Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mucoid Plaque!!!

Ok, I am just about done recovering from the cacao blast I had a few days ago. Geesh! I won't be doing that again.

I always sleep with the windows open. In the bedroom we have been sleeping in, there is a HUGE window RIGHT next to the bed. It is as if the entire wall was taken out and was replaced with a window. It is practically like sleeping outside! So... In addition to being in a very clean aired environment, we are getting FRESH AIR ALL NIGHT LONG. This is a big thing. This is another one of the reasons why I am cleaning out so quickly. When we are surrounded by walls, there isn't that much FRESH air flow coming in. I notice a big difference with this situation compared to having just a standard window open. I am going to miss this situation when I am gone from here. Ignorance was bliss before experiencing it. I am definitely going to be knocking the walls out of the bedroom in the house we settle down in. AMAZING!

Kyle wrote:

I have actually done a good amount of detoxing in the past. My longest juice fast was 42 days. It was a modified master cleanse. my question is this. What is the best way to get rid of the mucoid plaque in your opinion? See while on my 42 day cleanse which was about a 2 years ago, i used a LOT of psyllium husk because whenever i used a lot of it and then did an enema the next day it would come out with what appeared to be mucoid plaque..? I mean it smelled like death so i figured i was doing the right thing. Is that good or is there a better way? It just seemed like i was getting more garbage out of me that way and it was a lot cheaper that hydrotherapy. but from your article it seems i should be doing both. I have never done the arise and shine cleanse but i do want to.

My book Raw Spirit talks about how my "Third Eye" opened after cleaning out the mucoid plaque. The BEST Way to do this is to do colon hydrotherapy with an extreme psyllium and bentonite cleanse. The most powerful psyllium and bentonite cleanse that you can do is the Bernard Jensen one HERE. For 7 days you eat no solid food while taking psyllium and bentonite 5 times a days and doing the supplements in between each one. Additionally, you cleanse the colon with a colema board or 6 quart enema bag EVERY DAY in the morning AND Evening. This is a MUST for the MOST effective cleanse as it will keep all the psyllium moving through you "scraping" this waste out of your small intestines. If you do something like this, you won't be the same person. You'll become more sensitive. Your body will demand a better diet. The Jensen book that explains how to do the cleanse, is HERE:

When I did this cleanse I replaced ALL the supplements he uses in between psyllium drinks, with green juices, which will work fine. I did do the cleansing psyllium bentonite drinks EXACTLY how he suggests. On day 4, you may want to take a small bit of hemp or flax oil to get some essential fatty acids. The psyllium and bentonite you use, HAS to be one of these three HIGH QUALITY brands, which are available at every health food store, Yerba Prema, Sonne, or Vitratrox. The psyllium should NOT be in capsule form and the bentonite should be liquid in a talk dark bottle. People get scared of the bentonite because it has some sort of aluminum ingredient in it. It is not being absorbed so that is truly not a problem. Call the company if you like and they will verify that for you.

When I did this cleanse I was already on the 100% Raw Food Diet for 6 months while periodically cleansing my colon, so my body was already in a cleansing state and ready for this. If you do all that, then you will most likely get all the mucoid plaque out!

You can get away with doing this cleanse without the frequent colon cleansing IF YOU ARE ELIMINATING REGULARLY, However, you won't evolve as far. I had a close friend do this cleanse and she asked to borrow my colema board at the time. I knew how she LOVES refined sugar and I warned her that it may not be a good idea in using the colema board every day like this as she will become very sensitive and that all those old foods may have a bad effect on her. After she finished the cleanse she went on a silent meditation retreat. She ate refined sugar and developed MASSIVE DEEP RED HORRIFYING RASHES ALL OVER HER BODY. Her body couldn't handle the refined sugar. She intuitively put patches of spirulina all over her body to help the healing.

This is a mighty Powerful Cleanse.

Here is an excerpt of my experience from my book Raw Spirit:

It's been said that once you are 100% Raw and your body becomes cleaner and lighter, reality takes on a more spiritual dimension. One is pushed to consider a more spiritual element to life when they drop the social mainstream ways to travel a path on their own. This was certainly true for me.

My physical body was the first to experience spiritual doors opening. After about six months on raw foods I did the seven day deep tissue cleanse by Bernard Jenson. Since then, I've had an orgasmic like vibration in the center of my forehead. When it first happened, I felt like a wild tiger in the high mountains looking over a cliff into the distance; I felt clear, awake, and alive. What was happening to me? I had no idea, and so, my search began.

I inquired everywhere about the sensation in my forehead. To my dismay, I didn't get many answers. Some people thought that maybe it was marijuana from my college days, detoxifying out of my body. I thought that this might be possible because marijuana stimulates the pineal gland, which is positioned near the front center of the brain. Two years went by, however, and the vibration just got stronger. The marijuana was surely out of my system by then. My search for an answer continued.

Many different cultures talk about energy fields in the body. Chinese tradition calls them meridians or energetic pathways and pressure points. Indian culture identifies with these energy collections in the body as chakras. The chakra located at the forehead is called the Third Eye. Western cultures haven't coined a term for these energy fields, though many scientific studies have definitely proven their existence. Intuitively, I felt that the vibration had something to do with these subtle energies, but couldn’t find an answer that made perfect sense to me. Finally, while researching the Raw Food pioneers Dr. Norman Walker and Hilton Hotema, I found what I was looking for.

According to Dr. Norman Walker, in his book The Natural Way to Vibrant Health,

The pineal gland is undoubtedly the spiritual receptacle for life force emanating from the Cosmic Energy of the Universe. The pineal is such a small gland that scientists failed to assign any importance to it until the last 40 years, and even today the strict materialist does not appreciate its mental and spiritual significance.

The mental and spiritual influence of the pineal surpasses that of any other gland. It would almost seem as if this influence is directly connected to the relationship of the physical body of the individual and that mysterious and intangible part known as the soul.

The pineal gland is analogous to a radio antenna, receiving from the atmospheric environment the vital flow of cosmic energy acting like an electric current when it enters the body. Cosmic Energy is that infinite Unfathomable power which permeates the entire universe holding the planets in their course and operating right into the very core of every atom in your body.

Like the current from one of the huge electric generating stations sending hundreds of thousands of volts through the wires to the 115 volt transformer near your home, so the universal cosmic energy enters the pineal gland with inexpressibly high voltage which would virtually burn up the body if the body were not equipped with a transformer to lower that cosmic energy to the voltage consistent with the needs of the individual.

This cosmic energy transformer in the midbrain is known as the thalamus, a structure of a mass of gray cells and tissues in the midbrain which collects the energy from the pineal gland and lowers it and controls it to conform to the physical, mental and spiritual development and needs of the individual. Many people who understand this procedure classify the pineal gland as the spiritual gland in man.

Curiosity took over and I wanted to know more. My ongoing search led me Hilton Hotema who discussed Breatharianism and gifted me with valuable information on the vibrating sensation in my forehead. Hilton Hotema tells that back in ancient times, man was originally Breatharian and had spiritual powers no longer easily accessible in our present state of health. He writes,

The Ancient Masters taught that there is a spiritual realm in man. "The kingdom of God is within you"(Lu. 17:21).

The spiritual realm of god in man is located in the spiritual chambers of the skull, called the golden bowl by the masters (Eccl. 12:6).

These chambers, the function of which is unknown to modern scientists, are five in number. The masters called them the five stars of the microcosm, and they are symbolized in ancient scriptures by certain fives, as the Five Golden Emerods (1 S. 6:4); the Five Loaves (Mat. 14:17), and are known to western science as the five sinus cavities.

The Sankhys Doctrine states that the five physical senses of the conscious man are the exteriorized products of the five corresponding spiritual centers, which are as follows:

Frontal Sinus – A cavity in the frontal bone of the skull.
Sphenoidal Sinus – A cavity in the sphenoid bone of the skull.
Maxillary Sinus – Largest of the five, and resembles a pyramid in shape
Palatine Sinus – A cavity in the orbital process of the palatine bone and opening into either the sphenoidal or a posterior ethmoidal sinus.
Ethmoidal Sinus – This chamber consists of numerous small cavities occupying the labyrinth of the ethmoid bone, and in these cavities are situated the small, mysterious glands known in Occult Science as the Intellectual Organs.

The Sinuses communicate directly or indirectly with the nasal cavity; and it is highly significant to observe that they receive the breath of life directly and unmodified as it flows from the universe to them through the nose, and before any of the other air organs have a chance to select and absorb any substance from the spiritual essence of the cosmos, charged with every known and unknown element.

Due to the degeneration, the Five Spiritual Faculties of civilized man [from eating and breathing polluted air], are dormant, closed, inactive, shut off from receiving the vibratory currents conveying to him the cosmic intelligence of the spiritual world.

The human body was perfectly constituted and designed in the beginning to meet and master all conditions to which it would be subjected in the physical existence on earth.

When man was a breatharian, his body was equipped, in a rudimentary degree, with all parts that would later be needed [digestive tract], in a functional degree, to prevent him from becoming extinct as a species, regardless of what habits he might adopt or the condition of the environment by which he might be surrounded.

If you read Hilton Hotema further, you would soon understand that when man was a Breatharian, his digestive tract was dormant and his spiritual organs were in full use. As man started to eat, his dormant digestive tract was called into action, taking energy from his spiritual organs, which soon became dormant. He also says that the closer one becomes to a Breatharian, the more their spiritual organs can reawaken.

Eating Raw is a step closer to the ancient divine man. The digestive track isn't taxed nearly as much, allowing for partial rebirth of the spiritual organs. One thing that most raw food eaters experience is a higher life vibration than before.

I love it!!!

I also LOVE this video I just watched. You have GOT to watch this video entitled, "My Stroke of Insight", by Jill Bolte Taylor. I LOVE this sort of thing!!! It is right up the Spiritual Transformation Alley. I have had glimpses through meditation of what this woman experienced. It gave me such a good feeling inside and it served as a reminder and validation of my experiences. Make it through the first half of this 18 minute video and someone will have to hold your jaw shut.

View the video HERE!
Casey Wrote:
I completely agree colonics are essential to the detoxification process and getting truly well, however I have also heard a lot about the need to remove mucoid plaque from the colon to really get healed. Is a raw food diet heavy on juices and raw veg and colonics enough to do this if it is necessary? I have already been going through severe healing crises for months now so I am a bit scared to try anything which could produce more extreme detox symptoms right now. I'd appreciate your opinion. Loving the blog!!
You don't have to do anything. It's not necessary to remove the Mucoid Plaque. However, if I knew this stuff was hidden inside of me, then I would definately want it OUT.
When I first went 100% Raw, I kind of cheated the detoxification process. I did detox but I had it very easy because I did a colonic three times a month. As soon as I started to detox, get zits all over my face and a runny nose, I would just do a colonic and it would pull it right out. This would transport me back to SPIRITUAL BLISS. I actually did a colonic three times a month for the first SIX MONTHS of going 100% Raw.
You would think a young skinny guy like me (age 25), doing colonics three times a month for SIX MONTHS, would be completely cleaned out! Well, well, well. This is when I did this psyllium and bentonite cleanse while doing a colonic in the morning and in the evening of each day of this cleanse. My colon therapist could't believe what was coming out of me. The mucoid plaque didn't come out for me in my first 6 months of being raw and I was young and healthy. It wasn't until I finished this cleanse that I noticed my third eye started vibrating.


sharon said...

Wow - your blog entries are incredible! Thank you so much for all the insight and education!!
Much gratitude, Sharon

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!

They are really helping me to delve more into the raw life.

I have a couple questions though.

1)Do you recommend jumping into a100% raw diet? I am pretty healthy already and at my right weight, etc... but I know there is much detox to be done. Is it better to make a slow transition?

2)Do you think it is necessary for a regular colonic in a 100% raw diet and on cleanses such as the Master Cleanse?

3) How do you know when your body is ready for a master cleanse or if your body is detoxifying itself?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh no, not another "cosmic energy" and "ascended masters" shit. You are hallucinating, and writing about things you have NO idea of. Really.

As for mucoid plaque, don't mix this with that new agy shit, you look like an idiot.

Anonymous said...

This whole mucoid plaque thing is a sham.

Nicholas Marshall said...

it most definitely is ^^

Alex don said...

these are awesome!

engraved signs
brass engraved plaques

Anonymous said...

i just passed some mucoid plaque doing a psyllium cleanse. so the folks saying it's a sham and has nothing to do with spirituality are incorrect. i was led to do this cleanse by spirit. i'll spare the details about how i came to it. i always thought i was healthy and ate pretty well and didn't need to do a colon cleanse. but since doing it, i feel much lighter and at ease. after reading this article, i know my spirit guides are taking me through a physical cleanse so i am able to be more connected to spirit. they have told me what to eat even to raise my vibrations. even some good foods like eggs, which i love, i have been told are too acidic. they told me the food i eat dampens my qi. so, it's true.. detoxing the body brings us more in touch with our spirit bodies :) i know that reading this is confirmation that the physical symptoms i'm experiencing in my 2nd chakra are bringing attention to the fact that i needed to cleanse the organs in that area of my body to be able to move onto the next level of awakening.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Psyllium is good for digestion, but the whole plaque thing is bs. Psyllium can make little stringy globs in your feces. The whole mucus thing is a sham to sell overpriced colonic merchandise. Also, as for the spiritual thing...I'm pretty sure meditation would be more likely
To open the 3rd eye than pooping.

Anonymous said...

You are literally "full of s#?t". That saying goes back to a time when people were more in tune with themselves than we are in this "civilized" society. When you are rude, angry, and disrespectful, everyone knew you needed a good dump. All that junk inside you truly changes how you feel and behave.bif you ever had a good big poop 1st thing you say is AAAHHH! Personally having done major detoxing, organ cleansing, and release of plaque you can't even describe the feeling. Years of pain dissolved, but the journey is more than common man is capable of. Most are followers and only judge the ones who sound crazy building a 40 foot arc.