a bit CRAZY in this video as I had just washed it.) Angela asked me to make her 'Almond Dream Bars' on camera so that she could share it with her blog readers. It was fun making the video and the recipe is down below. Note: this recipe is a bit high in coconut oil, therefore, I suggest just eating a small amount at a time.

8 oz of almond butter
7 oz of raw coconut oil
1/4 cup of lucuma powder
Puree these three ingredients together in a food processor.
Add sprouted/dehydrated buckwheat and goji berries to taste.
Pulse them into mixture briefly, just to mix them in.
Place mixture into container(s), then into the fridge to harden up. Let pieces of this divine mixture melt-in-your-mouth for outrageous yumminess ;)

Angela Wrote:

WOW. This can be made with different nut/seed butters to your taste - tahini is yummy, as is hazelnut and I bet macadamia would be GREAT too. This recipe was originally inspired by the 'almond dream bars' served at Live Cafe in Toronto. I loved this dessert SO much that the Monarch felt he simply must re-create it. They use agave though and I'm not much into sugar-spikes anymore, so he uses low glycemic lucuma powder instead. The buckwheaties and goji berries are not ESSENTIAL - you could just make a solid bar, if you prefer, with no 'bits' in - I just LOVE the texture they add...Mmmmmmmmm ;) ENJOY :)

Chia Sushi
I accidentally created another AWESOME recipe recently: chia sushi. I happened to be eating a blended salad with nori sheets for a meal. Angela was eating this amazing chia mixture that I had made a couple of days before. When I finished my meal, I looked over at Angela and she was thoroughly enjoying this chia meal. Witnessing her ABSOLUTE beauty and enjoyment of this chia meal, I decided to join in for a bite or two. I took a spoonful of the chia mixture and wrapped it in a small piece of the nori sheet. Wow! It tasted just like and had precisely the texture of 'real' Sushi! Amazing!!!

Here is the Recipe:

Soak your desired quantity of chia seeds in freshly pressed Carrot-Apple juice (e.g. if you have 3 cups of juice, add in 1 cup or more of chia seeds). Keep adding chia and stirring the mixture until it is thick. It will keep in the refrigerator for 2 - 3 days. Add the mixture to small sections of Nori Sheets and enjoy! Voila! Chia Sushi!!!

New Products at The Raw Food World

Raw Sprouted Cereals!!!

When I first lowered my fat intake recently, I was replacing the fat with a Sprouted Buckwheat Cereal here in the UK. It really did the job for me as the liquid (almond milk) really helped give me the feeling of satiation during this detox process. Paul Nison has been telling me to get Lydia's Sprouted Cereals for sometime now. After I got a couple more customers requesting Raw Cereals, INLCUDING MY MOM, I felt compelled to place an order with Lydia. Boy am I glad that I did. They are a HIT and everyone is LOVING these Sprouted Raw Cereals...

Here are all the latest new additions to The Raw Food World Store:

Sovereign Silver Product Line

I heard about this colloidal silver brand on the market that is supposedly of the very highest quality. Colloidal silver is known to be a great help for the immune system and is a natural antibiotic - it protects against infection and promotes healing, amongst other things. I did my research and discovered that the owner of the recommended company is actually a Raw Foodist. When I learned more about his products, I was indeed very impressed. Here are some stats documented in different studies of the Sovereign Silver products:

  • Smallest average particle size ever seen - 0.8 nm (nanometers) / 0.0008 microns / 8 Angstroms - confirmed by Univ. of Miami Medical School.
  • 96% actively charged particles - confirmed in a University of Miami study.
  • Safe low concentration of 10 ppm (parts-per-million) - confirmed at an FDA approved laboratory with an Acute Toxicity Study.
  • Made from 99.99% pure silver - confirmed by 3rd party assay.
  • Made with ultra-pure, medical-grade water (the only other ingredient).
  • Crystal clear and virtually tasteless.

    This company feel they have "a special responsibility... to bring a new generation of colloids [appropriately called "hydrosols"] to those who need it for their own health, as well as to those who attend upon the health of others."

    Sovereign Silver represents the most significant breakthrough in colloidal technology in the last 90 years. It is an omnipotent resource in the defense of health, one with which to confront the ever increasing immune challenges threatening man, even the whole of mankind.

    Kale Chips
    The Kale chips have been flying off our warehouse shelves. For those of you who have not experienced them yet, I wanted to give you a little visual aid, to see what they look like - so we took a quick picture that you can see here to the left. Besides the Kelp Noodles, I have never seen a product fly off the shelves like these Kale chips. It has been hard to keep them all in stock!

    All our New Items can be found at the link below:

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    HOW ON EARTH are we able to offer you all the Sun Warrior Protein Products below our cost (about 40% off the retail price)??? Those nice fellows at 'Sun Warrior' gave us an EXTRA DISCOUNT just so that we can do this for you. I think they know that you are going to LOVE the product so much, that you will hopefully come back to buy more soon. We are also including their incredible Activated Barley Super Green Food in the 'Below-Cost' specials. It's always great idea to switch up green foods (e.g. Activated Barley) to get variety, which provides a wider range of nutrients. This is the perfect opportunity to try the Sun Warrior Products out. This offer is good as long as supplies last.

    We are also offering a few other Savory & Dessert Items as 'Below-Cost' Specials. We are moving these products out the door as we are replacing them with other products, such as the delicious Lydia's Organics cereals/crackers. These specials are available on a first-come first-served basis and once they are gone, they will be off the website for good. I advise you therefore to get in on this offer ASAP, if you?re interested.

    Lastly, we have these wonderful Raw Food Charts that are the 'At-Cost' Specials for this month. They are a great way to introduce newcomers to living/raw foods. They are fully laminated and waterproof/tearproof, to provide years of trouble-free use.

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  • Wheatgrass Juice, Green Drinks, & Sprouts 4-page Chart - $5.95, Normally $9.95 - with 10% coupon $5.36
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    Matt Monarch's Monthly Recommendation

    The 4-Quart enema bag is one of the products that I would most highly recommend from our website. A typical enema bag that you would get at a local pharmacy is about 1.5 - 2 quarts. The colon can hold about 3 - 4 quarts. With this 4-quart bag, if you know what you are doing, then you have the potential to cleanse deep into both ends of the colon.

    For those who don't want to spend money on colon hydrotherapy on a periodic basis, this enema bag can be especially beneficial. I do still recommend getting a professional colonic every once in a while too, though.

    I always get asked the question, How do you do an enema? At first, you very likely won't be able to fill so much water into the colon, because there will probably be a lot of gas and waste. In the beginning, just fill up enough to release the waste in the lower portion of the colon. As you clear out the waste and gas, you can start to add more water in and go deeper. Sometimes there may be a lot of gas in the colon causing pressure and people get a bit of pain as that gas shifts around for release. Many people get scared to take in any amount of water due to this pain. I don't want you to push yourself unnecessarily and you do of course want to be careful, but I also feel that sometimes it is important to 'push through' this temporary discomfort and let more water into the system. The key is to get that gas out that is causing the pain when water tries to enter. This discomfort doesn't ALWAYS happen, but it does on occasion. I like to recommend professional colon hydrotherapy, because it is pretty much guaranteed that the entire colon will get cleansed out, including all the gas and debris and you have a 'professional' there to help guide you with the process.

    For those of you who are used to using a colema board, the 4-quart enema bag is a great replacement. The enema takes about half the time it takes to do a colema and can be just as effective if you know what you are doing. These enema bags are also IDEAL for travelling, as they roll up very small and can be tucked into your luggage easily.

    You can order 4-quart enema bags HERE

    Shining the Spotlight - David Rain

    I first heard about David Rain a couple of years ago from Angela. Angela was hanging out at the 'Tree of Life' center in Arizona for a month and David worked closely with Gabriel Cousens at that time. David was the man who introduced Angela to the 92-Day Juice Feast. When she heard David explaining this cleansing process, after some initial resistance, her whole being seemed to then scream YES! YES! YES!, let's Juice Feast! Not long afterwards, when I was with Angela in one of our deep eye-gazing states, she expressed to me that David, like us, is willing to hold a deep space of connection, while in communication with others. After Angela expressed this, I was very eager to have a conversation with David. I wanted to share this kind of connection with him.

    BOY... Was she ABSOLUTELY right!!!

    Upon meeting, David and I immediately connected on both a 'spiritual' and business level. I feel that we are very similar in both of those areas. I look forward to connecting more with David in the future. Although David is already a very sought out and recognised pioneer in the Raw Food & Natural Health Movement, I am still really excited to Shine the Spotlight on him. David has helped and is helping thousands of people heal from degenerative diseases. He co-authored the book "There is a Cure for Diabetes" with Gabriel Cousens, which is opening healing doors for countless people with Diabetes. David is also the man who has brought Juice Feasting to the public eye.

    If you do a Juice Feast exactly the way that David Rain recommends, in my opinion, it is one of the BEST things that you can possibly do for the Human Body. There is no doubt about it. I love how David doesn't discount the need to cleanse the colon during this process... especially in the beginning. If you are interested in doing a Juice Feast, I recommend going to Angela's book A Juice Feaster's Handbook has also been a great benefit and addition to David's website. I have never met a 'go-getter' quite like David Rain. He has brought the concept of cleansing with a Juice Feast to THOUSANDS of people. Dr. Fred Bisci absolutely LOVES David too, after they met about a year ago at the Living Light Festival.

    One of my favorite interviews on the recent Rawkathon was David's. He is absolutely BRILLIANT!!!! I am so excited to get his latest book he is working on, when it is available on the market. It is called 'The Spectrum of Diet' and discusses different levels of diet which also include your emotional needs at that particular level.

    For example, on one side of the spectrum, you have the SAD diet, on the other end you'd find the Raw Food diet and in between will be vegetarian and vegan diets. It's about making your way across the spectrum, while satisfying your emotional needs at the same time. My favorite concept that he introduced was that many people jump across the spectrum from a SAD background, into a 100% Raw Food diet. That is not an easy jump for most people and they then end up bouncing back from being 100% Raw all the way to the SAD life. This can be especially problematic because when you go Raw you become more sensitive to those damaging foods. For this reason, David recommends taking the transition across the spectrum slowly. For example, you would ideally learn the ins and outs of a Vegan diet first before entering into 100% Raw Vegan. That way, if you go 100% Raw and end up bouncing backwards, the impact won't be so bad if you go back to Vegan whole foods, compared to SAD junk 'foods'. I LOVE THIS CONCEPT!

    Oh!!!! and I can't forget about David's LOVELY partner Katrina. Every time I see this lovely couple, they have smiles stretched across both 'spectrum's' ;) of their faces. Angela LOVES these two beings so much, that she is always talking about how she would LOVE to have them as neighbors. Katrina's hometown is in Victoria, BC. Angela stayed with them for a few days in BC and afterwards relayed to me the beautiful energy that runs through Katrina's entire family. Katrina's dad, for example reminds Angela of Gandolph the Wizard - he is well over 6 feet tall with long white hair, a huge grin and so much wisdom to share. What a delightful family!

    David & Katrina... We absolutely LOVE you!!!

    Thank you for Making a Difference!!!

    ~Many Blessings from The Raw Food World~

    Thank you for continuing to let us serve you.

    We wish you and those you love, the very best of everything!