Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Raw Success

Are you curious to see what a 100% Raw Food Eater eats on a daily basis? This blog documents everything I eat each and every day. Additionally, I will be giving my up to date ponderings and discoveries about health and the Raw Diet.

The Inspiration to start my own blog is based off a personal commitment to eat a consistent balanced PURE wholefood Raw Diet. What this means to me is that there will be no more overeating sessions (Durian, Raw Food Restaurants) in the absence of spices, cacao, Nama Shoyu and many other “gourmet” ingredients... And you though becoming 100% Raw was a social challenge!

My commitment to you is to be honest, upfront while expressing my truth 100%.

This decision happened after I took over Angela’s blog for 3 days while she was gone. I was really inspired by the viewers to eat the best I could. Below are a few snippets from the blog postings I did. You will get a feel for how the blog works and you will also learn more about my inspiration for starting a new blog and what my past eating habits have been like.

Snippet from January, 8th

Today I ate:

11 AM Green Vegetable Juice
1:30 PM - Meal 1:½ avocado
1 tablespoon of pumpkin seed butter
2 teaspoons of cut up green onions
1 Tablespoon of lentil sprouts
1 ounce of alfalfa sprouts
2 tablespoons of fenugreek sprouts
4 medium diced up ‘Black Russian’ Tomatoes
**all the above mushed with a fork in a bowl
Romaine lettuce leaves to wrap the above in and EAT
4:30 PM Green Vegetable Juice
5:30 PM Meal 2:
6 or 7 large dried Turkish figs
(soaked overnight with just enough water to top them)
3 tablespoons of hemp seeds
**Blended all those ingredients above
1 small handful of goji berries swirled in
8:00 PM Vegetable juice
10 oz of beet juice

I walked over 10 miles yesterday and I was sustained by eating a similar meal plan as above.

Awhile back, Dr. Fred Bisci taught me the fig meal above without the goji berries. I added the goji berries because I like something to chew on. This recipe is so simple! Ladies... it tastes amazing. Men... it is a muscle builder. If you switch up the hemp seeds with sesame seeds, this meal is an awesome source of calcium. I started to play around with this recipe and I started to switch up the dried fruit and seeds. For example, I would soak a couple large handfuls of goji berries overnight and blend them with pine nuts the next day. That was quite interesting. AND THEN!... I soaked 8 oz of dried mulberries overnight and blended that with three or four tablespoons of hemp seeds or tahini. This is a DELICACY!!! Instead of adding goji berries to have a chewing sensation, I just add more dried mulberries. It may be a bit pricey, but I can literally eat that meal every day. It has a much lower glycemic index then the figs and tastes ~!HEAVENLY!~. In fact, I smuggled 20 one pound bags of them in my luggage and ate it with Angela every day for a month here in Australia. I loved it so much I tried to ship more into Australia but they were confiscated at the Agricultural Dept.

Why the beet juice? I do not recommend jumping in and taking this amount of beet juice. One should build up increasing their dosage periodically or it may make you dizzy and nauseous due to the cleansing reaction it has on the liver. Beets contain betaine which have been shown to improve liver function and reduce fatty deposits in the liver. I noticed that whenever I used just a small amount of beets in my vegetable juice, I would get really bad sulfuric gas so I started to avoid it. I thought, what if my liver just needs to be cleaned out. What if I drink massive amounts of beet juice every day until the gas stopped!!! This is my new experiment! The first week of this has been quite an event. Poor poor Angela.

Snippet from January, 9th

Today I ate:
11 AM Beet Apple Juice
16 oz Beet Juice, 4 oz Apple Juice
1:30 PM Meal 1:
½ avocado
1 tablespoon of pumpkin seed butter
1 teaspoon of cut up green onions
1 Tablespoon of lentil sprouts
1 ounce of alfalfa sprouts
1 Tablespoon of cut up cabbage
2 medium diced up ‘Black Russian’ Tomatoes
1 cut up seeded center of large cucumber
**all the above mushed with a fork in a bowl
Iceberg lettuce leaves to wrap the above in and EAT
4:30 PM Green Vegetable Juice
5:30 PM Meal 2:
1 Banana
1 Black Sapote
4 cut up Turkish figs
1 hand full of goji berries
2 – 3 tablespoons of tahini
**all the above mushed with a fork in a bowl

It is so fun showing all of you what I eat in a day. It inspires me so much with my food choices that I am tempted to start my own blog. Besides almost passing out today from trying to show off by drinking 16oz of beet juice, this could be a great thing. You inspire me!!!

Notice how I eat almost the same thing with just slight variations each day. The kinds and quantities of food I eat each day are CONSISTENT. The variety of fruit and fat changes but there is a cap on the quantity of fat and carbs I eat in a day. I don’t ever get bored of it. My body looks forward to it with drooling desire. No matter what our diet is like, if we eat less then our consistent diet, at some point we will go through detoxification until we stabilize out at the new consistent diet. Here is a snip it from my new book Raw Success.

Stabilizing Out happens when the body gets accustomed to a habitual quantity and a certain quality of food. Biologically, we stabilize out, no matter what our diet is like – whether we are on a cooked diet eating three fast food meals a day, or a Raw Diet eating two small meals a day. If we are consistent, eventually, our body settles into a “normal” food day; this is called “stabilizing out”.

On a side note... Five days ago I gave up my natural salt addiction. It took me over 7 years of being 100% Raw to do that. Not too bad? For the first 7 years, I ate a considerable amount of dulse in my salads. That is how I satisfied my salt craving. Then I arrived in Australia and I didn't have any dulse so I started using Natural Salt (Himalayan or Celtic sea salt). Every romaine wrap I had would get a pinch of salt. If you added up all the pinches, you may have a small test tube generously filled. This natural salt was much more concentrated then the dulse I used to eat which inspired me to release it. Now I can’t even think of putting that much salt into my body just after five days of abstaining from it. The small amounts of onion, garlic and/or ginger gives satisfaction that my taste buds need.

Snippet from January, 10th

Today I ate:

11 AM Beet Cabbage Apple Juice
16 oz Beet Juice, 4 oz Apple Cabbage Juice
1:30 PM Meal 1:
½ avocado
1 tablespoon of pumpkin seed butter
2 teaspoon of cut up green onions
1 Tablespoon of Cilantro & Parsley
4 medium diced up red vined tomatoes
**all the above mushed with a fork in a bowl
Iceberg lettuce leaves to wrap the above in and EAT
5:00 PM Green Beet Vegetable Juice
6 oz Beet, 10 oz cabbage, tatsoi, apple
5:45 PM Meal 2:
½ Small Mamey Green Sapote
1 Black Sapote
4 cut up turkish figs cut up
1 hand full of goji berries
2 – 3 tablespoons of tahini
**all the above mushed with a fork in a bowl

I haven't been consuming cabbage lately so I juiced some of it today. It is rich in Vitamin K and has significant amounts glutamine, an amino acid.

Many of you are amazed by how little I eat and are curious to know how long it took me to stabilize out at my current diet. The longer you are 100% Raw, the more you evolve into needing less and less food. The quantities of my food have been going down and down as the years go by. Depending on your age, weight, how consistent you are on your desired diet, and a hundred of other factors will determine how long it takes to stabilize out. Additionally, cleansing the colon on a periodic basis is the most powerful tool a health seeker can utilize. It will help you with the cravings and detoxification and expedite the stabilization process ten fold. It can take years balancing out and getting used to a 100% Raw Food Diet.

Notice how my diet above includes pretty much just whole foods without ingredients you would find in a gourmet dish. Every once in awhile, I’ll go to a Raw Food restaurant and pig out. This puts me out of balance, stretches my stomach, and for a short period of time encourages me to overeat and partake in excessive "gourmet" ingredients. This "back and forth" has been an ongoing thing with me for a couple of years now. Before... that was quite different as I was very pure and fanatical on what I put in my body. I discussed this in my Raw Summit interview which is now free to listen to at Raw Spirit on the right hand side.

I feel that I am ready to commit to an ongoing consistent diet. It is a tough social and emotional commitment to make and that is why I am considering doing a blog as it will inspire me. While he does eat a small amount of healthy cooked whole foods, Viktoras Kulvinskas is one of the rare individuals who recently made this monumental vow. All three of his meals contain a certain amount of ounces of food each and every day. If you do something like this, your body will demand it and there will be less margin for error in your food choices. These concepts are talked about in detail in Raw Success.


Anand and Runi said...

Hey Matt

Thanks for sharing yourself this way!
It is so valuable to see how you live after 7 years on a 100% raw food diet. Love and blessings

aur-E-lia said...

you RAWk, angela RAWks, we all RAWk, let's RAWk the world!

Terra Incognita said...

Way to go. I loved your videos. You and Angela are an inspiration. And you are right, this is your purpose!

Amanda O'Boyle said...

This is great I love you blog, thanks for sharing!


Dianne said...

I could never go totally raw (as in chicken for example) but your blog is an inspiration. I encourage dancers to eat for nutritional purposes mostly (at and I encourage all vegetables to be raw. I will enjoy the ongoing info and thanks for sharing your experience.

Celissa said...

matt u r just as inspiring as Angela....I am in the process of has been a 6 yr. challenge for guys are wonderful together...what a beautiful journey you get to share...and thank you both for sharing with all of us..In Love & Light, Celissa

Anonymous said...

I think this is absolutely crazy! A healthy diet includes everything in moderation.

Whatever floats your boat!

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