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Coconut oil Raises Cholesterol???!

I am NOW a RawMan & Green-Girl JUNKY!!! WOW! I LOVE IT!!! You must watch this video!

The short animated film "The Adventures of Rawman and Green-Girl" which was produced by Ron Gilmore and shown at the 2008 Raw Lifestyle Film Festival can now be seen on You Tube. Go to The film features the voices of Tonya Kay as Green-Girl and Steve Prussack of Raw Vegan Radio as the Chief. Ron Gilmore's website for this epic feature is here:

Xell wrote:

I have a question for you: What do you think or Virgin Coconut Oil? I have been reading the Miracle of Coconut Oil, and while I have been using it for several years, I am now playing with his suggested therapeutic dose of 3.5 Tablespoons a day (am NOT following his recipes, however)...what do you think of all this? I have to admit I have seen some pretty interesting results (I swear I am getting rid of parasites) and wanted to know your thoughts.
Thank you for everything!

Ok, well...remember that I am more sensitive than 'the average Joe'... If I didn't vomit after eating 3.5 Tablespoons of coconut oil in one day, I would definitely wake up unhappy the next day with a HUGE headache and runny nose. Even smaller amounts of coconut oil don't feel optimal to me.

The affects of coconut oil depends on who you are. If I were to eat some animal protein, that would result in a disaster. However, someone on an intermediate healthy cooked food diet might eat it at any time and be fine.

The Number one benefit that MOST people derive from coconut oil is the fact that they are eliminating other HARMFUL fats from their diet and putting in coconut oil instead, which is practically harmless to them. Think of the millions of people who have eliminated nasty trans-fats and replaced them with coconut oil. THAT IS A HUGE DIETARY IMPROVEMENT. It's not the coconut oil that healed them, it is eliminating the trans-fatty acids, which are detrimental to the body that healed them. ANOTHER beautiful thing about the coconut oil is that you can cook with it and the properties stay stable to high temps, so that it doesn't become more damaging to the body. This is indeed a 'coconut miracle' to 90% of the human population.

I am 95% sure that RawMan & Green-Girl don't put coconut oil in THEIR Green Smoothies. There is an on-going debate on the internet whether coconut oil raises the blood cholesterol levels. If I were to take a blood test now, and then eat 1 tablespoon of coconut oil every single day and tested my blood again after a month, I have no doubt that my blood cholesterol would be through the roof. However, someone on the standard American diet who replaces trans-fats with coconut oil would likely have the EXTREME opposite effect, with their cholesterol shooting downwards. The effects on a 100% Raw Food eater would be even different from someone on an intermediate healthy cooked food diet. It may not even effect someone's cholesterol on a healthy intermediate diet at all.

Also, keep in mind, that coconut oil is really concentrated and if RawMan and Green-Girl are actively fighting the dark forces on an on-going basis, then I have a pretty strong feeling that they are staying away from large amounts of coconut oil. My diet consists of mainly whole foods and the most concentrated fats I eat are small amounts of avocado, nuts and seeds. I do eat coconut oil every once in a while when I go to a raw restaurant... and... I do pay for it the next day. Also, keep in mind; if you have a raw food eater who eats lots of concentrated fats on a daily basis, then the coconut oil won't affect them as much either. However, if they are TRULY 100% Raw, their body will rapidly become cleaner and at some point demand less.

I LOVE using coconut oil on my skin, in my hair, and for massage though. It's GREAT topically!

Melina wrote:

After reading this blog and the couple one's previous to them I am starting to question my overnight plunge into 100% raw. Should I have made a slower transition? Before I went raw, I never had a lifestyle that included refined sugars or largely processed foods. I am 17 and my family has always stayed on what you call an intermediate diet. However, I deeply want to attain a balanced raw lifestyle and the purity that you get from this lifestyle. However, I do not juice or take supplements, do colonics, enemas, or the other things that seem necessary to live a balanced raw lifestyle. I cannot afford them right now. Should I go back to a more transitional diet until I can achieve these things? How did you do it before knowing all that you know now?
P.S. I have been 100% raw for about 2 straight weeks now, with the intention of doing it for 30 days, but must admit that I am getting the feeling that I might yo-yo in a little while.

Wow Melina! You are very fortunate to have been brought up like that. I am assuming that you are actually pretty balanced on this 100% Raw Food diet, compared to most others who go 100% Raw. Most people go 100% Raw because they have a degenerative disease and they NEED to do it, OR ELSE. If you are balanced out with good eating habits (not snacking in between meals, overeating, etc.) and having a few bowel movements each day, then you are 'ahead of the game', if compared to most others. I would recommend getting a 4 quart enema bag to use in place of the colonics, when you feel it is needed. You can use this at home whenever you like, for the one time purchase of the bag. You can get away without the enzymes and other supplements. However, I would try to drink green juice every day. Instead of veggie juice, wheatgrass will also work (which you could grow very cheaply yourself), or a green food powder will work too, or a blended green smoothie will work, or E3 live is another great option. You can even switch those different ideas up if you like. I would try for two a day. The monthly cost on these items above isn’t too bad. And... if you personally email me, I will get you everything "at cost" to help you get started, bringing your total spent down to not much at all.

I personally started doing vegetable juices and periodic colon cleansing from day one of being 100% Raw. I was learning through Dr. Norman Walker’s books.

Oliver Wrote:

Lately i was reading your article about "the missing Link in the rawfood diet" and your blog and it made me wonder about: If we detox all of our lives and we depend on periodic Colonics is there time to enjoy the superior health we are supposed to reach? It sounds like we would be on a nonstop detox trip. :) Just thoughts ..
All the best

EVERYONE is on a non-stop detoxification trip. It is an ongoing process in the human life cycle - we all go into detox every single night, for example, when we stop eating and rest. If they are doing it optimally, Raw Food Eaters have the added benefit of not running into arthritis, getting zits, headaches and so much more! The SAD eater is continually detoxing the same stuff they put in their body, day in and day out. Their bodies generally break down early in life because they don't give themselves a chance to eliminate all the backed-up waste, which they keep adding to every single day. When you go 100% Raw, you start to detox ALL the stuff you have been putting in for your entire life... and YES... it needs to be dealt with. There is no doubt, Oliver, that there are "up's and down's" to this ongoing detoxification process. As you reach higher levels of 'cleanliness', your body's efficiency increases. Your brain functions better, you become more beautiful and your body becomes more in-tune to the universal cosmic energy. On the other hand, it takes years to understand your body and your new diet and much confusion arises, but in my opinion, and I believe most likely RawMan & Green-Girl's opinions too, it is well worth it. ;)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Yo-Yo-ing Back & Forth

One reason why I like to tell people to adhere to an intermediate diet instead of a 100% Raw Food Diet is because when you go 100% Raw, your body isn't used to that empty stomach feeling and peoples' deeper issues rise to the surface. People are used to that warm, satiating feeling from their food choices, they can't handle the sudden absence of that, and they tend to end up yo-yo-ing back and forth from a cooked food diet to a 100% Raw Food Diet. Each time you go 100% raw for a lengthy amount of time, you become cleaner and cleaner and cooked/processed food becomes more damaging to you each time. I would like to share with you the classic example of someone with a degenerative disease, who decided to take the extreme 100% Raw Food route, then ended up wobbling between choices...

Wyn gave me permission to share the following message he recently sent me:

I'd like to setup a conversation with Fred. I had a prostate scan recently and the prostate cancer that looked like it may be back 18 months ago is back. I agreed - not without some trepidation - to do another biopsy. Last one was at discovery, eight years ago.

Basic results are that the tumor hasn't gotten any more aggressive.
It's grown about 25% in the last 18 months. And there's a small area now on the other side of the prostate. It has also gotten less dense.
He said that the current image would have probably been missed by some others reading the scan, since it was so close in density to the surrounding tissue. 18 months ago it was definitely a dark grey on the scan.

What I've done since the initial report 18 months ago...
My oncologist has a number of patients on Macrobiotic diet whose tumors are stable or shrinking. None on raw.
So, I decided to do Macrobiotics. Did it for six months and was craving fresh food. Switched to 100% raw - mostly of the gourmet recipe genre for six months. Then was not having a good time with all the spices and fats. Then went onto a version of the 80-10-10 diet.
Did juices, smoothies, fruit, salads, etc. Tried to keep the fat calories to between 10-15%.

During the last year I haven't done much exercise. More sedentary than any other time in my life.

For the last 2 years I've also been in the most stress of anytime in my life. Driven my financial problems. And as it does, stress takes over other areas of life...

Well, since the recent scan and biopsy, I've been juicing. Wheatgrass, herbs, leafy green veggies, celery, carrots. About a gallon a day.
Some days I also suck juice from a half dozen oranges from a local tree. I'm now in week three.

Eight years ago when I was diagnosed, I did juice for a few weeks then LOTS of juice and sprouts for about 18 months. The scan after that time said the tumor was no longer active. So, I've gone back to that protocol. But I want more information and I thought of you and Fred.

Of course everyone I talk to has a favorite suggestion. When I While talking with Chakra today I remembered thinking about Fred. She concurred that you and he would be good to consult with.

So, here I am, asking for a conversation.


Here's what I wrote back:

Hi Wyn,
The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes.

I am so sorry to hear that about the tumor.

Wow! I learned a lot after reading this. You really inspired me to direct less of my energy towards stresses (financial, business, etc.) That's a tough one! And I am inspired.

Before I get into what I think, I want to suggest that the BEST thing to do would be to make an appointment with Dr. Fred Bisci at 718-979-7950. He'll tell you exactly what to do to get better.

Shortly, I will tell you what I would do if I found myself in your situation. First off, have you only been consuming 1 gallon of juice a day and no solid foods, or in addition to solids? (he later told me yes, only juices.)

I am about to give my view on everything below. This is my belief and I understand that, so please understand that I am just talking MY truth here.

The goal would be to look at the long-term here and not just the short term - which is more like getting rid of this tumor and thinking "now I am ok". I feel the key thing to look at is detoxification. It seems that you are yo-yoing with your diet in different directions: to gourmet raw, 80-10-10 (high fruit & Clean), juice fasting, back to gourmet raw, etc... The more things that you leave out of your diet, the more you are going to detoxify and the quicker you are going to heal, if you keep up with the endogenous poisons being excreted out on a cellular level. However, the real issue is that when someone improves their diet to the point where they're eating very little (juice fasting) for a long amount of time to heal, their body literally transforms. It is not the same anymore. Now, after juicing like that, you become more sensitive and all those other "not so ideal foods" are more damaging to you. Now that you are so clean, going back to macrobiotics can result in an issue. Gourmet raw may even tax your body more, but it would be ok every once in a while, as your body has about a 20% margin for error. If it was me, I wouldn't go soooo extreme, to where I take my diet to even a cleaner space than I think you are in now (long-term juice fasting), because when you are done, there will be less margin for error with your food choices. If it was me, I would find a balanced, CONSISTENT, 'clean' diet, that you want to end up at and enjoy for the rest of your life, and STAY there, without deviation and that is it. Every time you go into this clean diet and juicing space, you become even more cleaner each time and your body has less margin for error each time afterwards.

It's great that you are juicing and doing sprouts. The nourishment is great, as it gives your body the vitality to heal more. Detoxification is the process of getting all the junk out, including the tumor. I don't know your colon cleansing habits but let's talk about that next.

When you eat 'pure' like this, less waste is produced by the foods you eat, enabling your body to detox more on a cellular level. Endogenous poisons will detox from your cells, which is part of the "healing from disease" process. Cleansing the colon keeps up with these endogenous cellular poisons that are coming out of your system. If you don't cleanse the colon, there is a possibility that all this waste may stay in and can make your situation worse. In my opinion, this waste in your system is largely what causes the disease.

Since you are 'pure' now, your body adapts to what you are doing, and now it can only comfortably handle less waste. It takes "less waste" now to cause and perpetuate this disease than the "more waste" it took before, because you have adapted and are much cleaner. This is why I recommend just choosing a balanced, CONSISTENT, healthy diet to enjoy for the rest of your life and periodically cleanse the colon.

In my opinion, a high fruit diet is not good for your situation. In my opinion, fruit creates more of this waste in the system, through fermentation. Arnold Ehret says that fruit sugar evaporates waste matter in the body into gas. Eating excessive fruit can add to the waste that is causing disease.

Next: Therapeutic Enzymes. I know that you have read my therapeutic enzyme article. It's on my website and in raw success. Taking masses of those has the potential to dissolve cancerous tumors. The following is what I would do if I was personally in your shoes... and... Remember, I am an EXTREMIST...

- I would find a balanced 100% raw Food Diet that I feel good about, eating 2 or 3 meals a day, without snacking in between. These meals would be the same in kinds and quantities of foods. And I would live on that type of CONSISTENT diet for the rest of my life.

- I would drink vegetable juice on an empty stomach a few times a day while cleansing my colon a couple of times a week with a 4 or 6 quart enema bag, until that tumor left. Once the tumor was gone, I may go down to 2 veggie juices a day and cleansing the colon a MINIMUM of once per month.

- I would take a heaping teaspoon of therapeutic enzymes on an empty stomach, 3 - 4 times a day, until the tumor was gone and after that I would take a teaspoon twice a day on an empty stomach, until the day that I die.

- I would work on my stress and exercise levels.

- And... Call Fred. He is a healthcare professional and I am not ;). He'll probably even tell you other supplements to take and maybe some other things. Let me know exactly what he says so I can learn more too :).

And... Lastly... Wyn's INTERPRETATION of what Fred said when he spoke with him:

I talked with Fred yesterday...

He said the main thing is to choose the cleanest diet that I can maintain for the rest of my life.
His experience is that going back and forth -- yo-yoing -- is one primary cause of tumors returning.

He said that I basically know what to do... do what I did 8 years ago.
Juicing then lots of juice and sprouts with an overall balanced raw diet.
Include the foods I need to be sure I am going to stick to it!
Don't do deprivation.
(This is a tendency of mine. To think that if I deny myself, I'll get

His other suggestions were enzymes and probiotics.
Sun and air.
Barefoot beach walks.
No eating after sundown or between meals.
Colonics when needed - whenever I feel weak or tired or heavily cleansing - a minimum of one a month ongoingly.

I'm going to take Fred and your advise and do some colonics. I'm not a big "believer" in them, but I'm willing to be open about it...
Fred said that he used to think that they were invasive also, but over the last 30 years of working with people and seeing the difference in the results, he knows it makes a difference. I'm going to take that empirical evidence as more important than my philosophical evidence.

He said I didn't need to use him as a consultant at this point. Do what we talked about for six months, get the next prostate scan and see what the bodies has done. If improvement, keep on. If no improvement, get back with him and reassess.

Thanks SO much Matt.
I'll keep you posted.


My good friend Glen was recently filmed at the new cafe he opened in West Haven! You can check it out here:

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Enzyme-Rich Foods???

What is the key benefit of eating a 100% Raw Food Diet? Every book out there seems to suggest that the MAIN reason Raw Food is so good for the body is because it is replete with enzymes and that cooking foods destroys the enzymes, when you heat things above 118 degrees.

Did you know that within one hour after you pick a head of lettuce out of the ground, more than half the enzymes are gone? Now imagine that same organic lettuce being stored, shipped in a truck, stored again and placed on the store shelves. How many enzymes do you think would be left in that?

The number one benefit for us of eating a 100% Raw Food Diet is: you are eliminating all the processed foods that are DAMAGING to the body. For people eating a 'Standard American Diet', you can literally heal and get better just by eating dead rats and eliminating everything else from your diet. You would heal because you have eliminated refined sugar and processed starches from your diet.

Eating enzyme-rich raw foods is not the main reason why people heal and regenerate their bodies. They heal because they are leaving out all the damaging foods. Now don't get me wrong… these enzymes and Raw foods are GREAT and they do nourish the body, especially if you are consuming them as vegetable juices. When you cook food it changes in its molecular composition, which in turn makes foods more damaging to the body. You can eat enzyme-rich raw foods until you are blue in the face though, and you are not going to heal unless you also eliminate these processed foods from your intake.

People are always asking me if things like Agave Nectar or Nama Shoyu are ok to eat. I know that I have been talking extreme these last few blog posts about Breatharianism and Spirituality and I was going to take a breather from all that... but one more thing... Try to look at it as if NO FOOD is IDEAL for the body. ALL food is an obstruction of some kind. It's all relative and it's all about finding what is LEAST obstructive. In other words, which foods are the LEAST damaging to the body. Here is an excerpt from Raw Success:

Did you know that the human body is a Perfectionist? The body's dream come true would be for us to live in a pristine environment on water alone, breathing in the heavenly fragrance of pure clean air. I am not going to explain in detail the theory about how and why Breatharianism is possible; that's another book in itself. (While I have not experienced this myself, there are reports of numerous humans on this planet who live and thrive on air, water and sunshine ONLY.) In truth, everything else is obstructive to the body to one degree or another. An obstruction is anything that hinders one’s progress towards optimal health. In other words, if we are not Breatharians living off pure pristine water and air, then we are putting obstructive elements in our system.

The real question is:
Which foods are least obstructive?
Raw Foods

Another way of saying 'least obstructive' is 'least damaging'. Raw Food can be considered an obstructive element to our body, but it is much, much less damaging than cooked food. When we eat this nutrient-rich Raw Food, made of mostly water, there are fewer obstructive elements entering our system than if we were to consume large portions of dense dead food made with ingredients we can't pronounce. Similarly, someone eating an Intermediate Diet, which eliminates refined sugars and processed starches is putting fewer obstructive elements into their body compared to someone on the Standard American Diet.

The Reward
Eating less obstructive food frees up the body’s energy to detoxify itself of anything anti-life that may be stored in its cells and tissues.


Rob Wrote:

"I am now day 5 on raw food myself and find myself crying a lot. I was wondering about your transition period and whether it was as emotionally challenging as I am experiencing.

Also... what about macrobolitics? did you ever look into that? did you try it? I ask because I have a macro person in my life trying to convince me raw is unhealthy and cooked grains and beans and seaweed is the TRUE health solution. At the end of the day... If I can find a diet 'lifestyle' that can replace my pot it RAW 'or' ?MACROBIOTIC' I would be thrilled. Thank you again for your powerful message and presence. Thank you in advance for your answers and guidance. Love & Light. Rob"

Remember, it is all about what you leave out of your diet. The more you leave out, the more you are going to cleanse. Macrobiotics is one of those diets that I always talk about. They succeed because they leave out the refined sugar and processed starches completely without any exception. The reason why I believe people tend to think macrobiotics (and many other diets for that matter) is 'better' than being raw is because if they try to go raw, they don't feel well from the detox and they get WAY out of balance. You are experiencing this yourself with emotional detox. The detoxification does not stop on a 100% Raw Food Diet. Of course, it slows down after you go through the initial major healing crises, but this is an ongoing thing. It is a detox diet.

The macrobiotics diet is a great diet and you may want to do that if you don't feel emotionally stable and balanced on a 100% Raw Food Diet.

You think the Marijuana Addiction is hard to cut??? Go 100% Raw and try to cut your cooked food addiction and you tell me which is easier. That will give you guys something to ponder...

Anonymous wrote:

"Hey Matt!I absolutely love your blog. My mind is swirling with new information. One thing that interests me is your strong belief in juicing. I have been experimenting with a raw food diet and feel that on my 100% raw food days I feel 1000 times better than on the days I eat steamed vegetables or ezekial bread. However, I do not juice or own a juicer (I can't afford one). Without juicing, is a 100% raw food diet doing me more harm than good?"

Of course you feel better after eliminating cooked food. Eliminating processed/cooked foods is the key element in healing. The issue here potentially lays down the line. I can give you example after example of people who run into marginal deficiencies in the long-run on a 100% Raw Food Diet. The reason why people do so well on a Raw Diet in the beginning is because they are eliminating all of these standard processed foods that damage the body. But as the years go by, they run into problems if they don't get readily absorbable nutrients, preferably through juicing. A cooked food diet is also deficient. Look at our ailment-filled society today! If you CAN'T JUICE, then I would suggest at least drinking wheatgrass or E3 Live every day. Those are like potent chlorophyll juices in themselves. I would also take a green food powder supplement, do blended green smoothies and maybe just buy a fresh juice every once in a while at a health food store. Personally, my budget ALWAYS goes to my health first and I would make it happen - health is our greatest wealth.

I am excited and happy to say that I finished the Juicing vs. Blending article that many people seem to be waiting for. I think you're going to enjoy it - it's coming April 1st. If you are not part of my main newsletter list yet, you can sign up at

And... The Logo Contest ends on March 26th at midnight Pacific Time. Exciting!!!

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Spiritual Bang for your Buck!

One of my most popular sayings is, "When you improve your diet by eating fewer kinds and quantities of foods, your body becomes a more in-tune receptive machine to the spiritual energy." This is something you actually feel; it is physical.

When I say this, many retort that there is a lot more to do with spiritual existence than just diet, which is of course true... yet, I feel that there is not enough emphasis placed on the power of food to help us feel connected. By no means do I feel or claim that I am a 'spiritual guru'. Nonetheless, from my personal experience and the testimonials of many others, if you adhere to a balanced 100% Raw Food Diet, your body will become more vibratory, flowing with that universal cosmic energy. Of course you have to also keep up with the endogenous poisons that will be continually purging from your cells, to really feel the effects. In the Blood Gas Theory article, under the, 'The Science and Spiritual Energy' section, I discuss how the less obstruction you have in the body on a cellular level AND in the bloodstream, the higher you vibrate and with more intensity. Colon hydrotherapy can aid in this process tremendously.

Many Eastern spiritual 'gurus' of the past recommend a raw diet and colon cleansing for this purpose. If you tell a 'mainstream' American that you eat a 100% Raw Food Diet, they look at you as if there is something wrong with you. However, if you tell an 'average' person in India, it seems they'd be much more likely to understand and appreciate the value of your choices.

I am not going to get into details, but I have been experimenting... I have been toying around with eating VERY LITTLE this week. The energy fields in my body have been vibrating with pulsating LIVELINESS. Love energy overcomes my body which is just given right back to the universe. It is Sensory Bliss! When I eat like this, my third eye and body vibrate with such immense force that prayer and meditation practically happen effortlessly. My body also automatically starts to BREATHE DEEPER. I notice while I am laying in bed that my body is actually spontaneously taking deeper breaths and pulling energy from the air. Breathing this pure air while eating like this awakens parts of my lungs that haven't been used in a while. Since the air is so pure out here, it accelerates the detoxification process. It is amazing what these bodies are capable of, if we just provide the right environment for them. I feel that if one lives this type of lifestyle, by eating VERY LITTLE (even less than the typical balanced Raw Food Diet) and breathing pure air, then we can awaken dormant abilities, such as telepathic communication, energy visualization and much more. Just from being on the 100% Raw Food Diet that I have been on and doing the appropriate cleansing, I have personally awakened these types of facilities. However, I feel so much more is possible by eating even less. Conversely, my book Raw Success states that we have to be careful if we decide to permanently commit to eating very little.

Just to be clear, I don't plan to be eating less than my current balanced Raw Diet.

You have to be careful when you do things like this. HARSH and CONCENTRATED old toxins (Gases) from the past will detox out of your cells. Many people think the detox ends after you are 100% Raw for a given amount of time. As I state in the 'Missing Link on the 100% Raw Food Diet' article HERE, when you go on a 100% Raw Food Diet, it is like going on a life-long fast and you are going to detox until the day you die. In truth, when you get up there in age like Dr. Fred Bisci at 80 years old, with 50 years being 100% Raw behind you, that's when you've got to be REALLY careful. This is when the toxins that are leaving during the detox are the MOST CONCENTRATED and dangerous. He is probably detoxing waste from his ancestors.

Many people who have done fasting in their time will vouch for this massive energy that vibrates through them and also the concentrated toxins that leave the body. Especially after a fast you have to be careful. The body is filled with toxins and you have to know what to do to balance back to normal.

Rip wrote:

Do you know a good way to improve the soil that i grow wheatgrass in or maybe good stuff to add to the water? i heard a cup of sea water for every 20 cups of regular water, but i don’t live by the ocean. I'm doing an experiment and i heard that wheatgrass has everything but calories and i want to try to sustain my body off of wheatgrass, a single raw food that's the highest in calories, this breathing technique that's similar to the yoga breath of fire, and joy. so my question is what has the most calories, avacado?

Seawater is excellent but you have to be careful that the waters you get the sea water from are pure. You can purchase concentrated sea water if you like for this. OceanGrown's OceanSolution at this link is tested for toxins and they suggest to use it for growing vegetation. I personally use this stuff in my water and veggie juices. The company says not to drink it straight. I only use a drop or two, just as Norman Walker suggests. He states that the ocean is replete in all of the minerals. This helps provide the rest of the minerals we need, which the vegetable kingdom can't easily offer (especially these days with depleted top soil issues). Additionally, ocean water is electrically charged, so it will improve the structure of the water.

It sounds like you are trying to live off as little as possible. I would probably choose Hemp seeds. An avocado sounds like a good high calorie food to choose because they are readily available and inexpensive. On the other hand, you are lacking the carbs here. Small amounts of Durian can work as it is a carb AND fat. The Durian will give you more energy than the hemp seeds or avocado due to the carbs. If you were open to soaking a few dried figs and blending hemp seeds with that; the hemp seeds, figs and wheatgrass would give you EVERYTHING that you need. Carbs, fat, greens and nutrients. I would probably add a green food to this fig/hemp mixture too. That in itself would be a complete food and you could literally live off that. Additionally, I would do other shots of different greens as well as wheatgrass every day, to get more nutrients. I would maybe even do just a small bit of all the vegetables in the veggie kingdom. I would also add a drop or two of that ocean water to all my drinks, to get minerals not available in the veggie kingdom.

Keep in mind that each person is completely different. There are so many factors such as age, weight, how 'clean' one is at a cellular level and what type of diet they eat. We can literally live off very little. The less you consume, the closer you will be to that fasting state and the more you will detoxify.

Our lovely Angela got 'tagged' in her blog post HERE.

She passed it on to me and now I get to mention 5 things about myself that you already don't know.

1. I was President of ZBT Fraternity in college
2. I worked as an Intern on the Keened Ivory Wayan's Show, Love Connection, Smith Barney and Fundraiser (Mutual Fund Company)
3. I used to LOVE playing Laser Tag with my friends! And Basketball too!
4. My oldest brother is Mentally Challenged (He has the personality of a three year old and he is about 41 years old)
5. I am the prepubescent kid in the middle of this picture with my pledge brothers in the Fraternity. This is around the time when I started to heavily eat meat and work out. On some days I was eating 6 Double-Double Hamburgers from 'IN-N-OUT', in ONE DAY! The hormones from those burgers threw me into puberty. Many years later, I started getting a lot of zits and I knew it was related to the food I ate. I then started cutting out most fast foods.

And now I get to Tag 5 other Bloggers!

Xell Calderer - - Great Colon Therapist in Connecticut!
Suki Zoe - - Great Colon Therapist in the UK!

Figs are now in season in New Zealand and I am going to different trees daily!!! LOVING IT!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mucoid Plaque!!!

Ok, I am just about done recovering from the cacao blast I had a few days ago. Geesh! I won't be doing that again.

I always sleep with the windows open. In the bedroom we have been sleeping in, there is a HUGE window RIGHT next to the bed. It is as if the entire wall was taken out and was replaced with a window. It is practically like sleeping outside! So... In addition to being in a very clean aired environment, we are getting FRESH AIR ALL NIGHT LONG. This is a big thing. This is another one of the reasons why I am cleaning out so quickly. When we are surrounded by walls, there isn't that much FRESH air flow coming in. I notice a big difference with this situation compared to having just a standard window open. I am going to miss this situation when I am gone from here. Ignorance was bliss before experiencing it. I am definitely going to be knocking the walls out of the bedroom in the house we settle down in. AMAZING!

Kyle wrote:

I have actually done a good amount of detoxing in the past. My longest juice fast was 42 days. It was a modified master cleanse. my question is this. What is the best way to get rid of the mucoid plaque in your opinion? See while on my 42 day cleanse which was about a 2 years ago, i used a LOT of psyllium husk because whenever i used a lot of it and then did an enema the next day it would come out with what appeared to be mucoid plaque..? I mean it smelled like death so i figured i was doing the right thing. Is that good or is there a better way? It just seemed like i was getting more garbage out of me that way and it was a lot cheaper that hydrotherapy. but from your article it seems i should be doing both. I have never done the arise and shine cleanse but i do want to.

My book Raw Spirit talks about how my "Third Eye" opened after cleaning out the mucoid plaque. The BEST Way to do this is to do colon hydrotherapy with an extreme psyllium and bentonite cleanse. The most powerful psyllium and bentonite cleanse that you can do is the Bernard Jensen one HERE. For 7 days you eat no solid food while taking psyllium and bentonite 5 times a days and doing the supplements in between each one. Additionally, you cleanse the colon with a colema board or 6 quart enema bag EVERY DAY in the morning AND Evening. This is a MUST for the MOST effective cleanse as it will keep all the psyllium moving through you "scraping" this waste out of your small intestines. If you do something like this, you won't be the same person. You'll become more sensitive. Your body will demand a better diet. The Jensen book that explains how to do the cleanse, is HERE:

When I did this cleanse I replaced ALL the supplements he uses in between psyllium drinks, with green juices, which will work fine. I did do the cleansing psyllium bentonite drinks EXACTLY how he suggests. On day 4, you may want to take a small bit of hemp or flax oil to get some essential fatty acids. The psyllium and bentonite you use, HAS to be one of these three HIGH QUALITY brands, which are available at every health food store, Yerba Prema, Sonne, or Vitratrox. The psyllium should NOT be in capsule form and the bentonite should be liquid in a talk dark bottle. People get scared of the bentonite because it has some sort of aluminum ingredient in it. It is not being absorbed so that is truly not a problem. Call the company if you like and they will verify that for you.

When I did this cleanse I was already on the 100% Raw Food Diet for 6 months while periodically cleansing my colon, so my body was already in a cleansing state and ready for this. If you do all that, then you will most likely get all the mucoid plaque out!

You can get away with doing this cleanse without the frequent colon cleansing IF YOU ARE ELIMINATING REGULARLY, However, you won't evolve as far. I had a close friend do this cleanse and she asked to borrow my colema board at the time. I knew how she LOVES refined sugar and I warned her that it may not be a good idea in using the colema board every day like this as she will become very sensitive and that all those old foods may have a bad effect on her. After she finished the cleanse she went on a silent meditation retreat. She ate refined sugar and developed MASSIVE DEEP RED HORRIFYING RASHES ALL OVER HER BODY. Her body couldn't handle the refined sugar. She intuitively put patches of spirulina all over her body to help the healing.

This is a mighty Powerful Cleanse.

Here is an excerpt of my experience from my book Raw Spirit:

It's been said that once you are 100% Raw and your body becomes cleaner and lighter, reality takes on a more spiritual dimension. One is pushed to consider a more spiritual element to life when they drop the social mainstream ways to travel a path on their own. This was certainly true for me.

My physical body was the first to experience spiritual doors opening. After about six months on raw foods I did the seven day deep tissue cleanse by Bernard Jenson. Since then, I've had an orgasmic like vibration in the center of my forehead. When it first happened, I felt like a wild tiger in the high mountains looking over a cliff into the distance; I felt clear, awake, and alive. What was happening to me? I had no idea, and so, my search began.

I inquired everywhere about the sensation in my forehead. To my dismay, I didn't get many answers. Some people thought that maybe it was marijuana from my college days, detoxifying out of my body. I thought that this might be possible because marijuana stimulates the pineal gland, which is positioned near the front center of the brain. Two years went by, however, and the vibration just got stronger. The marijuana was surely out of my system by then. My search for an answer continued.

Many different cultures talk about energy fields in the body. Chinese tradition calls them meridians or energetic pathways and pressure points. Indian culture identifies with these energy collections in the body as chakras. The chakra located at the forehead is called the Third Eye. Western cultures haven't coined a term for these energy fields, though many scientific studies have definitely proven their existence. Intuitively, I felt that the vibration had something to do with these subtle energies, but couldn’t find an answer that made perfect sense to me. Finally, while researching the Raw Food pioneers Dr. Norman Walker and Hilton Hotema, I found what I was looking for.

According to Dr. Norman Walker, in his book The Natural Way to Vibrant Health,

The pineal gland is undoubtedly the spiritual receptacle for life force emanating from the Cosmic Energy of the Universe. The pineal is such a small gland that scientists failed to assign any importance to it until the last 40 years, and even today the strict materialist does not appreciate its mental and spiritual significance.

The mental and spiritual influence of the pineal surpasses that of any other gland. It would almost seem as if this influence is directly connected to the relationship of the physical body of the individual and that mysterious and intangible part known as the soul.

The pineal gland is analogous to a radio antenna, receiving from the atmospheric environment the vital flow of cosmic energy acting like an electric current when it enters the body. Cosmic Energy is that infinite Unfathomable power which permeates the entire universe holding the planets in their course and operating right into the very core of every atom in your body.

Like the current from one of the huge electric generating stations sending hundreds of thousands of volts through the wires to the 115 volt transformer near your home, so the universal cosmic energy enters the pineal gland with inexpressibly high voltage which would virtually burn up the body if the body were not equipped with a transformer to lower that cosmic energy to the voltage consistent with the needs of the individual.

This cosmic energy transformer in the midbrain is known as the thalamus, a structure of a mass of gray cells and tissues in the midbrain which collects the energy from the pineal gland and lowers it and controls it to conform to the physical, mental and spiritual development and needs of the individual. Many people who understand this procedure classify the pineal gland as the spiritual gland in man.

Curiosity took over and I wanted to know more. My ongoing search led me Hilton Hotema who discussed Breatharianism and gifted me with valuable information on the vibrating sensation in my forehead. Hilton Hotema tells that back in ancient times, man was originally Breatharian and had spiritual powers no longer easily accessible in our present state of health. He writes,

The Ancient Masters taught that there is a spiritual realm in man. "The kingdom of God is within you"(Lu. 17:21).

The spiritual realm of god in man is located in the spiritual chambers of the skull, called the golden bowl by the masters (Eccl. 12:6).

These chambers, the function of which is unknown to modern scientists, are five in number. The masters called them the five stars of the microcosm, and they are symbolized in ancient scriptures by certain fives, as the Five Golden Emerods (1 S. 6:4); the Five Loaves (Mat. 14:17), and are known to western science as the five sinus cavities.

The Sankhys Doctrine states that the five physical senses of the conscious man are the exteriorized products of the five corresponding spiritual centers, which are as follows:

Frontal Sinus – A cavity in the frontal bone of the skull.
Sphenoidal Sinus – A cavity in the sphenoid bone of the skull.
Maxillary Sinus – Largest of the five, and resembles a pyramid in shape
Palatine Sinus – A cavity in the orbital process of the palatine bone and opening into either the sphenoidal or a posterior ethmoidal sinus.
Ethmoidal Sinus – This chamber consists of numerous small cavities occupying the labyrinth of the ethmoid bone, and in these cavities are situated the small, mysterious glands known in Occult Science as the Intellectual Organs.

The Sinuses communicate directly or indirectly with the nasal cavity; and it is highly significant to observe that they receive the breath of life directly and unmodified as it flows from the universe to them through the nose, and before any of the other air organs have a chance to select and absorb any substance from the spiritual essence of the cosmos, charged with every known and unknown element.

Due to the degeneration, the Five Spiritual Faculties of civilized man [from eating and breathing polluted air], are dormant, closed, inactive, shut off from receiving the vibratory currents conveying to him the cosmic intelligence of the spiritual world.

The human body was perfectly constituted and designed in the beginning to meet and master all conditions to which it would be subjected in the physical existence on earth.

When man was a breatharian, his body was equipped, in a rudimentary degree, with all parts that would later be needed [digestive tract], in a functional degree, to prevent him from becoming extinct as a species, regardless of what habits he might adopt or the condition of the environment by which he might be surrounded.

If you read Hilton Hotema further, you would soon understand that when man was a Breatharian, his digestive tract was dormant and his spiritual organs were in full use. As man started to eat, his dormant digestive tract was called into action, taking energy from his spiritual organs, which soon became dormant. He also says that the closer one becomes to a Breatharian, the more their spiritual organs can reawaken.

Eating Raw is a step closer to the ancient divine man. The digestive track isn't taxed nearly as much, allowing for partial rebirth of the spiritual organs. One thing that most raw food eaters experience is a higher life vibration than before.

I love it!!!

I also LOVE this video I just watched. You have GOT to watch this video entitled, "My Stroke of Insight", by Jill Bolte Taylor. I LOVE this sort of thing!!! It is right up the Spiritual Transformation Alley. I have had glimpses through meditation of what this woman experienced. It gave me such a good feeling inside and it served as a reminder and validation of my experiences. Make it through the first half of this 18 minute video and someone will have to hold your jaw shut.

View the video HERE!
Casey Wrote:
I completely agree colonics are essential to the detoxification process and getting truly well, however I have also heard a lot about the need to remove mucoid plaque from the colon to really get healed. Is a raw food diet heavy on juices and raw veg and colonics enough to do this if it is necessary? I have already been going through severe healing crises for months now so I am a bit scared to try anything which could produce more extreme detox symptoms right now. I'd appreciate your opinion. Loving the blog!!
You don't have to do anything. It's not necessary to remove the Mucoid Plaque. However, if I knew this stuff was hidden inside of me, then I would definately want it OUT.
When I first went 100% Raw, I kind of cheated the detoxification process. I did detox but I had it very easy because I did a colonic three times a month. As soon as I started to detox, get zits all over my face and a runny nose, I would just do a colonic and it would pull it right out. This would transport me back to SPIRITUAL BLISS. I actually did a colonic three times a month for the first SIX MONTHS of going 100% Raw.
You would think a young skinny guy like me (age 25), doing colonics three times a month for SIX MONTHS, would be completely cleaned out! Well, well, well. This is when I did this psyllium and bentonite cleanse while doing a colonic in the morning and in the evening of each day of this cleanse. My colon therapist could't believe what was coming out of me. The mucoid plaque didn't come out for me in my first 6 months of being raw and I was young and healthy. It wasn't until I finished this cleanse that I noticed my third eye started vibrating.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Adaptation Abilities of the Body, and Logo Contest

As expected, I didn't sleep much the night after the Cracao Experiment. I have never in my entire life grated a cucumber or brushed my teeth so fast. I felt like I was on speed.

I don't want you to get the wrong idea abt what I am going to tell you now. Cacao wasn't necessarily 'the' culprit of this following experience; it was primarily the big jump away from my consistent diet. I generally eat the same kinds and quantities of food each day, which includes a certain amount of fat. I have been eating these amounts for MANY months now. When I had the cacao, it was in addition to the quantities of fat I have been eating each day.

The cacao products that I ate were composed of heavy concentrated fats, such as coconut butter and cacao butter... and... I did a good amount of it (2 truffles, 1 teapsoon of Amazon Bliss Coconut Butter, and 2 tablespoons of this goddess and god butters which were very concentrated in cacao butter.) This was in addition to my daily fat intake. Depending on your perspective, this may not seem like a lot. My body definitely wasn't used to these amounts. The next day, my nose POURED MUCUS. It was as if I were sick with a cold. I used an entire box of tissues. It went away within 24 hours, but my nose was POURING mucus. I have adapted into needing very little food, over the last 8 years of being raw. I am still feeling the effects of the cracao stimulation on some level, which has its ups and downs.

Ok... Let's keep it real. I woke up yesterday morning with a !!!!GRRRRRRRRrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! Attitude. You wouldn't have wanted to be within three feet of me. I did a lot of cleansing in the evening and it was all coming out in the morning.

Jennifer wrote a question that really impressed me:

You were talking about how your body asks you to eat cleaner and cleaner. Does that mean that if I eat all raw and cure depression that way, that eventually, after say, several years, or more, the depression will come back because my body will be used to my diet and will want me to eat even cleaner?
Does my question make sense? just wondering.


I love it! I think you're understanding me.

Although depression is certainly multifaceted, we do reach new plateaus as we stabilize out into our new diets. The overall goal is to consistently eat less and less, as the years go by. When we reach these new levels of eating less, issues can arise if you then eat more than your consistent amount. An example would be my recent cacao experiment I just discussed here. If someone decides to go backwards by eating more foods, it has to be done slowly, with much care, as you adapt your body into accepting more and more foods. Here is an excerpt from Raw Success that will be very helpful in this instance:

It is crucial to understand the adaptation ability of our bodies. As many of us know from personal experience, the cleaner our diet, the more sensitive we become. For example, if someone completely eliminates processed starches and greasy foods from their diet, but three years later eats a slice of pizza, they will inevitably feel ill. The body adapts to what we do or do not do. When we improve our diet, we can no longer tolerate certain lower quality foods.

If you were to ingest an entire tablespoon of arsenic, chances are high that you would die. However, if you were to take a drop of arsenic once every three days and very gradually over many months increase the dosage, after three years you could likely survive that same tablespoon of arsenic. Building up your arsenic tolerance is not the healthiest thing to do for long-term health, but the example illustrates the amazing adaptive response of our bodies.

Not far removed from the arsenic example, is what most of us have been doing a
ll our lives. Imagine feeding a newborn baby a Quarter Pounder with cheese. Your insides may shout in protest to the idea - "No, don't you dare!" The results could be devastating, similar perhaps to us suddenly consuming an entire tablespoon of arsenic.

We clearly see the mistake it would be to feed greasy fast food to an infant. What we may not be so quick to realize is that many children are given a version of fast food, being fed processed baby food three times a day. The constant runny nose warning is eventually silenced by repetition. Years pass, a variety of cooked/processed foods are added little by little, until eventually they can tackle that juicy hamburger. Building up your tolerance to "plastic food" is not the healthiest thing to do for long-term health, but you can do it - you did it.

As a 100% Raw Food Eater, you become pure and clean again, like a newborn. The longer you are Raw, the more sensitive you become. Processed foods you ate before are no longer tolerated. I have been on a Raw Diet for almost seven years. I am convinced that half a hamburger would put me in the hospital. If you were to give Dr. Fred Bisci, 40-year Raw Foodist, the same half hamburger, it could end in disaster. Yet most people on the planet can eat two hamburgers, slap their knee and say “Mmmmm”.

{The "Blood Gas Theory" article, explains exactly what happens on a cellular level as the body "adapts" and why we become more sensitive.}

Let's say you were eating the Standard American (Fast Food) Diet and you had a chronic degenerative disease. Then let's say you healed it by adhering to a 100% Raw Food diet and you stayed on this diet for 5 years. There is no doubt that you would reach a new plateau, become much cleaner, and need less food to maintain high energy levels. If you decided to go back to eating cooked foods, there is a great chance that this degenerative disease will come back, even if you aren't eating as poorly as you used to on the Standard American Diet. For five years you have been detoxing and your cells have been contracting (shrinking), removing waste from within their structures. There isn't as much space anymore inside the cells to accommodate the waste (fermentative gas) produced from poorer food choices. Disease commences on a cellular level and too much gas pressure can cause inflammation and cellular damage. Since your cells are smaller and you have reached this new plateau, less gas pressure can cause inflammation and cellular damage and disease can easily come back. To move backwards you would need to introduce poorer food choices slowly enough that your cells could slowly enlarge, to accommodate this extra waste.

As long as you continue to move forwards, by eating fewer kinds and quantities of foods AND if you are keeping up with the endogenous waste that is being excreted on a cellular level (i.e. COLON CLEANSING), then physically you should be ok. However, if you are 100% Raw and eating three avocadoes a day, at some point you'll become 'clean' enough that your body begs you to eat less and depression may indeed occur if you do not adhere.

You may also want to read Depression Free For Life, By Gabriel Cousens, which I am sure has other scientific information on how cooked foods chemically can relate to depression. In my opinion, depression has much more to do with other things than foods. I sometimes feel down and I am 100% Raw. This spiritual journey of ours' is a life-long process and we do the best we can. It is true that the more toxins that are present in our systems, the easier they could bring us down into depression. Cleansing the colon can help immensely with cleaning these toxins out.
Have you ever seen a movie where a religious body or similar organisation has the power and has 'tricked' Mankind into enslavement, in the name of 'the word of God' or something of that kind? Those kind of days have happened throughout Mankind's history.

Today we are experiencing the same thing. We are blinded to the truth of what is really going on in our societies, in terms of control and manipulation. As long as this is happening, there will be some sort of misery embedded deep down in the collective consciousness. I personally have been introduced to the light very slowly since becoming 100% Raw and honestly I still don't see it all. I am beginning to understand more and more each day. I feel that if any one of us were shown the way that it could be right now (i.e. true freedom and bliss for all), that we would literally go into absolute shock and overwhelming depression, when we compare that existence to the state most humans live in right now. I don't want to get into details about this because I will be preaching here for hours. Let's keep it to Raw Foods.

Lastly! We are re-designing and revving up We would LOVE to have a beautiful new logo for the website and we are having a contest, to find our striking new emblem. Whoever sends in the logo that most resonates for us as the essence of 'The Raw Food World', will be our winner; they can choose one of three wonderful raw food-related prizes (see below) and the new logo will be used throughout our site, for all to enjoy :) You are free to send in as many designs as you like, with whichever themes excite you. I will say though that currently I see an image of our planet in this logo. We're definitely open to all concepts though ;)
To enter this contest, send your logo to me at The winner of this contest will get to choose from one of the following 3 exciting prizes:

Needak Rebounder
Excalibur 5 Tray Dehydrator
$175 Superfoods Voucher

You have until midnight (Pacific Time), March 26th to send entries in and the winner will be chosen and announced shortly after that. We look forward to seeing your entries :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The !!!!!!!!!!!C!A!C!A!O! !E!X!P!E!R!I!M!E!N!T!!!!!!!!!!!!

OW! OW! OWWWWOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!... I am absolutely ~!!!WAASTED!!!~ on Cacao right now!!!

I made Angela a 'Raw Celebration' cake for finishing her Super Stupendous SUPERCALIFRAGULISTICEXPIALIDOUCIOUS Book, Raw Emotions, and we decided to PaRtAkE iN cAcAo also...

In January, when I first started this blog, I told everyone that this blog signifies the end of spices, cacao, Nama Shoyu and all the other "gourmet" ingredients. However, thing shifted and I knew that I was going to be partaking in Cacao a few days ago, as I wanted to document the effects of it in my blog. In truth though, the day before this experiment, I wasn't excited like "I GET TO EAT CACAO"...I honestly felt like I actually didn't really want to eat the cacao. I was feeling quite repelled by it in fact.

Today came along though and we were eating Raw cake and then I went through with it and ate the cacao. The first thing I ate was a standard cacao truffle that I used to partake in during my short-lived 'cacao eating adventures'. I used to LOVE the taste of these Raw Chocolate truffles. When I took my first bite, it was so bitter that I didn't even want any more. I felt practically the same thing for each and every cacao sample that I tasted in this experiment. Surprisingly, there was definitely a lack of enjoyment here. I have no desire to eat it again.

Although, I do have to say that I am WaStEdDDDD! right now.

I feeeeeelllll…. AMAZING!.... I FEEEEELLLL GREAT! IIIIIII... am soooooo stimulated right now!!! I feel like I can lift a truck. I know that I could go running miles and miles not needing to stop.

The thing is, I felt NATURALLY amazing before the cacao. It takes a lot of work to get balanced into a space of getting NATURALLY high on NO stimulation. It is like the less 'indulging' you partake in, the better you feel naturally... and let me tell you... I partake in very little, and this type of 'Natural High' is PHENOMENAL. It feels C L E A N.

All of this is explained in the FAMOUS Raw Food Pioneer, Arnold Ehret's, Formula:

"V" = "P" - "O"
("V" equals "P" minus "O") is the formula of life -- and yet at the same time you may call it the formula of death...

"V" stands for VITALITY.
"P," or call it "X," the unknown quantity in this question, is the POWER that drives the human machinery which keeps you alive, which gives you strength and efficiency, endurance for as yet an unknown length of time without food!
"O" means OBSTRUCTION, encumbrance, foreign matters, toxemias, mucus; in short, all internal impurities which obstruct the circulation, the function of internal organs especially, and the human engine in its entire functioning system.

Food, poor air, stress, etc. create the "O"bstruction bringing down our Natural "V"itality. As I said earlier, the less you indulge, then the less of "O" is created, and the more NATURALLY high you get yourself on "P".

SO... Right now... I AM STIMULATED off my little TUSH on CACAO RIGHT NoW. One of the rules of this formula is:

Removing "O" by artificially increasing "P" thru artificial stimulants (CrACkAO), shaking and vibrating tissues thru physical treatments is always done at the expense of "V," Vitality.

This is what I JUST DID with the Cacao! I will pay for it later at the expense of my "V"itality. In other words, it is going to take me some time to get back to that NATURAL HIGH, as I come down off the cacao. My body will beg for more stimulation. Kind of like a drug addict, or a 'Processed Starches' or 'Refined Sugar' addict. From past experience, I will go through withdrawals and crave it as I come DOWWWWN and detox it. My body will beg for more.

For those of you who want to see the other rules of this formula by Arnold Ehret, here they are:

First -- Vitality does not depend primarily and directly upon food, but rather from the facts of how far and how much the function of the human engine is obstructed -- "clogged up" by the obstructions of mucus and toxemias.
Second -- Removing "O" by artificially increasing "P" thru artificial stimulants, shaking and vibrating tissues thru physical treatments is always done at the expense of "V," Vitality.
Third -- Vital energy, physical and mental efficiency, endurance, superior health by "P," air and water alone, is tremendous, beyond imagination, as soon as "P" works and can work without "O" -- without obstruction and friction in a perfectly clean body.
Fourth -- The limit of going without food and before solid food becomes necessary under such ideal conditions, is yet unknown.
Fifth -- The composition of "P," besides air, oxygen and a certain quantity of water-steam, increases -- but only in a clean body -- thru the following other agents from the infinite:
ELECTRICITY; OZONE; LIGHT (especially sunlight); ODOR (good smells of fruit and flowers).
Further, it is not impossible that under such clean, natural conditions, nitrogen of the air may be assimilated.

I will continue to document to you the rest of this experiment over the next few days. That is probably about how long I will have NOTICEABLE effects from this. I have a feeling that I won't be sleeping much tonight. Whenever I detox cacao, stuff coming out of my pores smells like DIRTY SOCKS.

Some readers have been calling me a 'purist', and... the effects may not be as impactful on other people as they are to me. Additionally, if someone replaces something like coffee for Raw Cacao, that is an improvement and can be very beneficial as a step in the right direction. One sip of coffee would make this curreent 'high' I'm experiencing look miniscule.

OK… After the last blog I got a mass amount of questions on "Blending vs. Juicing". As a result, I've decided that in my April Newsletter, the article will be Juicing vs. Blending. Stay tuned. If you haven't signed up for my monthly newsletter yet, you can do so on the right hand side at

Valerie Wrote:

I could not leave this question without adding my comment. I too have to watch my blood work as I have 3 types of anemia. The health concerns your reader describes such as loss of hair gets worse, as the anemia exacerbates. Since I have been doing Green smoothies and being VERY precise that I am getting a lot of nutrient rich greens, my anemia's have improved.
I would also like the stress the IMPORTANCE of taking Vitamin C in a higher dose. Vitamin C is what helps the body assimilate the iron. You reader mentioned Ferratin levels which I am quite familiar with. My Ferratin levels were as low as 4 and the norm should be at least in the low hundreds! I also found that making sure I got my folic acid and B Vitamins were as crucial as the Vitamin C. Although I am nurse, this is not intended as medical advice. It is only my story and how I managed to improve my iron levels. The best to your reader!
Valerie from Virginia

Yes, thank you Valerie. The B12 supplement that I recommended has folic acid in it and it is available HERE. As far as I know, Camu Powder is the highest source of vitamin C. Weight for weight, it is reported to have 500 times the amount of vitamin C as oranges. Camu Powder is available HERE.

Keep in mind, Dr. Norman Walker lived to be 99 years old and deficiency free. He drank lots of DIFFERENT veggie juices, ate a WIDE VARIETY of Raw Foods, cleansed the colon periodically, and drank a small glass of orange juice every day to get his vitamin c, and did some other things for minerals. If these basic rules are followed CONSISTENTLY, while adhering to a healthy diet, then, in my opinion, it is inevitable that marginal deficiencies will be avoided. If you already have deficiencies, change your lifestyle to this method, add extra nutrients for that deficiency and in my opinion, they will inevitably disappear.

In Raw Success, I suggest Dr. Norman Walker's Diet as the "optimal diet". I suggest that you don't want to eat less than what he did, as you may become so sensitive that your longevity may be affected by the polluted environment. I mapped out in my book Raw Success what Dr. Norman Walker ate, to the best of my knowledge after extensively reading each and every one of his books. Additionally, I go into all the 'supplement' types of foods he ate.

!!!AND!!!… My HEART is beating at like 1025 mph and my head is ABOUT TO EXPLODE!!!!! WHAAA ha ha haaaaaaa!!!!!! My hands are practically shaking!! AaaaaaaaaAHHHH!~!!!!! Hah HAAHH.

Les wrote:

Hey Matt, Just wondering if you could give me a little advice..... Ive been vegan for a long time, on and off raw, but now have been raw for 6 days straight. The only thing that is discouraging me is my bloated tummy!! i feel great other wise. I take a probiotic about 2 times a day. I would live to buy those enzymes you suggest but I am a student and am on a budget. Any other suggestions? thanx Les

LES!!! This is what I am talking about! One question that I generally ask to people at my lectures is, "How many have experienced more gas since improving their diet?" Almost everyone raises their hands. I feel that Detoxification is the most misunderstood concept in the raw foods movement! Read "The Missing Link on the 100% Raw Food Diet" article HERE for more on this subject.

Les, Dr. Fred Bisci's Therapeutic Enzymes are MIRACULOUS, but they are going to do very little for your gas. You are cleansing and you are going to continue cleansing for as long as you stay 100% RAW. Cleansing the colon is, in my opinion, THE way to get rid of the gas. Go get a colonic and WATCH how you are transported to absolute BLISS. You are in the perfect space for this right now. Dr. Norman Walker says that if you get copious gas, enemas will help with that. That is what I do.

And when you are raw, it is quite amazing the aromas that can come out of us. The mixture of these powerful RAW foods with this ongoing detoxification can present a bloated stomach with other quite interesting gifts to strangers. Going on the 100% Raw Food Diet is like going on a Life-Long Fast (read the Missing Link Article). Some Natural Hygenists will tell you to fast to get rid of the gas. You will be fasting a great amount of time during your life-time to succeed at that. I feel that if they were truly 100% Raw, they would perhaps understand this ongoing detoxification process more.

And... Keep this in mind... someone who partakes in cooked food, even every once in a while, will stop the detoxification and they will likely not understand the dynamics of this ongoing detoxification process. There is a big difference between someone who is truly 100% raw and someone who is 95% raw... and we will consider raw cacao, spices, nama shoyu and other gourmet ingredient 100% Raw in this instance.

For me, I can sense after eating this Cacao, that it temporarily stopped the detox, due to the obstruction I put into my clean body. What goes up through stimulation, must detox and come down.

The other day, an acquaintance of mine bought the Dr. Fred Bisci’s Therapeutic enzymes and in the notes section of the order she wrote, "I hope these enzymes do what you say they do as I am going through a healing crisis."

The enzymes will be GREAT in helping to move along a healing crisis. However, remember, all disease is the same, it is this waste just trying to get out the body. More helpful than the enzymes, do a colonic. You will pull out all the waste through a colonic, allowing even more waste to deposit in there. That, along with the enzymes will get you over this crisis in no time. Many people just do a colonic and INSTANTANEOUSLY, their healing crisis is over. They just pulled the waste right out!

Les, one of the downsides of the raw diet is dealing with this ongoing detox. However, it is sooooo worth it. Look at Dr. Fred Bisci at 80 years old. I was trying to keep up with him on the beach on a fast 3 mile trot and we were looking at people his age with walkers and canes. A few years back we went on a hike together and I couldn't keep up with the man. I know people 20 years younger than him who have a rough time just walking around the block.

Here is a quick excerpt from Raw Success about someone who went from Vegan to Raw Vegan, just like you, Les:

I am of the strong opinion that the majority of people who are not successful on the 100% Raw Diet could experience a dramatic turn around with Colon Cleansing. There is a documentary about a man who switched from being Vegan to Raw Vegan. The first week he felt like he had won the lottery! After week two, his energy plummeted, he felt depressed, suffered intense cravings for coffee and food that he hadn’t consumed in years, and was about to quit. Desperate, he decided to do a Colonic Irrigation. Immediately following this Colonic, he reached a level of well-being he had never before experienced. The Colonic eliminated the accumulating waste, which relieved his cravings and gave him unsurpassed energy. If Colonics had not saved the day, it’s very likely he would have abandoned the Raw Diet and returned to a lifelong struggle with dietary bankruptcy.

I am in the process of getting this documentary available for sale on our website. It is sooo funny and INSPIRING!

Woah!!! I just got UP and did this TRIBAL CHANGA ABABABOUOOOLUGI DANCE around Angela six times!!!! HarRrrRRRRRRRRRRRR! HAR HAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! OH my GOD, I can't CALM MYSELF DOWN!

Chris wrote:

Enjoy your blog, but worry about your advice for colonics. just read "over thousands of patients and no problems, completely safe", sure its paraphrased but gets to the point. what about other raw practitioners with longterm success (ANONYMOUS over 20 years on the same raw diet, held as a major raw authority) whome have seen all sorts of troubles resulting from enemas and colonics?, some even who cronicly need enemas for a regular bowel movement? the raw diet and a healthy lifestyle naturally cleans the colon in the safest way possible. do you ever see any animals in nature shoot water or anything else up their bum? (sure a play, but think on it)sorry to give negative, i love your site, and as a succesful raw foodest even picked up some great facts. I just like you like to offer help when i feel i can and if your set on colonics id recomend at the least some research on failed colonics, research ANONYMOUS findings. in the end maybe there is a middleground but based on the information i have obtained colonics are a dangerous recomindation. hope this meets you with nothing but genuine care for you n yours. peacelovenseasonalfruits ck

CHRIIIIIISSSSS... oh Chris oh Chris oh Chris. OHHHHHHH CHRIS! I love you!

Colon Hydrotherapy IIIIIISSSSS my speciality. Ladies and Gentlemen, YES... my passion in life is telling people to, as Chris said it, "shoot water up their bums". This is not an ego thing, by any means... I get no personal benefit from 'preaching' this.

Dr. Fred Bisci has seen over 25,000 clients in his 50 years of experience. Thousands and thousands of people have had tremendous results and not one of them has run into a SINGLE problem. We have both seen people just SLIGHTLY improve their diet and do masses of colon cleansing, and heal from degenerative diseases. In my opinion, it is the number one thing that anyone can do for their health and THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to do to heal from degenerative disease. If you can get a chance, study the blood gas theory HERE. AND YES... In my ~!!!!!!!!!PASSIONATE!!!!!!!!!~ HEART-FELT opinion, it is COMPLETELY SAFE.

I can give you emails from hundreds of people who will state that enemas and colonics saved their life.

You wrote, "ANONYMOUS said, some even who cronicly need enemas for a regular bowel movement?"

Enema dependency is, in my opinion, an absolute falsehood. Dr. Norman Walker and Ann Wigmore both state that enemas and colonics strengthen, rather than weaken, the peristalsis. I personally have been experimenting with this sort of thing for 8 years and I don't have any problem having a bowel movement. There could be confusion around this sort of thing because people don't understand what is happening to them.

Sometimes after someone gets a colonic, they don't need to go to the bathroom for 48 hours, which is completely normal and ok. You just cleaned out this 6 foot receptacle of waste. Very soon, you will be going normally again. Angela, the founders of Juice Feasting, and many other Juice Feasters ate no solid food for extended periods of time (e.g. 92 days), while doing enemas many days a week. It was reported that many of them had solid waste coming out of their system for this ENTIRE time period. The founders stated that the mass majority of people AT LEAST have OLD solid waste coming out for at least the first 30 days while eating no solid food and doing many enemas. Where is all this solid waste coming from???

The issue doesn't lay in becoming dependent on enemas. When someone does enemas often, they can get addicted to that blissed clean feeling... AND... they cleanse much more rapidly than others. It is quite complicated and at some point I am going to write an entire article about this matter... the cells are much more contracted in a 'cleaner' person, especially someone who practices cleansing the colon frequently; they have less margin for error in their consistent food choices. Their hundreds of trillions of thousands of cells are in a small, contracted state with less internal obstruction than the majority of people. Therefore, they are affected by fermentative gas produced by certain foods more, because there is less space for this gas inside their structure, while someone with bigger cells won't notice a thing with the same amount of gas. Read the Blood Gas Theory for a deeper understanding HERE...

This Cacao will get me to write an entire book if I don't stop myself here! Stay tuned for the next blog post as I will document the day by day effects of this Roller Coaster CACAO RIDE... ;)