Monday, October 13, 2008

Exchanging Bread for Lettuce, Healing Varicose Veins, & Colon Hydrotherapy

In this Blog Post you will experience:

  • Angela Stokes' CNN Weight Loss Story AFTER-PARTY.
  • Exchanging Bread for Lettuce, Healing Varicose Veins, & Colon Hydrotherapy - Blog Post
  • Raw Food Recipes - Chia Tapioca!, and Raw Hemp Oil Salad Dressing
  • Rawkathon - Just Days Away!!!
  • New products - Kelp Noodles - Just Like Spaghetti & 100% RAW!, SPROUTEIN!, & Chocolate Chia Moon Drops!
  • More "At Cost!" Specials: Ulimana Chocolate Spreads & Nori - 50 Sheets
  • More "Below Cost!!!" Specials: Hemp Protein 3lb, HempShake Amazon Acai, Nut Butters!!!, Hemp Oil & Coupon Code
  • Ani Phyo is on the Travel Channel this Tuesday!!!
  • Matt Monarch's Monthly Recommendation - Purple Mulberries
  • Shining the Spotlight - The Raw Body Twins

Hello Everyone! I've been sitting still in one place for about a week now... And since I am not travelling continuously, I have more time available to send you out another Newsletter. YAY!!!

I can't get over how enjoyable the Raw Spirit Festival was for me! I recommend attending these events as the opportunities (Business, Love/Dating, Fun, Growth) are endless. They are actually creating TWO Raw Spirit Festivals a year now. The new one is in Santa Barbara in June 2009 and you can learn more about it HERE. My good friend Jeff, the "Rawtographer", took this photo of me speaking above, at this year's festie in Sedona. I recommend checking out his work HERE.

It is quite amazing the PROFOUND impact that Angela's recent CNN Weight Loss story had for the raw foods movement and I guess the planet in general. Almost all of my friends who are into eating Raw have had 'Standard American Diet'-eating friends comment to them about this CNN Story on Angela. Angela is getting a MASS of emails from people who have started to eat better after seeing the story and some even go 100% Raw.

Here is one example of someone whose life has shifted since seeing the CNN Story - she's already released 9LBS in one week:

Hello Angela:
I saw your article on CNN and received the 28 page free download. Thank You!
I've been trying this past week to do as you have done, and keep it simple. I have done pretty well.
I did have a baked treat. But, I am transitioning and giving myself a break. Trying not to be too hard on myself in the beginning because this is truly a life change for me.
I was 293 lbs. last week and am now 284 lbs. I try to walk as much as possible and I do weight training on Saturdays.
I would like to adapt this lifestyle into my life.
After I ate the baked treat I mentioned up above, I felt terrible. I had that earlier today and I still feel horrible. One good thing about trying to eat raw and stay away from the treats and baked goods, is you can truly feel how you "really" feel.
I think we get so desensitized because it is normal to feel horrible and we get used to it until it fades temporarily and we do it again.
I hope to drop a significant amount of weight and know it will take a long time.
Thank you for your example,

This is just ONE of the HUNDREDS of daily emails that Angela receives!

This story has also spurred a bunch of opportunities for Angela to get the 'Raw Food' word out further to the masses. We had a PR agent contact us to promote her story. They came out this week to interview her and do another professional photo shoot for the story that they are confident will get placed into many Newspapers, Magazines, and International Prints all over the world.

The thing I loved most about this PR visit was what the photographer said to Angela. She mentioned that she travels around everywhere doing photo shoots of people who have lost massive amounts of weight. When she saw Angela, she was dumbfounded how VIBRANT she looks compared to all the rest!!!! Many of these other diets entail people living off manufactured 'meal replacement' bars and shakes. Compare that to the NOURISHING lifestyle Angela leads; it makes a WORLD of difference. This photographer was inspired to say the least. She left to go eat a healthy meal. Every time someone comes to visit Angela, they seem to get inspired like this. I wonder why???

We also have some other exciting things brewing up in the wake of this media exposure, which will be announced soon! ;)

If you haven't yet seen this CNN Top Health Story of the Year, you can view the video HERE and the article that had over 2 million hits HERE.


I always get excited about some new food product we carry and I always put them up here in the top of the Newsletter... Well...

At The Raw Spirit Festival this year, There were these two STUDS selling the most amazing Raw Pizza and some sort of Pasta. I could not believe how amazing both of these meals were. I said, "Are you sure that these noodles are 100% Raw???" They smiled and said, "YES, they are made strictly out of kelp and that is it." I couldn't believe it, so I researched these noodles when I got back from the festie. WOW!!!!, They were not joking!!! And I thought Spiralized Zucchini was the best Raw Spaghetti replacement available. Well... then I tried these Kelp Noodles. I just knew we had to get hold of them for The Raw Food World Store - they're AMAZING: made strictly from Kelp, 100% RAW!!! and INCREDIBLY inexpensive too: 2.5 Servings is only $3.95! LOL

Kelp Noodles are a sea vegetable in the form of an easy to eat raw noodle. Made of only kelp (a sea vegetable), Mineral Rich sodium salt extracted from a brown seaweed, and water, Kelp Noodles are fat-free, gluten-free, and very low in carbohydrates and calories. Their noodle form and neutral taste allow for a variety of uses including salads and Raw Pastas, while their healthful content provides a rich source of trace minerals including iodine, which kelp is well known for. Their unique texture completes the package, making Kelp Noodles a one-of-a-kind healthful and tasty alternative to pasta and rice noodles. Best of all, no cooking is required. Just rinse and add the noodles to any dish and they are ready to eat!


We have another ~Jam Packed~ Newsletter this week! Enjoy!!!

Exchanging Bread for Lettuce, Healing Varicose Veins, & Colon Hydrotherapy - Blog Post, by Matt Monarch

The information below is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. I would love for you to make an appointment with Dr. Fred Bisci at 718-979-7950, for the most accurate information possible.

Bread was the most difficult thing for me to stop eating when I went 100% Raw. Of course, bread also happens to be one of the MOST DAMAGING FOODS TO THE HUMAN BODY. Bread contains highly processed starch molecules. The 'Starch Molecule' is not soluble in water, ether or even alcohol. Therefore, if you eat something like bread, you end up with this solid, non-soluble starch material traveling through the body. From years of eating bread, this starchy, sticky glue-like substance starts to cake onto the walls of your internal organs and other areas of the body. Fortunately, we are blessed to have some little friends to help us with this sticky situation - so-called "germs". Germs actually benefits us by breaking down this plaster-like wall on our insides and turning it into a pus-like substance. This 'pus' is excreted through all of our eliminatory channels, including the skin. If you have zits on your face, for example, you may want to consider stopping the intake of processed starches and see what kind of results you get...

I LOVE to tell people to replace their bread with lettuce!!! This may sound odd at first, yet this simple step ALONE can literally change peoples' whole health. For example, if you have a sandwich with bread and meat, just replace the bread with lettuce. Put the meat inside the salad leaves or even put it in a salad and that alone would make THE WORLD of difference in terms of digestion and overall health.

When you cut out bread, not only are you on your way to eliminating one of the most damaging food groups (Processed Starches), you are also adding lettuce to your meals, which has a mass of benefits. Have you ever heard of Kirlian photography? This involves the use of a special camera, which captures the energy of whichever article is being photographed. When you take a picture of a Fresh Raw Food Item with this type of camera, the picture is BRIGHT & GLOWING, with all kinds of beautfiul, ethereal colours and spectrums of light around the food. However, when you take a picture of cooked food, it comes out DulL & gLoOmY. The GREAT NEWS is that foods are synergistic and they balance each other out. For example, if you are exchanging lettuce for bread... instead of a meat sandwich, it could now be thought of as a "meat salad", and then the energetic compositions of the lettuce and meat will merge (MUCH more happily than the bread and meat!). In conjunction with the lettuce, the meat will be transformed into a brighter energetic composition. This change in the energetic composition of the meal you are eating will make it easier for the body to handle. (Of course, IDEALLY, one would also replace the MEAT with a plant-food, such as nut butter, avocado, a nut pate and so on - one step at a time though ;)

Due to foods being synergistic like this, I LOVE to tell people that if they eat cooked food, to have lettuce before-hand. If you were to also take some
Digestive Enzymes
after this type of meal, it would make an even BIGGER difference. If someone eats steamed vegetable (which is just one slight step away from a 100% Raw Food Diet) and does this process with the lettuce beforehand and the enzymes afterwards, it's ALMOST like they didn't even eat the steamed vegetables. Well... not really... but ALMOST! I hope you get the idea...!

Sarah Wrote:

I'm fairly new to raw (4 months) and have really enjoyed the information in your newsletter. I feel really great with this new way of eating and always ate a diet that was high in fruits and vegetables and was probably quite healthy compared to the SAD diet. My question is about varicose and spider veins. I'm 33 years old and started noticing them a few years ago, much to my chagrin. Is there anything I can do in particular to ameliorate the condition and stop any more from forming? I really appreciate your time and only ask because your information has been so valuable. Thank you!


Hi Sarah,

The best information I've found on Varicose Veins was in the book Fresh Vegetable & Fruit Juice, by Dr. Norman Walker. Most other materials on the subject say the cause of Varicose Veins is 'unknown'. Dr. Norman Walker states that Varicose Veins result from eating processed foods (especially Refined Sugars & Processed Starches), which allows inorganic calcium to build up in the body (among many other things). The body can't utilize inorganic calcium and it starts to accumulate within the body. The inorganic calcium forms deposits in the blood vessels resulting in toughening of the arteries (Varicose Veins). Additionally, excessive use of standard table salt does the same thing, as it contains inorganic elements too.

Dr. Norman Walker states that in Scotland they used to use Apple Cider Vinegar topically to help shrink varicose veins. He states that you should use it "judiciously all across the vein in the morning and in the evening" for over a month. Additionally, at the same time a person should be drinking two to three glasses of water per day with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in each glass. Supposedly, many Scottish people had AMAZING results with this method. He said the top three vegetable juices that are ideal to help with bulging Varicose Veins are 'Carrot-Spinach' juice, 'Carrot-Spinach-Parsley-Celery' juice, 'Carrot-Beet-Cucumber' juice. Along with straight Beet Juice, I feel that these three vegetable juices would be ideal for encouraging the solubility and release traces of inorganic calcium, removing the inorganic deposits from the veins. If I, 'The Extremist', were in your shoes, I personally would throw a teaspoon of Therapeutic Enzymes into these three juices daily, to help expedite the process further. I also feel it is important to make sure you are 'keeping up' with the toxins within the body by practicing periodic colon cleansing to ensure the swift removal of these deposits as they are released. And of course... Make sure to eliminate the cause of the Varicose Veins, by eliminating Refined Sugars and Processed Starches from your diet COMPLETELY, or you may very well just be wasting your energy.

If you or anyone you know happens to get any results from following this procedure, I would LOVE to hear about your experiences.


Eva Wrote:

Hi Matt,
I attended your talk in West Haven. Since then I read the book "Become Younger" by Dr. Walker and found it very interesting. For a few weeks I have been eating mostly raw food, no grains, no sugar, hardly any dairy products and meat, and absolutely no junk food. My problem is the following: I noticed that my digestive system is abnormal. I have loose bowel movements, sometimes even cramps and more acne than usual. What is your suggestion?
Thanks in advance! Eva

Hi Eva,
COLONIC!!!! You are detoxing. Do a colonic and watch what happens.
Great job!

Eva Later Wrote:

Hi Matt,
Thanks for your prompt reply. I had a colonic today and feel great. I just needed a little push, because I didn't have a colonic for 3 years.
I would really love to work in the field of natural health, but I am still not sure what I want to do exactly.
weeks later Eva wrote: I also just wanted to mention that I did not experience arthritis pain since my colonic.


Beatrice Wrote:

Thanks for that advise.
One other thing I noticed on your website the colon cleanse product which you recommend doing colonics along side it.
Do you think its possible to get rid of the plaque with just this product without doing the colonics?
I haven't tried doing enemas because I know there is also a chance of backing stuff up back into the colon if its not done correctly which I find a bit off putting.
I also do come across people who have health problems but do not have the funds to do colonics so I'm wondering if they were to do a juice fast alongside using this product it would have the same action?
Once again thank you for your advice I appreciate it
kind regards

Hi Beatrice,
Anything is possible. Without Colon Hydrotherapy as an option, Colosan is your best bet. However, in my opinion, it is unlikely that you will get all the mucoid plaque out that way. I recommend Bernard Jensen's 7-Day Psyllium and Bentonite Cleanse, which I have mentioned often, while doing the amount of colon cleansing recommended in his book HERE.

In my opinion, doing a Juice Fast in conjunction with Colosan is not really going to make much of a difference. There is a possibility that it can even make the situation 'worse', in the long-run. When you go on a Juice Fast, you are omitting solid food and fat from your intake and you are going to detox more on a cellular level. If someone is clogged with masses of impacted gas, refuses to cleanse the colon, and then goes on a Juice Fast, it may just add more gas and waste to the Bonfire.

There is NO OTHER method that detoxifies the body like Colon Hydrotherapy.


You can do an infrared Sauna for 5 days straight, an hour a day, foot soaks, skin brushing, Toxin Removal Patches, Exercise, Eat Fiber Supplements Everyday and NONE of these methods will even come close to the deep cellular detoxing that cleansing the colon is capable of... NOTHING! They are all great methods, but they just don't compare when it comes to detoxing the body. Keep in mind that the colon is THE central waste station for our bodies. Trying to do your detoxing through other routes instead of cleansing the colon is like cleaning up a few crumbs on your kitchen sideboards while your trash can is stinking up the whole room with garbage. Make sense?

I knew a woman who told me that when she was younger, she was on the verge of dying and she had absolutely NO MONEY. An elderly woman gave her an enema bag and told her to use it as much as possible and that it had the potential to save her life. This young lady started doing the enemas daily, which started a massive clean out of her body. She was dumbfounded by the results. Mucus and toxins were coming out of every orifice of her body. She said that she could not believe the kind of Vaginal Discharges that exited her body. Waste was coming out of her nose and her nipples and she said that she wouldn't tell me anymore than that or I would be truly disgusted. Now, as an elderly woman herself these days, she told me she knows that enema bag saved her life. She is now a Successful Colon Therapist who can sense energy in the same way as Ann Wigmore and Dr. Fred Bisci, like I mentioned in this past Newsletter HERE.

Now... I am not saying "make cleansing the colon a way of life and do it everyday" like this woman did. If you are not 100% Raw, even just a few times a year may be plenty.

Here is an example of how just one Colonic did wonders for a friend of mine:

One woman worked for my company and had Pneumonia. She was going to go to the hospital to get antibiotics. I convinced her to get a colonic with me before she went to the hospital. After her session she met me back in the car. INSTANTANEOUSLY, right after her colonic, she started taking in really Deep Breaths... INNNN and OUTTTT... INNNN and OUTTTT... She was COMPLETELY amazed at how the Colonic relieved her.

I know that I am always saying this but here we go again...
All disease is the same: it is the result of waste building up in the body and trying to exit through the weakest, least resistant part of the body. For example, acne is waste coming out of the face, with Psoriasis it is coming out of the skin, with Herpes it is trying to come out on the genitals and so on. Most people take toxic antibiotics to try to 'fight' the waste coming out and so it gets suppressed. This waste 'MONSTER' just builds up with more waste added each day and has the potential to develop into a more serious degenerative disease, such as arthritis, cancer, or any of the thousands of other ailments affecting humanity today.

It is documented that about 50 years ago, every hospital room had a colonic or enema machine. Cleansing the colon is so effective in healing the body that it was the first measure that a doctor would take in helping someone heal. Then the Big Time Pharmaceutical Companies $$$ came in and started selling their drugs. I can only imagine how they managed to eliminate the colon cleansing machines from all of the hospitals so that people wouldn't heal so fast or so often, and be enticed to pay for their drugs instead.

Courtesy of Mike Adams at

Beatrice, in terms of your concern about 'waste backing up into the colon when doing an enema', in my opinion this is utter nonsense. Now... there are Natural Hygienist Raw Food Advocates out there who would say cleansing the colon is unnatural and a very bad thing to do. Of course, I'd love for everyone to decipher with their own intuition what is right for them. I get questions all the time about whether cleansing the colon is detrimental. We can go into debate for hours on beneficial flora, colon dependency, etc. Well, I've said it before and I'll say it again: from my experience, There is NO OTHER Method that detoxifies the body like Colon Hydrotherapy. I hope that helps...

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Raw Food Recipes - Chia Tapioca Pudding!, and Raw Hemp Oil Salad Dressing

Chia Tapioca Pudding!

One of our Lovely customers and friends - Valerie - gave us the most AmAzInG Chia Tapioca Pudding recipe.

The Recipe:
1/4 Generous cup of chia seeds
Add the seeds to 1 cup almond milk. (It would work with blended banana or coconut milk)
Stir well and allow to sit in fridge for about 10 min.

Then add:

2 T raw raisins
Cinnamon to your taste
Stir well and place back in the fridge.
Stir this mixture several times and then allow it to sit overnight in fridge.
In the morning you may need to stir it well before eating.
I swirl the top with raw agave syrup and a sprinkle of cinnamon again.

NOTE TO DIABETICS FROM VALERIE: The use of chia seeds before a meal has been controlling my blood sugars! I am an insulin-dependent Diabetic. Be sure to check your blood sugars more often if you start to eat chia, as I had to adjust my insulin doses, needing less insulin without the added spikes.

Valerie also said:
"Matt, I am going to experiment with chia ground into flour and mixed into a sweet mixture and a vegetable/savory juice mixture and try to dehydrate for chips or crackers, etc. Because of the effects it has been having on my blood sugars, I want to use it several times a day."
Thanks for sharing, Valerie!


Raw Hemp Oil Salad Dressing

John Roulac, the owner of Nutiva, hooked us up with a very special deal to get you all sizes of his Hemp Oil & Hemp Protein 3lb, both *below* our cost this month.

Additionally he passed on to us an AWESOME Raw Salad Dressing Recipe that he personally uses:

1 part hemp oil
1 part olive oil
1 part lemon juice

To make it creamy add 1 part sesame butter and 1/2 part coconut oil
Optional: add celtic sea salt, dried herbs or seaweed, shelled hempseeds,avocado and tamari
Thank you, John!

Rawkathon - Just Days Away

I have to say that I am really excited about the upcoming "Rawkathon"event.

I had such an amazing time doing this Interview. If you look below you can see some of the fun stuff that I talked about with Kevin. We were at the Raw Spirit Festival and Kevin & Annmarie took me back to the place where they were staying, to film me. Kevin said he felt it was one of the most candid and insightful interviews that he had done so far. Additionally, 15 of the top raw and living food experts on the planet will also be broadcasted for you to watch or listen to, in just a few more days!

So when you sign up for this event, you get to hear my interview (which was definitely one of the best I've done in a while, (possibly ever!)) along with 14 other amazing talks.

And... It's absolutely FREE!... It costs nothing for you to watch or listen to these interviews. All you have to do is register now at this link below:

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Here is a summary of the Interview that I participated in:

A Candid Look Into a Raw Food Expert's Life and His Thoughts on Anastasia, Raising Children and Success

Living Foods Author and Lecturer, Matt Monarch will reveal...
  • What is detox and how you can know if you're cleansing.
  • An essential part of health and cleansing that most people don't do.
  • His candid and heartfelt views on having children and how to raise them.
  • How to bring about personal prosperity by doing something you love.
  • His favorite books and how they have influenced his own lifestyle.

    Matt Monarch is the author of "Raw Success" and "Raw Spirit." Matt has been a raw foodist for 9 years and is founder of

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    This turns out to be a remarkably interesting point for food. It's like the food is placed in a state of suspended animation at the point where all of the energy of the grain has been marshalled to sprout the pearl -- and not yet expended in the act of sprouting.

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    Ani Phyo is on the Travel Channel this Tuesday!!!

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    6-minute segment of Ani showing the host how to make raw foods!

    Ani Said to me,
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    Exciting Ani! We love all the Positive Press happening for the Raw Food Movement at this time!

    Thank you Ani for spreading the message!!!!

    Matt Monarch's Monthly Recommendation

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    Shining the Spotlight - The Raw Body Twins

    These Ladies are taking The Raw Food World by STORM!!! Susan and Stacey are the ULTIMATE Raw Body Makeover Coaches. As you can tell from their shining BEAUTY, they get results. After a 'lifetime of trial and error', they have succeeded in mastering their health and weight, and their ultimate goal is to train women from every country around the world to do the same. They are Certified Raw Lifestyle Coaches and Raw Nutrition Specialists through the Ekaya Institute of Living Food. They take their vision and their years of extensive knowledge, coupled with their trainings from some of the best in the business and apply it to your personal coaching.

    I had the honor and privilege to meet Susan and Stacey at my speaking engagement in Kansas City last month. They are true kind-hearted individuals, with the drive and desire to learn, teach, and evolve the planet into the best place possible. These lovely Twin Sisters are Telepathically Sync'd to a "T"!!! It was so fun to witness them during my talk. Every once in a while, I would say something that resonated with the pair. Normally, just one person has a realization of some sort and taps someone else on the shoulder to give them a knowing look. However, these two ladies, at the same time, each and every time, synchronistically would turn their heads towards each other and nod!!! I thought I was in a movie or something. It was a joy to witness their beaming faces.

    If you are ready to start a 'Raw Body Makeover', these ladies might be your greatest new allies. They and their Raw Body Makeover Program can help you "Look and Feel Better Than you've Ever Felt" - they make this promise to you. The whole experience of going raw can be like learning a new language; it can be exciting and intimidating all at the same time! These ladies will answer all your questions and take you through your Journey, Step by Step. You can learn more about Susan, Stacey and their Raw Body Makeover Program HERE. To watch the video to the right, click on it and scroll down to the bottom right of the web page.

    Thank you Susan and Stacey for Making a Difference!!!

    ~Many Blessings from The Raw Food World~

    Thank you for continuing to let us serve you.

    We wish you and those you love, the very best of everything!


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