Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Meeting with Angela's Parents on a whim!, episode #365

We had some personal stuff to do in San Francisco so we went up for the day. Angela's parents just happen to be in SF at the same time and it wasn't planned! Enjoy...


Anonymous said...

Hey Matt,

Could you please do a video on how to counteract health problems caused by chemtrails.

They are heavily chemtrailing my area and I think It is effecting my health.

Is cilantro good?I also heard that chorella and zeolite detox metals?

Anonymous said...

Dear Matt and Angela!!!

Thank you for your great shows! Also your book Raw Spirit has really helped me Matt and Angela your book RawEmotions is fantastic! I love the fact that you both are your selfs and Matt I love your hair like that!!!!

I have one question: I want to take Enzymes, Royal jelly, MSM and Greenjuice but how do I do this if I want to take them all first in the morning on an empty stomach????

Hopefully you can answer this question.

Love, Lieke

Anonymous said...

Hello Matt & Angela,

How nice that you got to see your parents! I have to say, they look quite healthy. Their skin looks especially nice, your Dad's looked particularly glowing. Must have been the Hagus! :)


Anonymous said...

I would really appreciate it if you could recommend some health practioners/centres/books for healing serious diseases.
My uncle had lukemia and conventional procedures , now the cancer is back and I think it would be much better to go to an alternative practitioner.
Where would you go if you where ill?
I hope you can help

ausilia -

jane said...

cor what a fabulous way to spend winter
nice people nice things x