Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Thailand Adventures!

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thailand!!! Arrival...

Hello my lovely readers. We just arrived in Thailand!!! Guess what my first words to the taxi driver at the airport was? DURIAN!!! We arrived at our lovely hostel and there is fresh durian on the street 30 feet away. OMG! NICE! It was sooo good. There are elephants walking in the middle of the streets here. Ladies, you can go shopping here at really low cost. We got tens of thousands of Baht currency for very little money. We are like kings here. We are here for a month. I have a feeling that I won't be posting much this month on here. I'll be refreshed after this trip. Much love to everyone! However, I am sure Super Goddess Angela will somehow find a way to post every other day. To see our whereabouts, join Angela's Blog HERE.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

All Disease is the SAME!!! - even Candida...

Angela does it again in her New Musical Hit Song. I do have to say myself that this is her best one yet! ;-) You can watch it HERE!

Casey Wrote:

I have been avoiding fruits with a few exceptions for about 3 months now as I seemed to have excess candida (it is obvious from my colonics). Would you think that it would now be ok to bring fruit back in to my diet? I miss it greatly (!!) but don't want to go back too quickly. Is there anyway of knowing if it's too early for fruit or any info or suggestions you can provide me with?Thank you very much!Casey

You could go back to fruit whenever you want. I would eat only moderate quantities of fruit. I know that you are on this Anti-Candida diet and it will work and get rid of the Candida. However, Candida can come back into anybody at any time. The truth is it thrives in a toxic system. If you go back into eating more than moderate quantities of fruit ever, there is a great chance that it will come back. It's an ONGOING game keeping the body 'clean' and avoiding symptoms like candida. Additionally, now that you have done the cleaner diet to get rid of the Candida, your system is now cleaner and more sensitive. Now you might find you actually get the Candida back even easier, as your body will not tolerate excess sugar fruit.

All disease is the same! It is waste that builds up in the system and tries to leave through different areas of the body. For example, zits, rashes, bronchitis, flu, Candida, eczema, STD outbreaks, etc., are this MONSTROUS toxicity trying to get out. Most people then take antibiotics or smthg similar to silence the monster. We then end up with internal diseases in the long-run such as arthritis, cancer, etc.
Candida is a result of toxicity in the system. All disease is.

It gets confusing going on a Raw Diet because all these types of outbreaks happens as our body tries to expel this waste. It finds the weakest area of the body and takes that route to leave. For example, in someone who has herpes, the body will take that route to eliminate through the genitals, and the same for acne with the face, Candida, and eczema, etc.

When you go on the 100% Raw Food Diet, it is an ONGOING game to keep this 'waste monster' at bay. The 100% Raw Food diet is like going on a Life-Long Fast, as you clean up your system from all the years of poor eating. We all know the benefits of this though. Degenerative-disease-free, more in-tune to universal cosmic energy, more energy, and so much more. You can read the 'Missing Link on the 100% Raw Food Diet' article HERE to learn more about the Life-Long Fast.

Oh Yeah, And... Colon Hydrotherapy is the Monster's worst enem(a)y. It just pulls his 'outbreaks' right out and disposes of them.
Candida is a result of this toxic monster.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Who in their right mind would go 100% Raw? What is the immediate result when someone goes 100% Raw? They get diarrhea! No wonder the 100% Raw Food diet gets a lot of FLACK. When someone tries to go 100% Raw, they usually end up confused and not feeling well, with waste continually coming out of their rear-end (sometimes in liquid form). Considering all that, I wouldn't want to go 100% Raw either! However, in my case, when I went 100% Raw, I just did it. Nothing was going to stop me. Not even working at MTV Networks and having to go back and forth to the bathroom nonstop with a very toxic system. I seriously don't think I would have succeeded and stayed 100% raw, without colon hydrotherapy.

Yep... it's another post ALL about Colon Hydrotherapy... ;)

People are always asking me, how do (did) you deal with cravings, when only eating Raw Foods? Yep, my answer is... Colon Hydrotherapy. Have you ever seen a movie where they put a heroin addict in hospital and they were forced to abstain from their drug of choice? It is absolute MAYHEM, as they scream for their fix while often causing as much destruction as they can. When you eliminate all foods from your diet except natural raw foods, the effect is not AS extreme as the heroin addict example, but you certainly go through the same process of wanting that FIX. If those heroin addicts were given colon hydrotherapy, their detoxification process would be much easier. Colon Hydrotherapy just aids the body and pulls out the waste/toxins in the system. It is the same with cooked foods. Keep in mind that you will rapidly become cleaner as you detox using colon hydrotherapy and your body won't like those other foods you used to eat anymore - hence, the cravings disappear.

When I first went Raw, I kind of 'cheated' the detoxification process. Don't get me wrong, I remember detoxing and walking the streets of New York City wanting food from all the sushi bars and pizza joints I passed. However, I did have it pretty easy, compared to the stories I hear from many people who try to stay 100% raw. Everytime the detox got crazy, whenever I had zits on my face with a runny nose, whenever I had to go back and forth to the bathroom nonstop, I scheduled a colonic. I generally did this every 10 days when I first went raw. That means about 3 times a month. As soon as I didn't feel good, I would do a session and be TRANSPORTED back to CLEAN SPIRITUAL BLISS. Being internally 'clean' is, I feel, a huge part of this game. Many Yogi 'Gurus' recommend a raw diet with colon hydrotherapy, because it is one of the best ways to aid the body in physically receiving that downpour of Universal Cosmic Energy.

Periodic Colon Hydrotherapy has the ability to take the Cravings away.

Don wrote:

Hi Matt. I read in your "Raw Success" emails about the man who went raw and was having great hunger pains. You have continually stressed the importance of enemas in your newsletter. I have been doing colonics with a colema board for about a month now and one of the many benefits I have received is a very noticeable reduction in hunger. I eat much less and when I do get hungry it is not at all painful but just simply an awareness of hunger. I would highly recommend to anyone on a raw or transitional raw diet to start a practice of colonics on a regular basis. I do 2 to 3 per week. Go for it.

Great Don! You may want to get a 6 quart enema bag as it will most likely cut the process in half, time-wise.

Penni Wrote:

I also agree that colon cleansing has helped me so much with over coming compulsive eating. It sounds strange that it would, but I've noticed a change. Also, once the body is getting truly nourished on a raw and living foods diets, the hunger eventually falls away.Thanks, as always for providing such great education!

Check Penni out at her link above. She is doing AMAZING work spreading the raw message.

We just got the final Anastasia Book that just came out in English; Book 8, Part 2: Rites of Love. Angela and I are on Book 6 right now and we are loving it!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Multiple Myeloma Incurable???

The information below is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. I would love for you to make an appointment with Dr. Fred Bisci at 718-979-7950 for the most accurate information possible.

I have been talking a lot about the benefits of enzymes in my blog and newsletters. A few people have asked me if they could succeed on the 100% Raw Food Diet without taking an enzyme supplement.

Of course you can! You don't need enzyme capsules or any other supplement for that matter. Eliminating the foods that damage us the most is the key in allowing our bodies to heal. Supplements, such as enzymes, are simply a great addition to a better diet.

Having said that, in my opinion enzymes are truly 'powdered gold'; they are a Godsend. I personally dedicate a large portion of my budget into buying plenty of enzymes to take each month. I use Dr. Fred Bisci's Therapeutic Enzymes, about one teaspoon, 2 to 3 times a day, on an empty stomach. You can read my article on the benefits of enzymes HERE and you can also read a Q & A on the benefits of enzymes HERE.

I knew of this one man who was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma by his doctor, which is a cancer of the blood. He went to Dr. Fred Bisci for help. Luckily, it was the very beginning stages of the cancer and Dr. Fred Bisci put him on his 'Intermediate Wholefood Healing Diet' while giving him MASSES of these Therapeutic Enzymes to take on an empty stomach, many times a day. Two weeks later, the patient went to his doctor to get tested again. The doctor was dumbfounded and said 'we must have diagnosed you incorrectly'. The Multiple Myeloma had regressed to stages earlier than when he was diagnosed, in just 2 weeks. I am not claiming the enzymes did it.

This is what the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation has to say about healing this cancer:

"Multiple myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cell, is an incurable but treatable disease."


Brad Wrote:

Hi Matt, I hope this finds you in good health and happiness. I have found success in staying with raw foods, especially consistent with my meditation practices and sharing circle. I have a question that perhaps has been discussed in one of your printed materials or blog. I find my addiction to food is enormous and have EXTREME hunger pains; this is true when I don't sit with a huge bag of grapes on my lap or consuming LOTS of nuts to kill the hunger sensation. I will look forward to your suggestions and feedback! I just purchased Angela's Raw Emotions as this seemed to connect with my food addiction issues that seem to be rising to the surface.

Brad Munce

Thanks, Brad. Personally, I went from the Standard American Diet to a 100% Raw Food diet OVERNIGHT. I made the decision and nothing was going to stop me. Little did I know what was in store for me ;). I experienced many 'inconveniences', such as social issues, digestive discomfort, hunger pains, imbalance, overeating, and much more. None of the Raw Food Books at that time addressed anything like this and that is why I wrote Raw Spirit. It was to shed some light on these "negative experiences". I also was dumbfounded by the spiritual transformation that can occur while raw, which didn't seem to be talked about much at that time - so I wrote about that area too in Raw Spirit.

As I have said in the past, It takes years to get used to this type of lifestyle. I remember in the beginning eating a HUGE salad every night and STILL walking back and forth to the refrigerator repeatedly after eating dinner. This HUGE salad consisted of ten large heirloom tomatoes, 3 LARGE avocados, a BIG head of romaine lettuce and many more ingredients. I ate that meal every night for the first 4 YEARS OF BEING 100% Raw. !~THAT'S HOW I DID IT~!

The reason I was able to succeed on that type of diet (eating enormous amounts of Raw food) at first was because it was a dietary improvement compared to my previous Standard American Diet. However, after about 4 years, my body caught up with what I was doing and begged me to stop. After eating 3 avocados like that, instead of feeling good, I would wake up in the morning with a gushing runny nose. My body had cleaned up so much on a cellular level and become so much more efficient that 3 avocados was then way too much food for me. The runny nose was my body's way of asking me to eat less. Additionally, another symptom my body exhibited was a loss of all my energy after eating those huge salads. So, I cut my avocado intake, while at the same time making sure I was still feeling emotionally satisfied by the meal I was eating (i.e., not feeling 'deprived'). As the years go by, this process of gradually eating less food happens automatically. Patience and persistence are key. If you are detoxifying and getting mass cravings, of course, I recommend cleansing the colon to alleviate this pain, as ever.

Although it takes many years to truly get used to this type of diet, it can also seem like a blink of an eye. Before you know it, your body will require very little food. We need a lot less food to THRIVE than most people realise. If at some point you do not feel good on that empty feeling in your stomach and eat over it, then you will experience a lack of energy, indigestion, weight gain, and/or possibly a feeling of dis-satisfaction, as your body deals with food that it doesn't want or need. I am in the process of writing my next newsletter which will discuss how the body evolves into needing very little food on the 100% Raw Food Diet and the importance of gaining COMPLETE control of our food intake on the Raw Diet for ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION and L-O-N-G-E-V-I-T-Y.

I keep getting questions about a good multi-vitamin that people can take. A wide variety of Green Veggie juice twice a day on an empty stomach, seaweed, and an occasional drop of ocean water in our drinks is, in my opinion, all we need. I know that everyone isn't going to do this though, so I created a small section of all the good multi-vitamins that Fred and I recommend to people. The Multi-Vitamins are available HERE. Additionally, many blog posts ago I said I was going to mention all the supplements that I personally take. This will happen soon too. EXCITING!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Chia Seeds and Acid Reflux

We just watched a documentary about how Cuba was cut off from the rest of the world in terms of imports and exports; including oil, at the start of the 1990s. They were FORCED to find another way of survival, or else. What seemed to be a disastrous situation turned out to be an absolute blessing. People started growing their own food to feed themselves - doctors, lawyers, everyone got their hands in the dirt. Every spare lot of land was turned into an organic growing plot; people were welcome to have land to work on, they just had to actually work on it. It was all-hands-to-work time. They returned to using animals to help in agriculture rather than tractors, bicycles became the main method of transportation and solar panels were introduced as their new energy source. Organic farming simply became the obvious choice, as chemical fertilisers weren't really available anymore. It is said that Cuba is now a great model that other countries could follow once peak oil really kicks off everywhere...apparently MORE than 80% of the agriculture there now is organic. It sounds divine.
The documentary is called 'The Power of Community - How Cuba Survived Peak Oil' and you can see more about it HERE. I recommend checking it out.
A friend of mine told me how they got over their acid reflux problem by using chia seeds. They would take about a tablespoon of unsoaked, dry chia seeds and just swallow it. They said that the chia absorbed all the acid in the stomach! No more Acid Reflux! After about 5-10 minutes, they would then drink a glass of water, for the chia seeds to absorb, once all the acid had been soaked up. This helps to prevent the chia from 'stealing' water/liquid from the body in other ways, to fully hydrate itself. My friend says this simple chia 'trick', which costs pennies per day has helped bring incredible relief from Acid Reflux - WOW :)

"In the 50 years I've spent helping people to overcome illness, disability and disease; it has become crystal clear that poor bowel management lies at the root of most people's health problems. In treating over 300,000 patients, it is the bowel that invariably has to be cared for first before any effective healing can take place."
Bernard Jensen

Friday, April 11, 2008

Burrrrr!!! It's cold outside! Raw Food?!?!

Kelly wrote:

Hi Matt,
I have a question: My wife and I just finished a 15 day juice "feast" cleanse (loved it, the best ever!). Our intention is now to continue the adventure with as raw a diet as possible. One symptom both of us felt after drinking our green juice during the cleanse was feeling very cold in our hands and feet, & very sensitive to cool weather. I am curious what would remedy the "coldness" that the “take me off your list” lady you mentioned in your newsletter experienced. Just add warming herbs? Avoid/add certain foods? Just give it more time, a more transitional diet?

I feel one of the reasons that people get cold is definitely because of detoxification, as the 'poisons' within our cells are released into our bloodstream. I can see it now, someone who is detoxing...easily shivers. This is a detox symptom. When the bloodstream is not clean, our Vitality is suppressed and our energy isn't freely flowing. When you're f(e)asting like this, you are creating a healing crisis which will release endogenous poisons into the bloodstream. If you are not keeping up with RELEASING these poisons from the bloodstream (i.e. getting them OUT of your system, especially via colon cleansing), your vitality will be suppressed and you will easily be cold.

This can get quite confusing because it might seem like I'm contradicting what I just said in this next segment - bear with me ;). When you don't eat much food during a day, less energy is directed towards the digestion of food. If this is combined with keeping up with the elimination of any toxins entering your bloodstream, the overall effect is an increase in your vitality. This can actually make handling the cold much easier. The difference in this scenario is that your bloodstream is clean.
This can get quite complex. If you eat little in a day, and your bloodstream is clean, your vitality will be high (or even raise), because your energy will not be used up on digesting food, or sapped by a dirty bloodstream. Your energy will be more "Free-Flowing". If you persist eating small amounts like this, at some point your body will get enough vitality to give off even more endogenous toxins to cleanse you more on a cellular level, which can take you to the next level of cellular cleanliness.
I find this a bit IRONIC! This is the kind of the point at which you will experience detox and possibly get cold, however, just before a healing crisis like this, you probably could have handled the cold without a problem. So, while your body is actually reaching onwards into a stronger and more vital state overall, in the short interim of the healing crisis, as the cells cleanse themselves of toxins, we can feel cold, shaky, unwell, unstable and so on. It is just a stepping stone stage - nothing to be feared - you will come out the other side with a cleaner and stronger body as a result.
Additionally, for a guy like me who has been 100% raw vegan for 8 years, if I eat little in a day, it isn't actually so much of an improvement in my diet that it causes a healing crisis. Therefore, if I persisted eating like that, the detox wouldn't be so severe, compared to someone who eats, for example, a Standard American Diet.

As always, I recommend keeping the colon clean, so you keep up with these toxins being released into your system. If you do this, you should notice a shift in how you handle the cold. I notice that I generally don't have any problems in the cold, ESPECIALLY when I haven't eaten much on any particular day. As soon as I eat, my vitality goes down, due to my energy being utilized to digest the food and I feel cold. I remember doing an event in Chicago for example, close to winter time and it was cold outside. I didn't eat much all day and a few people walked back with me to my car. They were rather 'large' people, with warm clothes and jackets on and they were FREEZING. I took my shirt off and was changing into my comfortable clothes and I had NO issue with the cold whatsoever, in the freezing weather. I WAS PRACTICALLY NAKED! As soon as I ate though, I got a bit cold.

Fred once told me a story too, about how he was shoveling snow in his driveway and he had no issues in the cold. He felt like he could be wearing a T-shirt and not have a problem. However, as soon as he ate, he noticed that his vitality went down and the cold would affect him more.
I know that I get so complex on the simplest of questions. So, I asked Angela to give me user-friendly easy information that I could just pass on to you too ;).

Our Angela suggested:

drink warm drinks, like herbal tea - perhaps try having warmed soups etc too - if you can keep your finger in it without pain, that's ok...try foods straight from a dehydrator for example warming foods like hot peppers, cayenne and ginger, eat lots of heavier foods in winter time like nuts, seeds, avos etc, dress very warm, get good exercise to get your circulation going, like rebounding etc etc - lots to do to support your process... ;)

This initial 'Detoxification Period' is a lot more drawn out than many of us seem to think. TRULY stabilizing out on a 100% Raw Food Diet takes years. Literally, for the first 3 - 4 years, every once in awhile, I felt like the palms of my hands would turn numb. I wasn't scared because I intuitively knew my body just had work to do. This happened on and off for around 3 years! It was actually quite neat... Yeah... I guess I am kind of bizarre... I liked the numb hands... it was a little fun change. Then out of nowhere the numbness just stopped and never happened again. I finally caught up with what I was doing and stabilized out on my new 100% Raw Food Diet.

My GREAT friend Paul Nison just put a series of videos up on You Tube of one of his lectures. His jokes just keep me laughing through the entire lecture and it is soooo inspiring. There is a set of six parts and they are 10 minutes each. The videos can be seen HERE.

LASTLY... Calling All Colon Hydrotherapists!!! I get hundreds of people asking me where they can get a colonic from a GOOD THERAPIST! I am creating a list. The goal is to have an AMAZING colon therapist in each state and region, in every country where colonics are available. Each colon therapist who wants to be put on this list will go through the Matt Monarch 'WRINGER' to make sure they are the BEST of the BEST! Email me at

Monday, April 7, 2008

Natural Tooth Whitener?!

I had to share this comment from Debbie!

Hey Matt
Wanted you to know that your web article on the secret of raw food success led me to my first colonic and I cannot thank you enough!!!!
Thanks for all you do for the raw community!
rawk on

Sam Wrote:

Hi Matt,
I love your blogs!! Keep up the good work!!
I just finished reading your 'Raw Spirit' book which I loved and I have a question regarding the tooth whitening supplement called Active H. Does this really work?? because I have never heard of it and it seems to good to be true!! What kind of a supplement is it?? Is it a pill?? a paste?? Where can I get it??
Thanks for any info on this.
Sam Cook

I always get this question and I am excited to answer it here in the blog. Here is the excerpt about Active H in my book 'Raw Spirit':

While guzzling delicious vegetable juices and spooning green food supplements, your teeth can easily start to look yellowish and stained. I remember looking in the mirror one day thinking my teeth had rotted; they were such an awful color. Horrified, I assumed my teeth were leaching minerals from the inside out. I refused to go anywhere and couldn't bear to smile. Desperate, I called Dr. Bisci. He explained that my teeth were likely just stained and told me to go to the dentist and get a cleaning; or brush thoroughly with a Sonicare toothbrush while sprinkling on the bristles the supplement Active H. Active H is negatively charged hydrogen ions and is probably the most powerful antioxidant in the United States. Two hours of brushing produced some seriously white teeth. Since then, I learned to rinse my mouth out with water every time I drink a vegetable juice and that helps keep the staining to a minimum. Occasionally, I’ll need to use Active H for another teeth whitening treatment.

Yikes! I remember that week vividly. I was soooo depressed! However, my teeth were Soooooo white after using the Active H, it was MIRACULOUS! Keep in mind that the stains I had came strictly from green food powders, which at that time I was taking masses of. I can't guarantee that it is going to work for any type of tooth stain. Some people have really yellow teeth - maybe from smoking, for example. However, if your teeth are stained from green foods and veggie juices, I can guarantee it will work. I would try it regardless. It's a great supplement to take anyways. It is a bottle of little capsules that contain powder. You just empty the powder out onto your toothpaste, which you've already spread on your tooth brush. When I did it for the first time, I sat there for over an hour just brushing away. My teeth were so WHITE, my friend couldn't believe it. If you do try it, I'd recommend you get a sonicare electric tooth brush and try brushing for a LONG time. Let me know the results. You can get the Active H, HERE.

Kelsey Wrote:

I'm a raw food teen (19) and I'm new to it but I've healed about a dozen major health problems. I was a cooked vegan before. Anyways I met this good looking guy at Starbucks (I go there for tea) and we are hitting it off. I haven't talked to him on a personal level though. If we go out how do I break it to him that I eat raw food without him running away? When do I tell him and where and how? I'm really nervous and have been up for hours at night tossing around about it. I know that’s sad haha. PLEASE help.
love, K.

Oh Kelsey... I don't think that's 'sad'. The social ramifications when living a lifestyle that less than 1% of the human population follows can be quite difficult. I didn't realize how harsh it was on me until one day at a lecture, I was talking about the social issues I experienced with my family and friends. As I did this, a tear started to run down my face.

Forget the short-term; let's look at the long-term here. Let's say you actually end up being with him for three months. If anyone here is going to have an issue about the relationship, I bet it is you. I can see it now. I can see you sitting at a nice dinner with him as you watch him scarf down Gluten-Filled Pasta topped with STRAIGHT MELTED BUTTER and a slab of a dead carcass to go with it. To finish it off he decides to eat a sugar-laced cake to wash it all down. Oh... and don't forget that goodnight kiss.

Oh man... I think I may have been a bit harsh here. If anyone wants to give Kelsey some advice, email it to me and I'll pass it on to her.

I would be true to yourself and I guarantee that you will meet a man worthy of your Raw Beauty. Being Raw is a bonus, it's HOT! I can count numerous men who have switched over to being Raw, SPARKED by a woman. In the past, women I dated who were not Raw, switched over. They wanted to experience shifts like soft skin, a sweet smell and a stronger vibration for themselves.

Don't get discouraged and start eating in a way that is not true to you. I remember a story of a woman who didn't smoke but all her friends did. The smoke hurt her lungs soooo badly that she couldn't be around her friends anymore. She decided to take up smoking so she could be with her friends. She became very addicted and got cancer. Many people don't stay Raw for the same reason. They want to eat with their friends, so they start eating like their peers, at expense to their own well-being.

Sharon Wrote:

Matt, thank you for the very informative post today. Really appreciate what you share on all your posts,actually! I was wondering this: I tried Colosan about 3 weeks ago (after noticing it posted on your blog!) and think it is a very good product. After just using it for only one week the skin on my face really improved alot! My question is - how do you recommend using Colosan. After viewing that colon video on your site (wow!) I feel even more sensitive about colon health (and water quality!) ... should I use it in a regular - even daily - way?...(I was thinking about using it per the instructions on the bottle next week for a week).Hope you have the chance to respond.Kindest regards,Sharon

Yes, do it like the bottle says. I would do it for as long as they say to do it. Let me know the results. Then I can share them with my mom and hopefully she'll take it. Doing colon hydrotherapy WHILE doing the Colosan will give you the ultimate skin beautifying results. WHOA!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Inside the colon!

"There is no ailment, sickness, or disease that will not respond to treatment quicker and more effectively than it will after the administration of a series of colonic irrigations."
Dr. Norman Walker

Here is a great video about the colon. Be careful. I almost vomited during this video as they show video imaging of the inside of peoples' colons. However, if you can handle it, then it is certainly educational. The video is available HERE.

The first couple of colons are quite clean. Keep in mind that before putting the camera inside the colon, they completely cleaned it out first, as part of the preparation proces. Additionally, this video does not include information about the gas pressure in the colon or the "Hidden Mess" lurking in their small intestines. It is easy for anyone to clean the colon out, however, the nasty mess inside the small intestines is quite difficult to access. I finally accomplished this, personally, after doing the psyllium-bentonite cleanse, when my third eye opened. That psyllium-bentonite cleanse targets the small intestines. The GREAT thing about the Colosan product is that it VERY GENTLY works on the small intestines with oxygen, to release all that old junk.

When you do colon hydrotherapy, you can't get into the small intestines. However, when you cleanse the colon you definitely provide a greater opportunity for waste in the small intestines to dump into the colon. The most important thing about colon hydrotherapy is that it eliminates gas. That gas pressure is what constipates our cells from detoxing on a cellular level. You can sometimes feel this gas pressure in your head and other areas of the body. Most people get MASSIVE relief after doing a colonic. If you have improved your diet in any way consistently for a reasonable amount of time, then it's a GREAT idea to do a colonic and there is a GREAT chance that you too will experience a massive amount of RELIEF!

I have spoken about my mom many times and I have neglected to tell you about how lucky I am to have been brought up by my Daddy! Wow! When I was growing up, I heard on various occasions, my friends and others telling me they wished that they could have a dad like mine. My dad always played these SILLY STUPID games with us with a HUGE smile. The funny thing is, he still plays these SILLY STUPID games with us now, with that same smile! I feel more comfortable around my father than almost ANYONE else. I can literally tell him anything without the fear of judgement. He won't like me any less, no matter WHAT it is! He is happy with any choices that I make in my life!

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of my Dad on the net to share with you. However, my dad is an accountant. He worked for the IRS for 30 years and knows ALL the ins and outs. If you are looking for someone to do your taxes, my dad is the MAN! He prepares income tax returns and he also represents people who owe taxes. You can check out his website at:, and his office number is: 949-553-1123.

We just got back from an event in Christchurch, NZ. I have been away from big cities for many months now. It was very interesting and kind of sad to me, that I felt a feeling of comfort when I saw the first BIG Shopping center. It must have been the HUGE building similar to Target and Walmart that seemed comforting to me. Oh boy! I guess that is what I grew up with and what I was used to. CRAZY!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Forward Steps!!!

In the 1917 Journal of American Medicine, Dr. Kellogg reported that in the treatment of gastrointestinal disease in over 40,000 cases, he had used surgery in only twenty cases. The rest were helped as through cleansing the bowels, diet and exercise.

Andrea Wrote:

Matt- my question is about tea. I am proud to say I
have completed my second week of what I would say is a
95% raw diet! I know that most raw foodists do not
drink tea, but will drinking a cup of tea in the
morning reduce the good I am doing by juicing 2x a
day? I live in Seattle, and am finding it hard to let
go of that warm drink - especially when there is so
much information regarding the health benefits of
green tea. What could you tell me about the effects
of caffeine on a raw foodist?

Many thanks for your inspiration,

Hi Andrea,
If what you crave is a warm drink, why not drink herbal teas without caffeine? Regardless, all you have done is made improvements (Forward Steps!!!). You haven't stepped backwards. You are on the right track. If you continue to consistently live like this, at some point you will most likely give up the caffeine. Good job on the improvements!!!
If you make forward steps, that is an IMPROVEMENT. ANY PERMANENT step forward that a person makes will cause a reciprical improvement in their health.