Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Angela's 30 Day Weight Loss Program!, Additional Healing Support, Menstruation, & THE RAW CHOCOLATE CHALLENGE!!!

Greetings from Matt Monarch

In this Newsletter you will experience:

  • 30-Day Weight Loss Program with Angela Stokes
  • Additional Healing Support, Menstruation, & THE RAW CHOCOLATE CHALLENGE!!! - Blog Post
  • Two More YUMMY Recipes - Chia & Sun Warrior Goodness
  • 'Raw Success' Book Anniversary Special
  • New products - More Kale Chip Flavors!, more Sproutein Products!, & more
  • Extra "At Cost!" Specials: we added Sun Dried Tomatoes, Vanilla Powder, Wild Jungle Peanuts, Hummus, & more Flax Crackers to the already long list for this month
  • More "Below Cost!!!" Specials: we added 'Chia Goodness' to the list & Coupon Code
  • Matt Monarch's Monthly Recommendation - Purple Mulberries
  • Shining the Spotlight - Steve Pavlina
HELLO EVERYONE!!! I am most excited about presenting you this week with the new 30-Day Weight Loss Program with Angela Stokes & The Raw Divas! There are only 4 days to sign up for this Transformative 30-Day Weight Loss Program and I recommend that you reserve your spot ASAP! You can learn more about it just below in the very first section of this Newsletter.

I am on a ROLL this month!!! This is the third Newsletter in October AND I hope that you are going to LOVE the information in this Newsletter. Additionally, the 'At Cost' & 'Below Cost' specials list is getting OUT OF CONTROL! There must be 20 different products available at these increcible prices and only 1 week currently left, to take advantage of these offers.

Please Enjoy another ~Jam Packed~ Newsletter this week!

30-Day Weight Loss Program with Angela Stokes


"If I Did It, You Can Do It, Too!" - Angela Stokes

Do you "Lose" Weight only to Find it again?
Now you can "RELEASE" IT for GOOD!

Finally Get Off the Emotional Eating Roller Coaster and Kiss that Cellulite "GOODBYE" with our 30 Day Raw Food System that is GUARANTEED to help you release Excess Weight and Get you Back in Control of your Eating Habits and Your Life!


Registration For This Event starts NOW and Closes On
October 25th at 12:00 noon


This 30 Day Weight Loss Program Includes:
  • Daily Coaching
  • Pairing up with a personal “Buddy”
  • Forum
  • Lifetime Pass to the system (Invited back whenever you want or need it)
  • 7-Day Prep Week
  • Success Planner
  • Fitness Program
  • Menu Planner, with an ALL-NEW, 'Green' recipe selection, approved by Angela and I

    P.S. This offer is even covered by a money-back 'NO RISK' guarantee, so reserve your spot right now - what have you got to lose, except a few extra pounds? ;)

    Click HERE to sign up now!

    Additional Healing Support, Menstruation, & THE RAW CHOCOLATE CHALLENGE!!! - Blog Post, by Matt Monarch

    The information below is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. I would love for you to make an appointment with Dr. Fred Bisci at 718-979-7950, for the most accurate information possible.

    In my opinion, the key core principles for potentially healing the body from degenerative disease are:

  • removing refined sugar, processed starches, red meat, pasteurized cow's milk and other HIGHLY processed foods from the diet
  • cleansing the colon on a periodic basis, and
  • drinking a wide variety of different vegetable juices, on a daily basis.

    Let's group all of these principles under a simple umbrella called a 'Dietary-Lifestyle Base'. If you actually do all of these things, in my opinion you are treating the body in the most ideal way possible and you have the best chance of overcoming almost any illness.

    Is there any other additional support that someone can do in order to help the healing process?

    ABSOLUTELY! I'll outline here what the top three are, in my opinion.

    Firstly, I'd like to mention that there's a great chance you'll be wasting your time and money on these additional methods if you don't practice the basic core principles above. All this additional support is simply a GREAT ADDITION to this Improved Dietary LIFESTYLE.

    The colon is the central waste station of the body, the dumping ground for bodily debris. It follows then that a dirty colon is the "root cause" of most disease and symptoms of ill health. Waste in the colon is like the deeply embedded roots of disease, spreading like a tree throughout the body, affecting the entire system.

    Colon flushing is so remarkable that it greatly boosts the potency of other cleansing tools, such as infrared sauna treatment. Getting into a sauna with a dirty colon may help you skim off some of the debris. But, if you flush your colon first, removing the thick hodgepodge of gas and waste, and then take a sauna, it affords the body an opportunity for much deeper cellular cleansing.

    Let's now list in my opinion the top things that you can do in GENERAL for additional support to heal the body:

    1. Therapeutic Enzymes:
    Of course! I'm always talk about these. I am actually tempted to even add them to the above 'Dietary-Lifestyle Base', making them a fourth core principle in healing, that's how KEY I feel these healing wonders are... In fact... Let's just do that. To learn more about the Therapeutic Enzymes, click HERE.

    2. Hyperbaric Chamber with Ambient Air:
    What a way to get Oxygen in to every cell of your body! In my opinion this is extremely beneficial to the human body... Especially for people with serious degenerative diseases, who benefit enormously from this influx of healing oxygen.

    A few years back one of the key players on the Pro NFL Football team 'The Titans' broke his ankle. The doctors said that it would be impossible for him to play in the Super Bowl. This man didn't accept this as an answer and practically lived in his Hyperbaric Chamber after the accident, to expedite the healing process. Miraculously, this man recovered so rapidly that he was able to play in the Super Bowl.

    In 1931, Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology. Otto Warburg is credited for discovering the cause of cancer. He stated, "The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen (oxidation of sugar) in normal body cells by fermentation of sugar." Tanya Harter Pierce, MA, MFCC translates this into Laymen Terms in her research on cancer:

    Otto Warburg demonstrated that all cancer cells share the important trait of being primarily anaerobic. Whereas all healthy cells in our bodies require an oxygen-rich environment. Warburg was able to show that cancer cells actually thrive in an oxygen-depleted environment. He further proved that, rather than using oxygen, cancer cells use glucose fermentation for their energy needs.

    I'll leave you to determine for yourself if you think getting in a Hyperbaric Chamber with Ambient air is beneficial or not.

    3. Infrared Sauna: I have heard that there is no better way to detox heavy metals than getting into an infrared sauna. The more common types of sauna surround the body with excessive heat, triggering the body to sweat. However, when you get into an infrared sauna, the infrared rays penetrate the body many inches deep and push the toxins out. This is an outstanding method for getting out those 'hard-to-get' toxins.

    There are many additional techniques that one can use in order to aid the healing process. Some degenerative diseases have specific additional support methods that can help. In the future, I plan on bringing you an entire step-by-step guide on how to do the 'Dietary-Lifestyle Base' above, while providing you the exact additional support for every specific condition. I would say that this project would be ready early next year sometime. I'm very excited about it!


    Pam Wrote:

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks so much for the information on Colon Hydrotherapy and Varicose Veins. Both topics have been very beneficial to me. Just prior to the time that I ovulate or start my menstruation, my face breaks out, I'm tired, and my breast are tender so I know that colon hydrotherapy would benefit me.
    I am struggling with giving up my love for coffee. From Starbucks I love the Americana with 1/2 & 1/2. I have tried drinking Teechino but it's just not the same.
    Will you please share your advise on this. I'm hoping you might say something to break through my stubborn addiction.
    Thanks so much,
    Pam Jones

    Pam...Thanks for your question - and I am so glad too that you mentioned menstruation. You sparked a topic that I would LOVE to talk about.

    All right ladies... First off, I would like to say that, as I think we're all aware, I am not a woman ;) and so all the information that I am providing here is strictly based off my own observations.

    From what I've been observing for the last decade, about 25% of woman who go on a 100% Raw Food Diet stop menstruating. I have noticed similar characteristics in the women who menstruate and those who don't, on a Raw Food Diet. The women who eat simply... i.e. whole FRESH foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds (no spices, gourmet dishes, large amounts of oils, overeating on dried fruit, etc), generally don't bleed during their menstrual period, while the other women do.

    Pam, you mentioned that you don't feel so well during your period. You are giving off toxins through the skin and your body needs rest. My feeling is that once a month women are actually blessed with this opportunity for a massive detox outpour. I truly believe that the reason women usually live longer on average than men has a lot to do with their monthly menstrual discharge. Every month, their body get an extra opportunity to clean out the trash.

    Now... Let's go back to the concept of the Raw Woman who eats simply and her menstruation stops. In my opinion, this is just a sign that the body is so clean in that state that it doesn't need to discharge any waste anymore. However, these women and the people around her in society often seem to FREAK OUT about the bleeding stopping... while I believe that not bleeding during the menstrual cycle is a very beneficial sign that the body is in great condition. I have met women who do not bleed during their cycle and still conceive without a problem. Indeed, it is reported that in many simpler, more tribal communities around the world, the women there do not bleed like Western women, yet they are absolutely fertile. I feel the idea that a regular menstrual discharge is needed in order to be functioning 'normally' and to get pregnant is nonsense (for women who are post-pubescent and pre-menopausal, of course).

    Keep in mind that there are thousands of variables going on in the human body at any time. If you go on a 100% Raw Food Diet, eat simply and still have your period, then there can be 100 different reasons why that's happening. For example, it may be that you have a massive amount of detoxing work to do on your body.

    On the other hand, someone else may jump onto a 100% Raw Food Diet and not eat simply (lots of rich gourmet raw foods instead), and yet their menstrual period stops. It could be another 1000 reasons why this happens with this person. For example, this new gourmet raw food diet might be such an improvement to their previous diet that it may temporarily result in their moon cycle coming to a halt. If this were the case, there is a great chance that as they became cleaner and cleaner, their body would start to bleed again monthly, unless they took their diet to the next level of a 'simple raw food diet'.

    Your next question, Pam, was: how to give up coffee???

    Ladies and Gentlemen... I present you with the...

    Raw Chocolate Challenge!!!

    I have been staying happily neutral in the 'Raw Cacao debate' about whether raw chocolate is a beneficial or potentially harmful food to intake. I feel it totally depends on an individual's circumstances. For example, if you were to take someone who eats Refined Sugars daily (one of the most damaging foods to the body), and they replace it with moderate amounts of Raw Cacao, this could be an extremely beneficial thing. If you were to give a really 'pure', cleansed guy like me the same amount of Raw Cacao, I am going to jump in the ocean and SWIM HOME to CA from England!!! When I on occasion, eat Raw Cacao, I get ABSOLUTELY WASTED!!!! It is like a stimulating, invigorating PARTY DRUG for me, while a person on the Standard American Diet may barely notice the effects.

    I can give various suggestions to aid the process of releasing coffee, such as cleansing the colon to pull out the waste, which helps take the cravings away, EFT Tapping , Meditation, weaning yourself off, and much more. There are SO many things you COULD do... however, my feeling is: Let's have some fun!!!

    Let's replace the coffee with Raw Chocolate! How can someone choose coffee over chocolate??? You can even make warm raw chocolate DRINKS, to really hit the spot. If done maturely, I believe this replacement can represent a major dietary improvement.

    Pam, if you can accomplish this task... or if ANYONE for that matter can accomplish this task of fully and happily replacing coffee with raw chocolate, for at least 3 months, I will be delighted to document your story to Tens of Thousands of Readers. I can include pictures and even a link to your site/work, if you like. Also... I am sure that there are some Raw Chocolatiers out there who would LOVE to donate a sumptuous amount of free chocolate for this type of exposure, as a reward to the person who eliminates coffee COMPLETELY for three months. Hey! If someone comes forward who is seriously willing to experiment with replacing coffee for cacao, maybe a Special Raw Chocolatier would be willing to step up too and supply you with chocolate for this journey...

    EXCITING!!!! The idea is out there...Let's see what comes out of that...


    Lastly, I will leave you with what one reader, Martha, wrote:

    Dear Matt,
    I woke up w/ a headache this a.m., as I am still detoxing...my poor hubby feels that it's a cold and wants to treat me w/ over-the-counter meds...when I knew that all I needed was a good colon cleanse!
    and it worked! ;)
    love to live, live to love!,

    BEAUTIFUL, Martha, thanks for sharing!

    Click Here to join Matt Monarch's Blog

    Recipe Section

    Chia Goddess

    I know... I know... I took this picture from the last Newsletter. We forgot to take a picture of the most recent amazing Chia Meal that Angela made for a Potluck, so I re-used this pic instead. This new chia meal was sooo good! Soaking chia in Almond Milk is just OUT OF CONTROL!!! Angela also opened up a Pomegranate and mixed the seeds throughout the Mixture. The taste of the Pomegranate seeds added immensely to this dish. These adorable 1.5 & 4-year-old children at the potluck - who aren't total Raw Food Eaters - couldn't stop eating this chia meal! Angela and I absolutely melted to see how much the children loved it. They kept going back and forth to the chia bowl all afternoon. Angela and I also later added Mulberries to the mixture, which gave it more sweetness and made it even better.

    Here's the recipe, for a BIG bowl of this yummy pudding:

    5 tablespoons of dry chia seeds
    3 cups almond milk made with a few dates to add sweetness, to taste
    1/2 tbsp cinnamon powder
    1/2 tbsp raw honey
    pinch of Himalayan Salt
    1 pomegranate
    1/2 cup dried mulberries

    Stir the chia seeds into the almond milk. Add in the cinnamon, honey, salt and mulberries, continuing to stir the chia mixture as it thickens up. Break open a pomegranate, pull out the edible 'seeds' and fold them all in to the chia mixture too.

    If the mixture gets very thick and you'd like it to be more flowing, just add in more liquid, such as water, more almond milk, a tasty tea (to add some more flavours) or any liquid of your choice.
    ENJOY :)

    Sun Warrior Goodness

    One of our lovely customers and friends - Allison - gave us a VALUABLE Nutritious Recipe, using Sun Warrior Protein Powder.

    Allison Wrote:

    We discovered a wonderful combination. We mix in the blender 1 cup water, 1 scoop 'chocolate Sun Warrior protein powder', 1 T. brazil nut powder, and 1 frozen banana. Chocolate, nuts, and banana, how can you go wrong? But the best thing is the improvement we have seen in the way we feel. The protein powder gives us a lasting feeling of being satisfied, helps level out our blood sugar, and seems to help with our workouts. I cannot recommend these products enough.

    Wow Allison!!! That is only four ingredients! Love it! Thank you so much for sharing Allison!

    'Raw Success' Book Anniversary Special

    I am excited to say that my book 'Raw Success' has been out for 1 year now! Happy 1st Birthday, 'Raw Success'!!!

    With over 5000 copies soldin one year, I have received such overwhelming feedback and am SO grateful to know that this book is helping people change their lives. Thanks for sending in YOUR success stories!

    In CELEBRATION of this 'Raw Success' Anniversary, if you purchase this book right now, you can add in a copy of my first book ‘Raw Spirit’ for only $2!

    To take advantage of this very special celebratory offer, click HERE.

    New Products at The Raw Food World

    Freeze Dried Sprout Powders!!!

    WELL. I thought that 'Sprout Living' had pushed things to the edge when they came out with their Sproutein Superfood Portein Powder... Well... Look what we got here NOW... They have just recently released 'Mono Sprout Powders'! You can get an entire MIRON Violet-Glass 4oz bottle of either Kale, Red Clover, Mustard, or Fennel sprout powder. I LOVE that they are using MIRON Violet-Glass, which offers the best protection from the visible light spectrum, preservation and stimulation of precious bio energies, quality protection for long-term storage, and is 100% recyclable. I am totally excited to reuse these containers for storing other foods and liquids.

    Kale Chips!!!

    We decided to test out the new Cheesey Kale Chips last week, made by Blessings, the Originator of the 'Raweo' Cookie. The Kale Chips FLEW off the shelves like no tomorrow. So... We decided to get ALL of the flavors. The other flavors include, 'Pleasing Pesto', 'Thai High', and 'Very Teriyaki'. Enjoy!

    Here are all the latest new additions to The Raw Food World Store:

    North American Herb & Spice Product Line

    This was another GREAT Product line that we picked up at the Raw Spirit Festival. The two products that stood out to me the most were the Resvital and the Wild Power, Handpicked tea. I bought the tea for Angela. The Resvital is just straight powdered Red Sour Grape - VERY rich in antioxidants. This product is also high in Chromium, which isn't the easiest mineral to get for the human body (and great for supporting the thyroid). I was all over the Resvital and we now have it in capsules on our website. Now, I am the type of guy who loves to just take a spoonful of Green Food Powder and put it in my mouth, to savor it. The Red Sour Grape powder is a bit intense but not really any different for me. Most people will probably find it easier to take this product in capsule form though. If there is a demand for us to pick up the Resvital Powder product too, we would love to add it.

    I had a feeling Angela would love the Wild Power Tea... AND... She did! You open it up and it is just three kinds of wild leaves in there. She soaks them in water and has an amazing, wild-crafted, mineral-rich, handpicked, delicious Wild Power Tea! YUMMM!

    All our New Items can be found at the link below:

    Click here for New Items

    "At Cost" and "Below Cost" Specials & Coupon Code!

    Times might seem a little rough economically right now, yet never fear, dear Raw Friends, because I am loading up the 'At Cost & Below Cost' Specials this month to the BRIM. There are so many items on offer now that when you click on the link, there are two whole pages of treats to scroll through. If you want to peruse the second half of the list, you have to click the 'Next>>' button. I recalled that in the past, the two most popular 'At-Cost' Specials were for our Vanilla Powder and Sun Dried Tomatoes, so I decided to bring back the fun. You have one week to get on the action!

    Now is also your opportunity to try the yummy ‘Chia Goodness’ cereal from Ruth’s Hemp foods, 'BELOW COST'. Although the buckwheat in this mix is not pre-sprouted, it softens up quickly, in about the same amount of time the chia gels up. Just add water, Nut Milk, or some other lovely liquid and voila!... Porridge-y Raw Cereal.

    You can also cut up Bananas or other fruit to add to the Chia Goodness Cereal.
    These specials are available until October 31st... Enjoy!

    "At Cost" Specials:
  • Sun Dried Tomatoes - $5.95, Normally $8.95 - with 10% coupon $5.36
  • Vanilla Powder - $13.95, Normally $22.49 - with 10% coupon $12.56
  • Wild Jungle Peanuts - $10.95, Normally $15.95 - with 10% coupon $9.86
  • Alive Hummus, Spinach - $4.75, Normally $6.19 - with 10% coupon $4.27
  • Flax Crackers, Greek - $4.75, Normally $6.19 - with 10% coupon $4.27
  • Flax Crackers, Herb Garden - $4.75, Normally $6.19 - with 10% coupon $4.27
  • Raw Chocolate Agave Spreads, Goji Manna - $15.95, Normally $22.00 - with 10% coupon $14.36
  • Raw Chocolate Agave Spreads, Hemp Manna - $14.95, Normally $22.00 - with 10% coupon $13.46
  • Raw Chocolate Agave Spreads, Maca Manna - $15.95, Normally $22.00 - with 10% coupon $14.36
  • Flax Crackers, Italian - $4.75, Normally $6.19 - with 10% coupon $4.27
  • Nori - 50 Sheets - $11.95, Normally $20 - with 10% coupon $10.76

    "Below Cost" Specials:
  • Chia Goodness Cereal - $4.87, Normally $7.43 - with 10% coupon $4.38
  • Hemp Protein 3 pounds - $13.95, Normally $25.95 - with 10% coupon $12.56
  • HempSHAKE Amazon Acai - $9.95, Normally $14.95 - with 10% coupon $8.96
  • Omega Nutrition's Nutri-Flax Protein - $6.95, Normally $11.95 - with 10% coupon $6.26
  • Parastroy - Parasite Program - $11.95, Normally $21.95 - with 10% coupon $10.76
  • Sunflower Seed Butter - $5.00, Normally $9.35 - with 10% coupon $4.50
  • Pumpkin Seed Butter - $5.50, Normally $10.20 - with 10% coupon $4.95
  • Macadamia Nut Butter - $8.50, Normally $15.30 - with 10% coupon $7.65
  • Hazelnut Butter - $7.50, Normally $13.60 - with 10% coupon $6.75
  • Pine Nut Butter - $9.50, Normally $17.00 - with 10% coupon $8.55
  • Brazil Nut Butter - $7.50, Normally $13.60 - with 10% coupon $6.75
  • Black Sesame Tahini - $6.50, Normally $11.20 - with 10% coupon $5.85
  • Apricot Kernal Butter - $7.50, Normally $13.60 - with 10% coupon $6.75
  • Pistachio Nut Butter - $10.71, Normally $15.30 - with 10% coupon $9.64
  • Hemp Oil 8oz - $3.55, Normally $8.99 - with 10% coupon $3.20
  • Hemp Oil 16oz - $4.95, Normally $14.99 - with 10% coupon $4.46
  • Hemp Oil 24oz - $7.15, Normally $19.99 - with 10% coupon $6.44

    To take advantage of these offers, click the link below, or type - NutSP - in the search field at the top right hand corner of www.TheRawFoodWorld.com.

    Click Here For "At Cost" Specials

    Additionally, you can redeem this coupon at www.TheRawFoodWorld.com by typing in - Nori10 - in the coupon number section to get an additional 10% off your order. This coupon will be good through October 31st and can be redeemed at:


    Matt Monarch's Monthly Recommendation

    Our tasty new Purple Mulberries have been SO popular that we ran out of them and they went onto back order after my second-to-last newsletter! I'm excited to say we now have a WHOLE new fresh shipment of them to play with.
    As you probably already know, I absolutely LOVE our White Mulberries, so I was really excited to try these purple ones. WELL, the Purple Mulberries might as well have SEXY written all over the bag!!!

    The Purple Mulberries are Purple, CHEWY, Soft and WET... AND they taste ABSOLUTELY Amazing!!!

    RAW SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: If you start eating the Purple Mulberries, there is a great chance that you will get addicted and find it hard to stop eating them...

    You can order Purple Mulberries HERE

    Shining the Spotlight - Steve Pavlina

    I first heard about world-famous blogger Steve Pavlina when he went on a 100% Raw Food Diet for 30 Days. Steve Pavlina is widely recognized as one of the most successful personal development bloggers on the Internet, attracting more than two million monthly readers to his website, StevePavlina.com. I learnt that he does 30-Day experiments to test things out, including Polyphasic Sleep, Total Media Abandonment, And... recently, going on a 100% Raw Food Diet! On Day 25 of his 100% Raw Food Diet Challenge, he wrote about Angela's story on his blog. Steve is one of the few who have successfully made-it as a ‘professional’ blogger. My respect and admiration for this man is through the roof.

    I was working away at my booth at the Raw Spirit Festival this year, I looked up, and there was Steve Pavlina looking at me, right in the face! He is an Accomplished, Successful Entrepreneur and I’m a healthy, happy 100% Raw Foodist: we had a lot to absorb from each other and we spent a GREAT amount of time talking. It seems that Steve loved the Raw Diet so much after his 30-Day experiment that he decided to stick with it. Talk about bringing the 100% Raw Food Diet to the Mainstream! That is over 2 million readers who are getting access to info on the benefits of a Raw Lifestyle. You can read about Steve’s 30 Day Raw Food Adventure HERE. You can also read about his return to the 100% Raw Food Diet HERE.

    Steve graciously sent Angela and I a copy of his new book recently, that JUST came out. I was so EXCITED to get my hands on this unique Personal Development Book. Steve has written more than 700 articles and recorded many audio programs on a broad range of self-help topics, including productivity, relationships, and spirituality. He has been quoted as an expert by the New York Times, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, the Los Angeles Daily News, Self Magazine, and The Guardian. This man has a LOT of valuable information to share!

    I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! Steve’s mind is like a Machine! I feel that he has brought 'Self Development' to an entire new level. The way he analytically interweaves 'left-brain' structure around 'right-brain' concepts is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!! Angela and I are happily absorbing every word of this book. It has had an amazing impact on my life. Below is a description of the book from Steve’s site, which I feel sums up this masterpiece perfectly:

    You can purchase the book Here... and here is the description below:

    ‘Personal Development for Smart People' definitely isn't a rehashing of previous blog posts or articles. The ideas in the book are new and original. Only a small portion of the content is based on existing material from this website.

    This is a very unique book. Even if you've read 1000 or more personal development books like I have, I dare say you've never read anything quite like this.

    You'll find this to be an incredibly well-structured book. I spent a disgusting amount of time on the book's high-level organization to make it as clear and easy to follow as I could.

    I put a lot of effort into achieving a good left-brain / right-brain balance for the content. Even though I'm left-handed (and supposedly right-brained), I tend to be very left-brained and analytical in my writing, so I made a special effort to include plenty of right-brained material such as personal stories and application exercises to illustrate the book's key points. Even so, this is a very content-rich book. I shied away from including anything that seemed lightweight or fluffy. I wanted to ensure that every page would feature hard-hitting ideas.

    Again... It's an incredible book and I would recommend it to anyone.

    Thank you Steve for Making a Difference!!!

    ~Many Blessings from The Raw Food World~

    Thank you for continuing to let us serve you.

    We wish you and those you love, the very best of everything!


    elarael said...

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