Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Human Spontaneous Combustion! Osteoporosis, & Blood Type O

Hello Everyone! WOWWWW!!!! What a Loooo--->oooong Journey I just took. In the space of 10 days, I did 9 Speaking Engagements and Interviews. First Stop was the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, AZ. What an amazing time I had there. The picture is of me giving my Main Stage Performance on that Sunday of the Raw Spirit Festival.

After the Raw Spirit Festival, I drove State-to-State, doing a speaking engagement each evening until I hit Michigan. This is where the Midwest Festival Dedicated to Ann Wigmore was taking place, which was masses of FUN. Each day I drove between 5 - 9 hours, while doing an event each and every night. RAW ENERGY!!! Then I got on a plane in Michigan, over to Vancouver, Canada. I landed on the ground and took a taxi to my next talk in Vancouver...

Angela was speaking to our Vancouver crowd when I arrived in the taxi. I interrupted the talk to give Angela a GREAT BIG HUG and KISS on the cheek. I hadn't seen her in two weeks!!! I apologized to the audience saying that I couldn't wait any longer. I then spoke for a couple of hours, after Angela had finished. THEN... the next evening we went to the Orpheum in Vancouver and heard Alicia Keys sing in concert, before returning to the UK the next evening, to speak at the Festival of Life in London. I am now enjoying a break, writing this newsletter to you and intending to mostly relax for the next couple of months. We'll still be doing a few events though: we speak at Manna Cafe' in Brighton on October 3rd, plus we'll also be visiting Sweden and the Netherlands to do speaking engagements over the next two months...


I am so PROUD of Angela!!! She was just on CNN News: they did a 2-minute story on her raw food weight loss. It is a very positive piece (especially in contrast to the recent raw item on 20/20 ;)... In fact, even some of our more 'mainstream' friends said... "Dr. Sanjay Gupta's gives very balanced views." It seems that many people in the mainstream were affected by this piece in a POWERFUL way!!! It was shown on TV on the morning of Tuesday September 23rd, repeated the following Friday at around 8.30am US eastern time, plus also played on TV over the weekend :)You can view the CNN Piece HERE. AND!!!... CNN also did an article write-up on the story, which blew the Internet World's Bamboo Socks Off!!! This article is available HERE!

This article was the TOP HEALTH STORY OF THE YEAR on CNN and had over 2 MILLION HITS!!! I had tons of my old "Main-Stream" friends who saw this article email me in amazement. AND... You are not going to believe this!!! We all know that millions of keywords are typed into Google each and every day. Well, there is a section called Google "Hot Trends", which lists the top 100 search terms for the day, with a statistical breakdown of each of these key words. The Key Term "Angela Stokes" BROKE THE TOP 10 OF GOOGLE "HOT TRENDS"!!! She also pushed the key words "Raw Food Diet" above the top 10 too! I got masses of emails from other Raw Food companies thanking Angela for the surge of hits their website had experienced this past weekend. The CNN story had a massive ripple effect. HUNDREDS of websites picked up Angela's story from CNN and put their own twist on it. These websites include a wide range of demographics, ranging thru Vegetarian, Fashion, Trend Setting, Cosmetic Makeovers, Celebrity, Hippy Gourmet, International Business times and MANY MORE.

Here are a couple of comments that Angela's readers wrote in:

Your story on CNN is the MOST VIEWED!!! What you've done for raw food clearly surpasses even US politics during election year! GO GIRL!!!

congrats on your recent article and video with CNN. it's funny - people who would never listen before about raw foods are now telling me they're open now after seeing your story..... wonderful work! :) XO


The amount of traffic we had to our websites was ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!! We have two indestructible servers where our websites live. Unfortunately, Angela's RawReform.com website hadn't been transferred over to our MEGA Servers quite yet. Due to the ONSLAUGHT of traffic, her website crashed. I wanted to take this moment to THANK Kevin Gianni DEEP from the bottom of my HEART. Kevin emailed me immediately after her story hit CNN and he'd realized that our site had crashed. With his Internet Marketing Genius, he put together a page for us to help us provide a 'landing page' for people in the interim, while we fix the site. Within 2 hours after putting up this page, we received over 500 emails. Since then, it has just continued to flood in. I was upset to have Angela's site crash, however, I see the blessings in this experience too, because my mind has opened up now so much more on how to continue to share information on the Raw Food Diet, Angela, and myself further with the 'mainstream' in the future. Kevin! I can't thank you enough for the catalyst you played in helping us with the website crash and future ideas for spreading the raw message. THANK YOU!!!

I would love to see my readers support Kevin in the amazing adventures he is also on at this point. As well as being IMMENSELY passionate about health and Raw Foods, Kevin is also equally passionate about helping people everywhere to succeed in business, while promoting Natural Living to the "Main-Stream". This is his Mission in life!!! On October 2nd, I highly recommend getting on this FREE Call with Kevin Gianni. I will be there listening in!!! It is all about this mission of his I was telling you about. "How do you become a leader in the natural health movement? You don't need to be a health practitioner, you don't need to be a doctor, you just need to love natural health..." To get in on this FREE call, click HERE.

Lastly, I would love to mention the fantastic Rawkathon event that Kevin Gianni is heading up. I highly recommend joining this free event. I talk about it extensively just below in the next section of this newsletter. By joining for free, you will be showing your support for Angela and I, AND Kevin Gianni. Thank you so much EVERYONE for your continued support!!!

We have another ~Jam Packed~ Newsletter this month; there are some Fascinating stories in here, including the link between Spontaneous Human Combustion and the Blood Gases. Enjoy!!!

Rawkathon - A 7 Day Online Living Food Event

Do you remember the free 'Raw Summit' program last year, which was an online tele-seminar with various Raw and Living Food Experts? Over the last month, Kevin Gianni, co-creator of the Raw Summit has been busy putting together something that's never been done before. What Kevin is up to now is even bigger and better... He's spent the last month putting together an event called "The Rawkathon."

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Here is a summary of the Interview that I participated in:

A Candid Look Into a Raw Food Expert's Life and His Thoughts on Anastasia, Raising Children and Success

Living Foods Author and Lecturer, Matt Monarch will reveal...

  • What is detox and how you can know if you're cleansing.
  • An essential part of health and cleansing that most people don't do.
  • His candid and heartfelt views on having children and how to raise them.
  • How to bring about personal prosperity by doing something you love.
  • His favorite books and how they have influenced his own lifestyle.

    Matt Monarch is the author of "Raw Success" and "Raw Spirit." Matt has been a raw foodist for 9 years and is founder of TheRawFoodWorld.com.

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    The Raw Food Diet and Environmental Toxins, by Matt Monarch

    The information below is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. I would love for you to make an appointment with Dr. Fred Bisci at 718-979-7950 for the most accurate information possible.

    As I have stated in previous articles, the more kinds and quantities of food you CONSISTENTLY leave out of your diet COMPLETELY, the more you will cleanse and detoxify on a cellular level AND... The more IN-TUNE and Receptive you become to the Cosmic Universal Energy.

    Additionally, the more you leave out of your diet, the more sensitive you become to toxins... which include toxins from past food choices and the environment. This month we will talk about the environment.

    Have you noticed that since you've improved your diet, cigarette smoke bothers you more now? If so, it is because you are cleaner and more sensitive to it now. It is the same thing with other environmental toxins.

    I went 100% Raw overnight in NYC. I was living and working in the city every day. Within six months, I couldn't stand the pollution anymore. I never cared before about the toxicity I was breathing in daily, but now it was driving me NUTS , due to how clean and sensitive I had become. Now... Don't get me wrong... I don't mind going to the city for a couple of weeks or so, to have a good time, but living and working in it day and night without a break felt like too much for me.

    Check this example out from Hilton Hotema's book, Man's Higher Consciousness. (my favorite Raw Food Book):

    In a clinical experiment, a group of scientists put Bird-A in a glass cage with no air outlets. Breath by breath, the bird exhaled CO2, and the air in the cage became increasingly more toxic. Because the process happened gradually, the bird was able to adapt to the CO2 rich environment. Bird-A was then removed from the glass cage. Bird-B was placed in the same CO2 rich environment. Bird-B died in moments from shock. Bird-B had no time to adapt like Bird-A, and the sudden extreme toxicity made it impossible to sustain life.

    Now imagine taking a human from 20,000 years ago, who lived on our pristine planet and throw them into today's environment... I feel that the exact same thing would happen as with the bird in the above example and that our 'ancestor' would not make it.

    I heard of another study that stated if we stopped polluting the environment COMPLETELY right now, it would take over 30 years for the atmosphere to completely clean out.

    I was thinking about this and realized that we can look at this from the perspective that our Creator knew what he was doing. For example, if you were to throw me back on the pristine planet of 20,000 years ago, I would be leaving out ALL Pollution out of my diet COMPLETELY. Therefore, I would detoxify the GENERATIONS of pollution that are currently backed up in my system so fast that it might actually kill me. However, since it would apparently take around 30 years or so for our current toxic environment to clean up, humans could gradually detoxify over time, rather than being thrown into major detox shock. This concept could be likened to the case of an elderly 'toxic woman with a serious degenerative disease. If you were to throw her on a 100% Raw Food diet, she may internally detoxify so fast that it could kill her. In this kind of case, I would either recommend FREQUENT Colon Cleansing WITH SUPERVISION on a 90% Raw Diet, or alternatively, allow the healing process to unfold more slowly and gradually with a more 'intermediate' whole-food diet and colon cleansing.

    In the LONG-RUN, I feel that if someone is TRULY on a 100% Raw Food Diet, then it is not conducive to live in a city environment, as it will most likely age you faster due to how sensitive one becomes.

    In this day and age, I also HIGHLY recommend not eliminating our most concentrated foods as Raw Foodists, which include Nuts and Seeds. These foods are not as water rich and easy to digest as fruits and vegetables. Therefore, if you eliminate them, you are leaving out even more foods from your diet, which will make you EVEN MORE sensitive. Due to leaving more foods out of your diet completely, you may become more in-tune to the Universal and Cosmic energies... HOWEVER... you will most likely not live as long, because the current polluted environment will most likely age you faster.

    My book Raw Success goes into further concepts and details about the environment in relation to a 100% Raw Food Diet.

    Human Spontaneous Combustion! Osteoporosis, & Blood Type O - Blog Post, by Matt Monarch

    The information below is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. I would love for you to make an appointment with Dr. Fred Bisci at 718-979-7950, for the most accurate information possible.

    When I was in Iceland earlier this year with Eirikur, Ann Wigmore's former 'right-hand man', I decided to test him a bit ;). I asked him (in doubt) if by chance... he knew about the 'blood gases'. His eyes OPENED WIDE and he simply BLEW away my expectations. It is extremely rare, in my experience, that anyone even has an inkling of an idea about the gases. He looked at me wide-eyed and excitedly outburst "Yes!", as if nobody on the planet could ever resonate with him about these matters.

    He said that he first learned about the blood gases when he watched a video that the fire department played for training fire fighters. He explained to me that in this video there were discussed incidents where people would "mysteriously" internally catch on fire and completely disintegrate (including their skeleton!). Sometimes a 'shell' of their body would remain, which would completely crumble to the floor upon contact. He said that these videos were "hidden from the public" as there was the concern that it may cause widespread fear that anyone could suddenly internally catch on fire at any time, if people really understood what was going on...

    Eirikur said that the firefighters who attended these incident scenes would be very perplexed, because they just couldn't figure out why this would happen. The Fire Fighters say that there are countless other examples of people who have baked in fires for hours and hours and they still have remains, such as their skeleton at THE LEAST. However, in these incidents, everything disintegrated, including the bones, into a pile of ashes on the floor.

    Immediately, I saw what was going on here!... Eirikur also put two and two together and realized what the cause was too. It was the blood gases catching on fire! If you have studied the Blood Gas Theory in my book Raw Success or in my articles section on my website, you will remember that the gases travel throughout the body, within and outside of the cells. This is true for all of our cells. Our entire body, which includes all of our organs, bones and everything else, is composed of Hundreds of Thousands of Trillions of cells. We are 'gas beings'... Imagine gas filling up an organ of our body... AND ALSO... filling up the lining of the organ, which is also composed of gas-filled cells. The organ is made out of cells and the gases go inside those cells. Therefore, the gases are inside the functioning organ and the lining of it too.

    Due to the presence of these 'blood gases', a toxic human being can disintegrate to nothing, if they "catch on fire" internally. The gases in the body are hydrogen, methane and co2, which are all explosive gases. I used to have college friends in my fraternity who would get on their back, roll up onto their shoulders and light their farts on fire. Clearly, the gas we release from our bodies is ignitable. Wikipedia actually has an entire page dedicated to this subject HERE.

    I think this is absolutely FASCINATING! I wouldn't encourage being in fear of this sort of thing though.

    You may have met people who drink heavily and have liver disease. You just get close to them and they smell as if formaldehyde is emanating from their body. If there is enough methane in their body, there is the chance that they could 'catch on fire' if they fall asleep with a lit cigarette for example, which could burn on their body. Although not all cases of Spontaneous Human Combustion are related to alcoholism, the two are frequently linked and it has been noted that even the writer Dickens has a title chaptered 'Spontaneous Combustion of Drunkards' in one of his books, as it seems to be a somewhat recognised pattern.

    Angela and I were fascinated on our way home from Eirkur's. When we got back to our place, Angela went on YouTube and found an entire 1-hour show on 'Human Spontaneous Combustion'! Since YouTube only allows a maximum of 10 minutes per video, they broke the series into 5 parts. With our eyes WIDE OPEN, we were glued to YouTube for the entire hour, watching these FASCINATING videos. It showed incident after incident of people who had 'Spontaneously Combusted'. To the right is an 'Actual Photo' of what remained in one room where a woman had spontaneously combusted. I think my Fraternity friends would think twice about lighting their gas on fire after watching these videos. ;)

    Here are the videos in five parts:

    Part One: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQGYGrpab7s
    Part Two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UvWzttIDmk
    Part Three: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK3wFn0c0Lg
    Part Four: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9wqmhNmH7g
    Part Five: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TCJe5jDEKE

    They even had a 'Spontaneous Combusting' expert on the show, who has been studying these cases for years, who, in my opinion, has no idea what is actually going on with these cases. In the videos, it seems like they can't figure it out for the life of themselves what is happening here. They give many possibilities, such as the fat inside the bone marrow burning like a candle (which is practically impossible). In the video, they even quote incidents in the Bible of people who mysteriously combusted and disappeared like this. I believe it is true that it is cited in the Bible and related to the concept of 'sin', especially in association with drunkards.

    Intrigued, Angela and I started looking through YouTube more on the subject and we came across this totally 'off the wall' LOUD-MOUTHED & HILARIOUS guy, who actually seemed to have a better idea of what was going on than the so-called 'experts'.

    The first '90 second' video simply explains that methane is an explosive gas. In the 2nd HILARIOUS 45 second video, he relates the unfortunate story of how a farmer tested setting a cow's methane gas on fire, which caused the gas to explode. He asks the question, 'could this be the same reason that Human's Spontaneously Combust?' It is true that cows have exploded before like this. This is what is happening with humans, too. The past Secretary of State was just on the news recently, saying that one of the main issues in terms of Global Warming comes from our 'food' chain... namely, the masses of cows giving off carbon dioxide and methane gas! He is absolutely correct... And... I think he is probably not taking into account that human gas is also a factor. Additionally, I am sure you have heard of sewer explosions that occur from these gases. Sewage workers have to be careful about this sort of thing. Regardless, as I talk about in my book Raw Success, the gases can be devastating for the human body (especially in the long-term) and that is why it is important to enjoy a balanced, healthy diet.

    You can see the two short videos of the Loud-mouthed, Hilarious man discussing combustion below:



    Geri Wrote:

    Hi Matt,
    My mom has a very low bone density and is border-line Osteoporosis. She is on a really good diet, which is probably similar to Dr. Fred Bisci's Intermediate Diet. She keeps getting tests to watch her bone density and we are not making any progress with many natural supplements that have been recommended. Do you have any suggestions that could help?

    Thanks for writing Geri... The first key points would be to drink vegetable juice and exercise EVERY DAY. Unlike supplements, when you drink vegetable juice, these nutrients are IMMEDIATELY Bio-Available and utilized by the body and will go straight to work for the body where it is needed. There is NOTHING quite like it. For low bone density, it is also very important to exercise the body daily, to strengthen the bones. I recommend she takes brisk walks with weights on her wrists. Don't overwork the body, but easy resistance exercises are great too.

    One woman who receives my newsletters works with a clinical Naturopathic Doctor, helping people heal people from degenerative diseases. She was telling me how they were using therapeutic dosages of the supplement Eniva Vibe with great success in helping people with Low Bone Density. She said that the exercise was a necessity! ...and coupled with taking the recommended dosage of Eniva Vibe THREE TIMES A DAY, this almost always MIRACULOUSLY produced results. She said that when you take the Eniva Vibe, dilute it in water and sip from it slowly, so that the unprepared stomach doesn't get it all in one hit, which may cause the acids to destroy the effectiveness of it.

    ...and, of course, you guessed my other piece of guidance already!!! Cleansing the colon would be ideal... as it increases the body's ability to absorb nutrients, ten-fold. Also, make sure to eliminate Refined Sugars, Highly Processed Starches that contain wheat and gluten, plus Cow's Milk Products from your diet COMPLETELY for ULTIMATE Success.


    Ellen Wrote:

    How do you Matt determine if someone is 100% Raw? Many eat agave nectar, tamari, etc. Are they really raw?

    Hi Ellen, I don't consider the 100% Raw Food Diet a 'philosophy', or yard-pole to beat ourselves over the heads with. I look at it from the point of view of what damages the body and what doesn't. One way to look at this is by how sensitive someone is. When I eat Nama Shoyu, for example, I get messed up with a runny nose. If I eat agave nectar, I get ridiculously HIGH. Do I still consider myself a 100% Raw Food eater, even though I go to Raw Food Restaurants every once in a while and there is Nama Shoyu in the ingredients? Yes, Absolutely... I know many people who stress out about whether Raw Cacao, Agave, or Nama Shoyu are 100% Raw... Meanwhile... they go and eat refined sugars and processed starches, that are the most damaging foods to the body. I know others still who are trying to heal from disease, say they are pretty much raw and they drink alcohol every once in a while. If I drank alcohol, I would get sick, due to how 'clean' I am now at a cellular level, after 9 years as a raw foodist. If someone can drink alcohol, it is an indication that they are not 'there' yet, in terms of being very cleaned out at a cellular level. If someone is eating 'Gourmet Raw' on a CONSISTENT, daily basis without a break, this can also be another sign.

    If you don't have any noticeable side effects from things like agave nectar and nama shoyu, it seems that your body can tolerate it and it is fine. At some point, as you become cleaner and cleaner, your body may 'demand' that you stop eating things like that, through feeling drowsy, excess gas, experiencing skin outbreaks and so on. These are the kinds of symptoms your body uses to communicate with you that your food choices may not be optimal, as your body does not have a literal 'voice' to speak to you with. At that time you can either accept the adverse effects of certain foods or give them up. I hope that helps.


    In last month's Newsletter I gave out Free Samples of a product that I highly recommend, called Natural Calm. The feedback I got was TREMENDOUS. Here were a few comments:

    Matt - thanks for sending me the care package with the Natural Calm.
    It arrived on the perfect day at the perfect time. Tried it yesterday - holy moly! Fabulous. Can I order by the truckload?

    Just wanted to say Thank you so much for the sample of Calm, it works wonders! I sleep great with it! I follow Angela as well, what an incredible inspiration! I hope that you two know that you are the cutest couple on the planet!!! Thanks again for just doing what you do, With love and Peace, Kimberly

    Glad you all enjoyed it! If you'd like to order any Natural Calm, you can see it on our site HERE.


    Remember when I talked about my college friend Rosalie in a Past Newsletter, who I guided through healing herself from PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome)? Everytime she got pregnant, she would have a miscarriage (the last incident was with twins). The doctors had told her that they would have to do surgery on her ovaries and there was a great chance that she would never get pregnant. She REFUSED to have surgery and did a massive search on the Internet, where she learned about Raw Foods. To her surprise, my picture kept popping up everywhere and she contacted me for trust and guidance. Well...

    Rosalie just wrote me again:

    Zoe arrived at 1:30PM September 12, 2008. She is 17 3/4 inches, 6 pounds 14 ounces, and has black hair. Grandma Linda says "She is beautiful".

    Mom and Zoe are doing fine.



    Darcia wrote:

    Wow, Matt
    This is far the best Raw Success I have read very informative. You truly have inspired me to stay on the raw path. I am worried about eating the cruciferous vegetables raw and its effect on the thyroid. When you have time can you address this?

    When you go on a 100% Raw Food Diet and are doing it successfully for some time, it's kind of like the rules change. Angela used to have a severe hypothyroid problem before she went raw and she was told not to eat cruciferous vegetables either. She is still a little hesitant about them, but I am always encouraging her to eat some. She now eats kale regularly and doesn't have a problem. In my opinion, she is healed completely from this issue. She has been on a raw food path for 6.5 years now and came off her thyroid meds when she went raw. The body has very little obstruction to deal with on a 100% Raw Food Diet, if done correctly, and hence, in my opinion, it can handle the cruciferous vegetables more easily, without a problem.

    I see the same kind of pattern with body types too. The rules change once you switch to raw. The thought that meat is really 'needed' for someone with 'Blood Type O' is utter NONSENSE! , in my opinion. Both Angela and Brian Clement are Blood Type O and haven't eaten meat WITH SUCCESS in YEARS. They are both vibrantly healthy.

    Although our 'Original Genetic Map' has stayed the same since the beginning of our time, our cellular structure does transform with the passing generations. For example, during the course of history, man apparently found it useful to eat meat in the colder climates, to sustain life. As the generations went by, man started to eat more and more meat in different areas of the world, restructuring the composition of our cells, including the chromosomes within the cells. This is one of the reasons why some people (generally Blood Type O) think they are dependent on meat, because it is more difficult for them to give it up, as they go through withdrawals and restructuring of their cellular composition, back to its Original Genetic Map. When we go on a 100% Raw Food Diet, it's like we are trying to go back to that Original Genetic Map we once had (consciously or not) and it may seem more difficult for someone with Blood Type O to get there. However, this is one clear way we can evolve the human species back to the original era of "Healthy Humans".

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    To take advantage of these offers, click the link below, or type - NutSP - in the search field at the top right hand corner of www.TheRawFoodWorld.com.

    Click Here For "At Cost" Specials

    Additionally, you can redeem this coupon at www.TheRawFoodWorld.com by typing in - Nori10 - in the coupon number section to get an additional 10% off your order. This coupon will be good through October 31st and can be redeemed at:

    Philip McCluskey - LOST 200lb!!!

  • I first met my dear friend Philip about a year ago at the 2007 Raw Spirit Festival. He hadn't quite lost 200lbs at that point, but he was looking darn good. He was the 'New Kid on the Block'... AND THEN... He did a 100 Day Juice Feast!!! The rest of that 200lb's FLEW off his body as he transformed himself into a Model-Like, Chisel-Faced Man.

    Now a Prominent Figure in the Raw Foods Movement, Philip travels the world speaking about The Raw Food Lifestyle and about his PROFOUND Weight Loss Story. Some of his main words of wisdom are, "be your own guru. There is nobody better than yourself." Philip personally read a massive amount of Raw Food books, which he found had different views that contradicted each other drastically. He intuitively took what best fit for him and left the rest. He encourages others to be their own guru and do the same.

    Philip and I did a couple of lectures together. We had some serious bonding time and Philip and I became GREAT friends. He is an amazing soul and his main aspirations always are Truth and Growth. It has been an honor to hang out with Philip as much as I have. Look at this picture to the left here!!! AMAZING!!! He has come SUCH a long way! Philip has an informative website, which you can see at www.LovingRaw.com. Also at his website you can check out his before and after pictures, read his blog, watch his video series (Masses of Videos!!!), and read about his transformation story. He is one of the RARE ones who is available and willing to help answer any questions that you may have. PHILIP IS AMAZING!!!

    Anyone up for going to Costa Rica during the CoLd WiNtEr for one week for a "Winter Solstice ReActivation" Retreat??? WELL, Philip is heading up a wonderful retreat this December, along with Daniel Vitalis, the Modern Day Alchemist.

    As everyone gathers together on 5 acres of a beautifully landscaped tropical paradise, your senses will be filled with waterfalls, archeo-astronomy, wild foods and incredible activations, for a Winter Solstice like never before. With inspiring lectures, demos, and group interaction you will be sure to get 'The Download', and this exotic location is the perfect training-ground for the Modern Day Superhero.

    If you are interested in taking off to Costa Rica from December 16th - 22nd, you can find out the details and contact Philip HERE!

  • Thank you Philip for making a difference!!!

    ~Many Blessings from The Raw Food World~

    Thank you for continuing to let us serve you.

    We wish you and those you love, the very best of everything!

  • Friday, September 5, 2008

    Raw Spirit Transformation

    Hello Everyone! I am so excited about these DELECTABLE new Freeze Dried Exotic Fruits, that I had to put them at the VERY TOP of the Newsletter this month!!! If you LOOOOOOVE Durian, I promise that you will LOVE this new Freeze Dried Durian product.

    Freeze Dried Fruits are not like a typical 'chewy' dried fruit that might get stuck in your teeth. These are like a honey-comb crunch treat that just melts in your mouth. OH MY GOD!!! Just eating them straight from the bag is a delicacy!!! The Durian Ice Cream that we created with this product was also AMAZING and is so easy to make.

    We literally took only four ingredients: half the bag of the Freeze Dried Durian, 1 1/2 cups of water, 1/2 cup of lucuma powder and 1/2 cup of tahini. We blended the ingredients, froze it and later had the pleasure of discovering it was one of the best Raw Ice Creams we've ever tasted... And sooo SIMPLE!!! I am sure that you can create your own delicious Ice Cream Concoctions with various yummy ingredients such as Vanilla Powder, Goji Powder, Cinnamon and so much more! Additionally, I feel all of these Freeze Dried Fruits are the ultimate "Movie" Snack Food. There is no mess and they taste better than ANY other popcorn substitute I've ever tried ;).
    Our freeze dried Durian, Mangosteen, and Jackfruit have all been tested for artificial chemicals and sprays, and happily, all have no such residues. In Thailand, where these fruits are grown, "certified organic" durians, mangosteens and jackfruits are nearly non-existent. The fruits we have selected are traditionally cultivated and quite simply the best we could possibly lay our hands on (if not better than "organic").

    AND... The Mangosteen!!! The little Mangosteen seeds are left intact inside the freeze dried white flesh. You get the gorgeous honey-comb crunch from the white flesh along with these seeds that burst with fruity flavor. When you chew down on the seeds, it is almost like a chocolate chip consistency against your teeth. WOW!

    One 100g package of Freeze Dried Durian will provide the equivalent amount of nutrients of 1KG of fresh durian meat or 2KG of a whole durian (with shell/seed weight included).
    We even created a 3-pack set at a discounted price so that you can try them ALL! You can order these amazing Freeze Dried Exotic Fruits by clicking HERE!

    Do you remember our wonderful new 'Living Foods' friend Eirikur from Iceland, who used to work with Ann Wigmore? Well, Angela and I decided to do the Icelandic scenic tourist route before we parted from Eirikur and Iceland. Above, you can see Eirikur, Angela and myself at a large crater area called Kerid, where a volcano blew up. The middle picture is us at the stunning 'Gullfoss', which is one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland. We also travelled to a few other amazing places such as the infamous 'Geysir' area (home of the 'original' geyser ;) and Solheimar, which is an ecovillage where people with learning disabilities live and work alongside other workers, producing beautiful pieces of art and growing produce. You can learn more about this place by searching for 'Solheimar' on Angela's blog HERE (Angela used to work in this ecovillage).

    Later that day I was enjoying a less traditional tour of Eirikur's house and look at the framed picture that I saw on his wall above his door!!! Does this picture look familiar to you with the luscious RED strawberry and lips??? Well... If you look below, you will realise that this is the ORIGINAL, hand-painted picture for the "Hippocrates Diet and Health Program Book", by Ann Wigmore. This book was one of her earlier works. Eirikur says that the most updated information Ann published was in her book entitled "Rebuild Your Health". It is now one of my favorite 'Raw Food' books on the market. They are so popular that we actually sold out of them and they are currently really hard to get. We will be getting in hundreds more sometime soon though and I will notify you when they are in.

    Eirikur was telling me that Ann Wigmore used to talk into a little tape recorder that she carried around with her, every single day. This was to document all of her latest findings, thoughts and research. He recovered boxes and boxes of these tapes after her death. He gave them to a trustworthy person for safe-keeping, many years back. We got in contact with this person and I am excited to go and meet them later this month. We haven't yet discussed details about the tapes, but we're quite confident that this person still has these VALUABLE records... WISH ME LUCK!!!! SO EXCITING!!!! We plan to do a full-on search for Ann's most up-to-date research and educational information, prior to her passing. Additionally, I have plenty more stories to relay to you and we will start throughout this Newsletter.

    A few months of the year, Eirikur departs on a big ship for an entire month as the Chief Engineer. It is really good money and he has plenty of vacation throughout the rest of the year. The following is soooo Funny and CUTE! He took us to his ship to show us around. This Handy-Man extraordinaire created a sprouting and rejuvelac rack right in his work area on the ship!!! You can check it out in the picture to the right. He even brings his own wheatgrass juicer and hooks it up to this HUGE engine on the boat. I have to say, it must surely be the most POWERFUL Wheatgrass Juicer on the planet.

    One Christmas he bought every one of his fellow crew members a gift. He told them all that they were not permitted to open the present themselves and that their wives had to get the present from under the Christmas tree and open it. The crew members didn't know what to say when their shocked wives pulled out an enema bag, wheatgrass seeds, sprouting equipment and so on. It is amazing how well received these gifts were though in the end, once the explanations had been made... ;) Eirikur is single-handedly changing the lives of shipping crews, with love!!!!

    We have another ~Jam Packed~ Newsletter this month; I also wanted to mention that I have a new video on You Tube and you can view it down at the bottom of this newsletter, in the 'Shining the Spotlight' Section... Enjoy!!!

    Solid Food is a Detoxification Regulator, by Matt Monarch

    The information below is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. I would love for you to make an appointment with Dr. Fred Bisci at 718-979-7950 for the most accurate information possible.

    When a person goes on a 100% Raw Food Diet, they go through detoxification. In fact, when someone eats any kind of 'less harmful' foods, compared to their previous diet, they will detoxify and at times not feel well. Most people seem to avoid detoxification at all costs, as they don't want to handle the withdrawal symptoms.

    To stop the detoxification, we eat food. For most people, the feeling of 'hunger' does not equate to a situation of "get some nutrition into your body now or else you will not survive." Therefore, when we eat, we are not reacting to a 'life or death' situation. Rather, we have not ingested any food for a while and the body is starting to go into detox, which can feel uncomfortable and so we eat something, to stop the detox. In this sense, the sensation of 'hunger' can be thought of as the body simply going into detoxification mode. People usually feel 'hungry' many times a day, yet we can live without solid food for over a month.

    Arnold Ehret states:

    As soon as you refill the stomach with food, THE ELIMINATION IS STOPPED and you feel better!
    (Arnold Ehret: The Mucusless Diet Healing System, Pg 156)

    Similarily, when a drug addict stops taking their drug, they go through withdrawals (detoxification of that drug). The drug addict doesn't want to feel uncomfortable from this detoxification, so he takes the drug again, to feel better. Not only do the withdrawal symptoms stop, but also he gets stimulated at the SAME TIME! It is the same thing with food. When I eat 'gourmet' raw meals, it stops my deep cellular detoxification, while at the same time stimulating me. Euphoria! Now at some point later along the line, I will be off that high and down low, as my body tries to detoxify the remnants of this gourmet meal. The only way to COMPLETELY stop the detoxification of that gourmet meal, it is to eat the same amount of gourmet food again or more. If you CONSISTENTLY just ate the same amount of food and not more to stop the detoxification, over time you would not get as stimulated as you once did, because your body becomes used to that diet. Therefore, you would need to eat more food to get stimulated again. (Just in the same way as a drug addict, smoker or alcoholic, over time, comes to require more and more of their substance of choice, to feel stimulated. The body's tolerance increases.)

    Can you see how the degradation of the human diet could have easily unfolded over the centuries? If we assume we started our existence as Breatharians, then right after the first piece of food we ate, we would have to detoxify it and not feel well. The only way to skip that ill feeling is by eating the same amount of food again, or even more food. Over the centuries, we have chosen to eat more and more food for excess stimulation and to stop the detoxification at the same time. As the centuries went by and manufacturing processes intensified, we evolved and adapted into eating the Standard American Diet.

    So here we are, THOUSANDS of years later, and many of us now aspire to go back really close to our pristine diet... The 100% Raw Food Diet.

    Welcome!!!... To the Life Long Fast!

    Why do most of us NOT adhere to this 'pristine' diet??? In my opinion, it is simply because we start to go through withdrawals, and then we want to stop the harsh uncomfortable detoxification and feel ecstatic at the same time, through stimulation. In contrast, nothing better aids the process of this ongoing detoxification and journey back to our pristine diet than cleansing the colon on a periodic basis.

    When I am talking about colonics, in truth, it is not really the solid waste we are trying to eliminate from our colon. For example, I had spent many weeks in NYC before I went to Iceland. In Iceland I breathed PURE fresh air, while at the same time drinking extremely clean water, straight from nature. Due to the sudden absence for me in Iceland of any city pollution/low quality water exposure, I went through masses of detoxification of all that had been accumulating in my body for the previous weeks. It wasn't solid fecal matter that was detoxifying in my system. It was noxious gases. Cleansing the colon helps efficiently remove these toxins. Another example would be a heroin addict detoxifying their drug of choice. Again, it isn't solid waste coming out of their body... it is gases and tiny particles. One final example is the air pollution that the majority of us are breathing every day. This does not become solid waste either as it's detoxified from the body. This all just shows up as gas entering our system... AND... cleansing the colon is the most powerful aid to help remove these gases...

    As I have stated before in my Juicing vs. Blending article, most of us actually get surprisingly little nourishment from eating solid raw food, as the body uses a lot of energy to digest the food and few people chew foods very thoroughly. Interestingly, although cooked vegetables could be considered less optimal for the body, there have been studies conducted that show people actually getting more nourishment from steamed vegetables than Raw Vegetables in their whole solid form. Why would that be? Well, the nutrients from the cooked vegetables are simply more easily absorbed, because the cell walls have been broken down by cooking and you can 'get away' without chewing your food so much. There is of course technically more nourishment available in the Raw Vegetable, however, as 99.99% of the human species don't chew their food optimally, this nourishment doesn't get "unlocked", to be utilized by the body.

    Most 100% Raw Food eaters get their optimal nourishment through vegetable juicing and drinking blended green smoothies... and I feel that solid food simply acts as a 'detoxification regulator'. Yes... we get omega fatty acids and concentrated proteins and so on from the solid food we eat... However, we need a lot less of those things than you probably think. From day to day, I eat a consistent, standard amount of food and that amount has been slowly decreasing for almost a decade now. Although I am now eating less solid food than a few years ago, I am better nourished than I have ever been before. After all my years on this detox path, there are fewer backed-up toxins and poisins in my cells and body, and therefore, I need less solid food to momentarily stop the ongoing detoxification. Solid food is simply a Detoxification Regulator.

    Raw Spirit Transformation - Blog Post, by Matt Monarch

    The information below is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. I would love for you to make an appointment with Dr. Fred Bisci at 718-979-7950, for the most accurate information possible.

    A few years ago, I was walking through a Farmers' Market with Dr. Fred Bisci. There was a bunch of heads of cauliflower at one stand. Fred took the palm of his hand, and slowly passed it over all the cauliflower, about a foot above them. He then chose one and said, "Thank you' to the salesperson. He responded to my peculiar look by saying, "I can sense the energy of the food when I do that." I then asked him to pick me one.

    I was reminded about this Fred Bisci story, when our Icelandic friend Eirikur told me another tale recently about Ann Wigmore. Generally, it's healthy for people to get some head-space from their surrounding environment every once in a while. When Ann Wigmore would feel the need to take a break from being at her centres, she would call upon Eirikur to drive her around. He told me that when they went to the Farmers' Markets, Ann Wigmore would do a very similar thing that Fred did with the cauliflowers. Ann would tell Eirikur when she sensed which fruits or vegetables were irradiated, just by slowly moving her hand over them.

    Eirikur had a tough time believing her, so he would go back and purchase the fruits that she'd pointed out as irradiated and take them home. He would place these fruits on his radiator, to speed up the breaking-down process. He discovered that consistently, before the fruits went bad, they would not ripen any more, in the way that organic non-irradiated fruits would. This happened every single time he tried to test out Ann Wigmore's claims, which proved her "intuition" correct!

    Hmmmm... What do Dr. Fred Bisci and Dr. Ann Wigmore have in common??? They are both Long-Term Raw Foodists who cleanse(d) their colon on a periodic basis.

    When you adhere to a 100% Raw Food Diet in conjunction with periodic colon cleansing, over time your body will automatically become a more receptive, in-tune receiver to Spiritual Energy. A lot of Yogic "Gurus" request that their disciples adhere to a Raw Diet in conjunction with cleansing the colon for this very reason. The colon cleansing plays a HUGE part in being more open to receiving this Spiritual Downloading.

    Before I went 100% Raw, I didn't even realize the possibility of having a 'Spiritual Path' existed. I was the typical 'party' type of guy, who happened to also be President of the Biggest Partying and Drinking Fraternity at California State University Northridge. After that, the 100% Raw Food Diet THREW ME into a spiritual path!

    In my book, "Raw Spirit", I talk about how my Third Eye Chakra started to vibrate with great INTENSITY when I completed a full-on psyllium-bentonite cleanse, after being on a 100% Raw Food Diet for 6 months. Ever since then, that ViBrAtIoN has gotten stronger and stronger. At the time, I didn't do ANY spiritual practice. AUTOMATICALLY, this vibration started ALL ON ITS OWN!... and I stepped out on my spiritual path at that time. Since then, I have experienced a mass of beneficial and uplifting spiritual shifts over the years. It's PHENOMENAL! I found that this spiritual receptivity happens AUTOMATICALLY when we live this type of lifestyle!!! It is all just about coming into alignment with our true nature and potential.

    Adam Wrote:

    Hey Matt, I was writing to see if you wouldn't mind sharing and clarifying a little more of your opinions and knowledge about the psyllium/bentonite cleanse. I plan on tackling this cleanse in a couple of months and was curious to see if you had any ideas on how to improve upon this procedure. Obviously many excellent new products and supplements have come out since the origination of the cleanse. A few of the products that I feel might be upgraded are wheat germ capsules, calphonite, pancreatin, spring green tablets. Could these be substituted with another oil like hemp, angstrom calcium, Bisci's enzymes, and a different superfood blend? Also, do you think that one colonic a day with a enema in the evening would work as a substitute for the colemas with the colema board? Did you receive 2 colonics a day while doing this program? Maybe this cleanse needs no improvement, but I was just curious to find out what you thought since you have experience with the procedure.

    Besides my health inquiry, I would like to commend you on a job well done with your two book publications and business adventures. I wish you great success and happiness in the future. I enjoyed the read and feel that you clearly revealed some of the key steps towards raw success. You have certainly laid out another piece to the puzzle of health and happiness. It would not be polite for me to not send my regards out to someone who has contributed the time and energy that you have obviously put into informing others. Expressing my thanks to all beings that contribute towards enhancing my life is new practice I intend to implement in my future from now on. Your books and services are but one facet that have added towards my growth, and so I thank you. Please respond whenever you have some free time. Thanks again and take care, Adam.

    Wow!!! Thanks so much Adam. This means so much to me! I appreciate you too!

    For the psyllium-bentonite cleanse, I actually removed things from it to make it 'better' rather than adding things to it. I replaced all the supplements recommended in the cleanse with a simple green vegetable juice. I did use the niacin though. I recommend hemp oil on the 4th day to cover your grounds in terms of Omega fatty acids. The hemp oil also replaces the wheat germ and cod liver oils.

    After experiencing Colon Hydrotherapy with Mike Perrine last month, I am beginning to truly see the power of doing Colon Hydrotherapy with a really good therapist, compared to a larger enema bag or even a colema board. I am guessing that 90% of the people who go to Mike don't feel well after the colonic. I feel that he does such a great job and gets so deep, that a purging of either the liver, cells in general or other organs is pretty much inevitable. Don't let this ill, purging feeling fool you though, it is a really good thing overall. You are releasing old waste and will come out the other side ever-more radiant and healthy.

    When I did the psyllium-bentonite cleanse, I actually only did it for five days and I did it with a professional colonic in both the morning and evening, every day of that cleanse. They discounted the price to $500 for me, in NYC. I now sense that, THE BEST THING THAT YOU CAN DO to aid this cleanse, is to do a professional colonic like this, in the morning and evening every day of this cleanse. I feel strongly about this and I am going to be recommending it from now on for ULTIMATE results. You can do it of course with a colema board and/or enemas and get great benefit, but I just don't think it compares to the professional colonics. I have a feeling this is one of the reasons why I experienced what I did. Additionally, I feel my young age, the comparatively small amount of cleansing my 'skinny' body required, TRULY being 100% Raw for six months, and cleansing my colon with professional colonics 3 - 4 times a month during those first 6 months of being 100% Raw were also other great factors that led to me having such a powerful experience with this cleanse. My body was ready for this experience!!!

    I actually wrote the protocol on my blog of this 'simplified' psyllium-bentonite cleanse HERE. (Keep in mind though that this was before I was recommending the colon hydrotherapy twice a day.)
    Thanks again, Adam, for your kind words!

    Kimberly Wrote:

    Since I have gone 100% Raw, the excess energy becomes so intense that I have trouble sleeping at night. I feel like eating cooked food so this does not happen. Any advice on what I can do?
    By the way, I love your book Raw Spirit! Your story fascinates me and I feel that it has the same effect on many others too. I think you should make a sequel going deeper into your spiritual path and personal story.
    Much Love to you and Angela,

    I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! I love writing about this subject! I don't know if and when that book would actually happen, however, I will go deeper into my experience right now with you, as I answer your question. I hope that you are correct about other readers wanting to hear this information. ;)

    It is challenging of course for me to know what exactly is going on in your being, but I will give you a couple of great pointers. If you are not keeping up with the endogenous poisons entering into your bloodstream from detox, this can cause discomfort when trying to sleep. However, I feel like the root of your discomfort is actually something deeper than that.

    The less food you eat (even on a 100% Raw Food Diet) and the fewer toxins within your system, the more easy it is for energy to be channelled through your body. In my blog post, Moving too Fast I talked about how Alexis Carrel won the Nobel Peace Prize decades ago, for keeping a chicken heart alive in a laboratory for almost 30 years, by simply supplying the needed nutrients and clearing away waste. Not only did the cells survive, they also showed no signs of deterioration. Eirikur was telling me that Ann Wigmore practically did the same thing to her body. Almost every day she would consistently have about 5 sips of energy soup, 5 times a day and NOTHING ELSE, while chewing each of these sips over 50 times. Additionally, she did an enema a minimum of once a day. I can only IMAGINE the amount of energy that was being channeled through that woman's body. She thrived on only around 3 hours of sleep per day. She took three one-hour naps in the space of each day and she would talk about the importance of taking a nap before you reached the point of becoming extremely tired.

    For me personally, I tend to eat roughly the same amounts of food consistently every day, and that does not involve any "Raw Gourmet" meals. Every once in a while, I will shake things up and play with some other extremes, ranging anywhere from overeating to systematic under-eating. When I play around with these extremes, emotional whirlwinds can be set in motion. Kimberly, I am hoping that through sharing my experiences here, you may see ways to help create a shift in what is happening for you.

    Just recently, I was playing around with eating very little food. My standard consistent diet before I was eating very little food is probably a lot less than most of my readers eat. However, our standard consistent diet is the same for anyone, in the sense that this is where we each have come to as our consistent "comfortable" diet - it is the point at which we have 'balanced out'. If you eat less than that, you will be creating the space for more energy to flow through your body and you will also be simultaneously detoxifying.

    So, when I was eating very little food and it was time for me to go to bed, sleep didn't come so easily to me, because I was not feeling 'drugged' by the standard amount of Raw food that I generally ate. I would have a mass more of energy when it was time to go to bed... Kind of like Ann Wigmore. Prior to that, I would fall asleep effortlessly, but not during this period... I was wide-awake with a mass of energy flowing through me. Kimberly, this may be what was happening to you... The beauty of this is the potential healing that can take place. I would lay down to sleep, not intoxicated from food, and I would turn my focus to any negative energy (emotional pain) that existed in my body. I now had the option to toss and turn from that "uncomfortable" negative energy, or to go into healing it, with awareness.

    For example, I might realize that I was embarrassed by something I had said to a group of people. What I had said was not ultimately the issue. It was this negative energy ("Pain") that I was feeling and holding on to after this experience, which was the real issue. At this point I could have fretted restlessly from these uncomfortable feelings or I could choose to go through massive healing. This is where meditation comes into play. While aware and meditating, I would heal this energy of "pain" by staring (meditating) into it with unwavering focus and love (Prayer). After a certain amount of time, the healing would feel complete and that 'negative energy' would disappear. Not only would this process heal me from these unpleasant feelings, but I also feel it heals the 'negative' energy experienced around this incident by the other people involved.

    To illustrate how we are all connected and how feelings can easily affect even someone right on the other side of the planet, let's continue with this example. That "negative energy" in the example above may have been generated in one of the people in the group other than myself. However, I may be feeling it. So, when I healed my part of that energy experience, I was extending healing to both myself and the other people involved in that exchange, at the same time.

    In these bed-time healing rituals, I would find that once one negative energy is gone, another one may arise in my being and then I would heal that one and so on. So this healing process can go on and on. This, I feel, is a huge part of what it means when we say that your psychological and emotional issues can rise to the surface as you detox. You develop such a sharp mind and so much awareness on the 100% Raw Food diet that these things become 'unavoidable'. This awareness is more likely going to happen when you eat less food, because you are not 'intoxicated' by your typical diet. At some point after consistently eating a completely Raw Diet for some time, you will most likely find yourself feeling 'forced' to look at any negative energies in your being and either embrace and heal them or instead choose to re-intoxicate yourself with food to suppress it and yo-yo once again.

    The real beauty happens when you reach a point of healing all the negative energies you can perceive within the body at any particular time. You will then just emanate love, void of any pain. Then the meditative focus and awareness switches from those previously unhealed 'negative' energies, over to all the orgasmic positive "love energies" within the body. This is when you can really become a healer to others. You will be like a Love and Light being, walking the planet sending healing to every structure that crosses your path. You will likely then start to perceive more accurately the 'negative' energies within others and you can heal them the same way you healed yourself... with awareness (Meditation) and Love (Prayer) towards that "negative" energy.

    Please understand that I am not claiming to be a spiritual 'guru' or any kind of 'evolved' being. For example, just the other day I was just punching my horn while driving and screaming at somebody who cut me off and scared me to death. However, when I am in this space of eating very little food, meditation feels like it practically comes automatically, as the orgasmic energy permeates every cell of my body with extreme intensity. In that state, the BEAUTIFUL Psychedelic WORLD can be witnessed and taken in with unfathomable love, wonder and admiration. People become attracted to you as you heal the space around you with absolute LOVE. In my perception, DIET PLAYS A HUGE ROLE OUR SPIRITUAL PATH... It just happens automatically...

    So... Why don't I always eat small amounts, so that I can ALWAYS experience this VIBRATIONAL WORLD with extreme INTENSITY???

    Well, let me give you another example. Let's say I am walking down the street and a fruit vendor has FRESH FIGS that just came into season!!! My mouth waters, as I can just imagine the sweetness. My mind wants to buy 5 baskets of them just so I feel sure I have enough to satisfy my intense desires. Perhaps I then continue my way down the street and I pass "Pure Food and Wine" and I think of their "gourmet" 'Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Vanilla Ice Cream'!!! Oh... THE PAIN... of choosing to not eat that... Eating just feels sooo good. The stimulation, the satiation, the drunkenness, the bulk in the stomach, intoxicated. Ease of sleep. THE DRUG!!! Give it to me NOW!

    You see, if my motivation for eating very little food comes from suppression of my desires (let's say, for example, that I'm eating very little food so that I feel sharp for a series of lectures), then afterwards it may feel like a "celebration" and I might find myself overeating Gourmet Restaurant dishes as a result. I then become out of balance, until I once again reach back into that space of a consistent diet.

    However, I find that when eating very little food is done out of true joy, without an ounce of suppression, then it becomes really easy. My desire for 'playing' with food is non-existent in that context and I feel completely empowered and clear. It even becomes easier the longer I am eating very little food, because my body evolves to that new space... and very little physical and/or emotional desire affects this new eating trend. I have been in this state many times before and for me, it feels like the 'ultimate', as I explained above. My body and mind are in such a state of empowerment without any desire for a diversion to occur... However, for various reasons... I do let it happen at times... AND... For Me... It just takes ONE Gourmet and/or Overeating 'slip-up' to slide off into my previous habits.

    I get STIMULATED while at the same time the DETOXIFICATION STOPS. To me, it is ABSOLUTE EUPHORIA!!!! It's like I used to feel when I was DRUNK on alcohol. Additionally, it just takes one incident of overeating to stretch the stomach right back open. Once that meal is out of the stomach, the shrinking of the stomach generates a false sense of hunger and our desires to eat again come very easily. Also... in that state, my 'mucus and obstruction-free clean body' can handle that excess food, because there is so much room for extra obstruction in the body after eating so well for so long. Let me explain...

    When you eat a diet that is consistent, yet involves generous amounts (more than your body wants) every day, over time, mucus and obstruction build up within the body. When you reach a peak of obstruction within the body, you usually don't feel well, energy is low, and this is when I sometimes choose to start eating very little food. After eating very little food for some time, all mucus and obstruction then disappears, which leaves a 'clean energy', vibrating body. Now there is more room for 'error' and I can handle more food again for some time, before I become totally obstructed again from eating excess food.

    So... here I am, my stomach stretched wide open from an indulgent eating session... feeling Euphoria from stimulation and the stopping of the detoxification... Not feeling obstructed at all from this one slip-up because my body is so clean and can handle it right now. Then... vrrooooom, the whirlwind goes in the other direction again and I'm on a path of eating more again, until soon enough that feels like too much again and I balance out once more to my previous, consistent 100% Raw Food Diet... And the cycle goes on and on... again and again...

    However... my consistent diet also does slowly involve a smaller quantity of food as the years go by.

    I have been saying this for years and at some point I will clearly make my boundaries and choices totally clear and truly take it all to the next level, where I will be systematically under-eating 'forever more'. Maybe it will happen when I have a child? Maybe it will happen when I am 45 years old? I feel that I am in a position where I can demonstrate the true potential of what a human body can do on the 100% Raw Food Diet and I would love to experience and share that... For now, those fresh figs and Almond Butter Ice Cream may still be calling my name ;)

    Well... If you made it this far in reading this... I hope that my experience helped you out in some way.

    Purely Delicious 'Raw Food' Magazine

    There is such a demand for Raw Food Magazines. I have been sent many requests suggesting I take up a project like this. Well... Have you ever seen the magical NEW Raw Food magazine 'Purely Delicious'???


    There have been about 6 issues released so far and they are all so great!!! It's made with masses of love by the sublime Anna Tipps in Texas and the Summer 2008 issue is out NOW. This issue includes an article on Raw Food Weight Loss and it features our LOVELY ANGELA and my dear friend Philip McCluskey, plus articles on 'The Truth about Protein', 'Wonderful Water', book and restaurant reviews, a nut-free summer recipe section and lots more...

    The magazine is BEAUTIFULLY presented and subscriptions are a snip at just $25 for a year (for those in contintental US) or $45 for 2 years. You can check it out and order your copies HERE.

    Matt Monarch's Monthly Recommendation

    I am really excited about this new section in our Monthly Newsletter. People often ask me, 'Which books, DVDs or supplements should I get???' Well... I've decided that from now on, every month I am going to give you one of my TOP RECOMMENDATIONS... AND... I will explain why I recommend it.

    This month's Recommendation is the book "Man's Higher Consciousness", by Hilton Hotema.
    Now, I love learning about all the new "Super-Foods" and Technological Advances that arise in the Raw Foods movement. I think they all have their place and serve a GREAT purpose. However, I also don't want us to get lost in 'diversions' and perhaps forget about the key concepts that are necessary to feel great with this type of lifestyle in the long-run. You can do ok without all of the Super-Foods and Scientific Realizations, but you can't really do well without certain concepts, such as, 'It is what you leave out of your diet COMPLETELY that heals you." All those pioneers who have now passed on knew what they were talking about. They include, Arnold Ehret, Hilton Hotema, Dr. Norman Walker and Ann Wigmore.

    The book Man's Higher Consciousness will help give you a deep understanding of the basic concepts of how our bodies work and the origin of Man. A lot of explanation about why we become more 'in-tune' receivers to spiritual energy when adhering to a cleaner diet is revealed in this book. It also goes a bit into Breatharianism, Centenarians, Air Quality and so much more. After you read this book, you will realize that a lot of the information I love to bring forth to you is based in a number of these principles.

    You can order Man's Higher Consciousness, by Hilton Hotema HERE