Saturday, February 13, 2010

Doing what you love, episode #373

Today we have a lovely guest who is now beginning to break out of her spokeswoman mainstream career and move on to doing what she loves. Enjoy...


Melissa said...


What have you been doing this last week? Your skin looks amazing! In this video, especially, you look a lot younger! I'm serious. Maybe it's the Ormus tea? Whatever it is, you look great. Happy recent birthday!

Best to you and Angela with the warehouse expansion and Ecuador plans. I love your show!


squara said...

I so related to the increases sensitivity to smells. I have to say I love it. In Greece cooking and food it high priority and I love the wafts of the smell of herbs that permiate the air in the village mid morning and the oranges ripening and even the sheep coming home in the evening. A positive 'by produce' of raw.
Another great show -thanks guys.

Scherry Valentine said...

Hi Matt & Angela. Will you still do your show when you move to Equador? I hope so. Matt often when you are interviewing someone, we can barely here what they are saying and the volume is maxed out on my computer. Anyone else?