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The Vicious Cycle, Colonic Dependency, & the Blood Gas Theory – Popular Blog Post

OOOHHHHH WOW! I just arrived at HOME sweet HOME. I have been gone for an entire 6 months and I haven't seen any of my family that whole time. You know when this happens, you can sense the changes a person goes through because you haven't seen them for so long? Well I haven't seen my mom in 6 months and she started Dr. Fred Bisci's whole food intermediate diet a couple of years ago. From the 1.5 year mark to the 2 year mark on this diet, I could sense she is STILL BECOMING YOUNGER. It's amazing how good her skin looks and how it fits on her face. It is like a Barbie Doll. As Ironic as it sounds, the older you start a healthier diet, the longer your 'becoming younger' process lasts. I have a feeling that she will become younger for another decade. My book Raw Success goes into depth on why the 'becoming younger' process lasts longer for someone who starts later in life.


Emily Wrote:

I can't (and really never have been able to) eat anything without blowing up like a balloon with uncomfortable gas. I cleanse my colon weekly, sometimes twice a week.
The gas gets way worse with sugary foods, etc., but it is there even when I am so good and clean. and it will disappear at times, so I know it can, and I’m not chasing some unreachable goal.
If I systematically undereat for weeks at a time I can get it down, but I can't survive energetically, or even put a sentence together at that point, so I can't maintain that.

I just did 30 days of juice (ended feast/fast) and the first half of the fast my belly shrunk down, then it blew up.
we were doing primarily green, no fruit almost at all. (maybe pineapple once a week, if that).
The second half of my fast the belly blew back up.

So what happens is despite my best efforts are that I look and feel like cr*p, which doesn't make me want to behave…
It makes me want to be bad and sometimes I binge.
and then I'm in a struggle all the time - but that's another story.

So I'm thinking the blood gases have something, a lot, to do with it. I can feel the pressure build up in my eyes, in my fingers, etc. and I'm wondering what your suggestions might be for a low-gas-pressure food program are, beside 'just eat raw'. cuz that ain't cutting it for me. My history and tendencies make it so I am not reaching my goals, even when I am raw. I am not in optimal health, I am tired as heck, adrenally challenged, hair falling out, pealing nails (getting better), achy joints, etc. did I mention exhausted?
and the way I eat I should be super woman by the way every book describes.
It just isn't the case!

and to be totally girlie on you here, I just want to feel good and look good and wear cute/sexy clothes matt.
not the muumuu's I find myself hiding in with my skinny little body and big ethiopian bloated tummy. you dig?
not sexy. not sexy at all. :)

Can you maybe give me some insight on what is going on here???

There is a basic pattern that happens in the body. I feel that you are dancing ALL AROUND IT. People who cleanse their colon as often as you are much cleaner on a cellular level. They are more sensitive, and they can sense this pattern much more acutely.

Each person is different and different amounts of food are required by each person. When you eat food, it stops the detoxification. If you eat more than you need, excess gas will be produced by the excess food that you don't need and it can result in a bloated stomach. If you systematically undereat, you are providing less obstruction, so you 'stop' the detox less and you can feel great... HOWEVER... at some point, if you are consistently systematically undereating, your body will gain enough vitality and it will start to detoxify deeper on a cellular level and release more gas. You see this??? This is what most likely has been happening to you. You start eating your "perfect diet", your stomach flattens out, and you feel great for a few days or weeks. And then… You start to detoxify on a cellular level because you were doing so GREAT. Your body now wants to go to the next level. The problem is, when you reach this point, the gas is nasty old concentrated stuff, which smells really badly, is acidic and makes you feel horrible. So what seems to be happening is you get upset, thinking there is nothing you can do, and you go the complete other direction. When you go the other direction and overeat again, you actually may feel good at first because you stop the detoxification of this really old nasty stuff, you get stimulated by the food, and your body at that point still isn't so obstructed by excess food from daily continual overeating. Therefore, at first you can handle this excess food. Then as time goes on, you are in this 'daily overeating phase' and there is too much food to deal with, causing excess gas & weight gain and you are back in the other direction. And then you start over again and eat that 'perfect' diet. You feel great because you are detoxing all that excess food that you abused your self with and you are not yet detoxifying deep on a cellular level where that highly concentrated waste is held. Then the process happens over and over again.

This pattern is quite typical amongst many Raw Food Eaters... especially the Newbies. In the beginning of eating a Raw Diet (one - ten years), this cycle is completely OK if you are not also yo-yoing back and forth with cooked food. The goal is to get to that systematic undereating diet and stay there, consistently, forever more. When you reach that point of detoxing concentrated endogenous material, it can feel quite rough. There are certain things you can do to keep the gas down, but as I have said before, being raw is like going on a life-long fast, and this detoxification will be ongoing, with "ups and downs" for the rest of your life. Additionally, the body is always breaking down and rebuilding cells and tissues. Cells that have served their purpose and died are discarded into the colon. Dr. Norman Walker says, "These cells and tissues are dead proteins of a highly toxic nature if allowed to ferment and putrefy." There is no avoiding these things.

In my STRONG opinion, it is ok to cleanse the colon as much as you are without harmful effects, however, you don't have to cleanse the colon that often. People are addicted to feeling really good, so some pick up this habit of continual colon hydrotherapy. Some of the old timers from the Wigmore Institute told me that Ann Wigmore did two enemas EVERY DAY. I think that is a bit excessive, however, it was reported that this little woman also had more vibrant energy than anyone else in the center.

Jason Wrote:

sorry to disagree with your last newsletter blog post but there was a time when I did enema's every day and I lost my ability to go naturally. It also happened when I did colonics excessively. It seemed to have destroyed my good bacteria as well as messing with my peristalsis??? I know a number of people who have had similar problems with daily enemas or colonics. I know a colonic therapist right now who does daily colonics and can't go without one. She has very serious bloating and digestive issues. This like everything else relating to health, internal baths should be done in moderation, whenever needed.

I agree with you 100% that cleansing the colon this often is unnecessary. However, I believe there is a misunderstanding here with why some people think they can't go to the bathroom on their own.

When you eat food, the processing of that food will create gaseous by-products which are obstructive to the body. When you eat a consistent diet - i.e. eating the same kinds and quantities of food each day - you are creating about the same amount of gas obstruction each day, which regulates how much you internally detoxify on a cellular level through the process of gas diffusion (for a deeper understanding of this process, read the 'Blood Gas Theory' article HERE). When you do colon hydrotherapy, you literally pull out a MASS of the gaseous obstruction from your body. It is like 'cheating the process', because for a brief amount of time you create an environment that is actually cleaner than your current diet (before you start to eat again).

So... When someone cleanses their colon this often, they are CONTINUALLY creating an environment that takes their body to a level of cleanliness above and beyond their current diet. They keep pulling out all of these gases, which allows their cells to shrink more and more. Unless they stop cleansing the colon this frequently, the obstructive gas produced from their current diet will be an excess that feels very uncomfortable and will cause bloating, because there is not as much room in their cells anymore for these gases. The other option they have is to improve their diet by eating less food, which creates less obstructive gas.

Some people can be thought of as 'colonic bulimics' in that they eat excess food and then they 'make up for it' by doing colon hydrotherapy. This can become a problem ESPECIALLY if you are yo-yoing back and forth between a raw diet and cooked food diet. You become so clean when you cleanse the colon often while eating a Raw Food Diet that those cooked foods will become more and more damaging to you, which can result in a lack of absorption, hair loss, Candida and much more.

Also keep in mind that if you are undereating you will detoxify that OLD concentrated gas stored in the cells. This is why eating daily consistent meals is important in avoiding excess gas. Additionally, Raw foods are very powerful and should be chewed well.

Dr. St. Louis Estes writes:

ALL FOODS will cause gas unless they are thoroughly masticated. If the food is swallowed in chunks the stomach is absolutely incapable of dissolving that food so that more than a meager percentage of it can be absorbed. The result is that the undigested chunks of food lie inert and heavy, and fermentation shortly begins, followed thereafter by flatulence and discomfort and frequently intense pain.

The GREATEST CARE should be exercised by those living or contemplating living on a diet of RAW FOODS. Because of their highly nutritious properties and the fact that they are eaten in their natural state, with none of the minerals lost, the raw foods have enormous power and are capable of causing great digestive disturbance unless they are thoroughly ground to a creamy consistency with the teeth.
(Raw Food and Health, by Dr. St. Louis Estes, pgs 114- 115)

It's not a matter of losing your ability to have a bowel movement. Most people after they get a colonic, don't have a solid bowel movement for 48 hours, which is completely normal. They just pulled ALL the waste out of their 6 foot colon! After 48 hours, they should be completely regular again. It seems that this colon therapist Jason mentioned doesn't wait until the 48 hour mark before she cleanses the colon again. She just does it everyday. I am assuming that if and when she waits 48 - 72 hours, she will have a bowel movement but the gas is "unbearable" to her she doesn't want to wait. It is the excess gases that bombard the clean system that could be considered the 'real issue' here, rather than a lack of bowel movements. Additionally, people who cleanse their colon frequently generally experience a lot of fear about the elimination process, which in turn will create even more gases from the stress produced via the adrenal glands.

This entire 'destroying beneficial bacteria' concept is a complete falsehood and Dr. Norman Walker & Ann Wigmore COMPLETELY agreed on this. There are estimated to be 100 Trillion cells in the body. There are ten times that many bacteria in the colon. Walker & Wigmore both state that when you cleanse the colon you create the optimal clean environment for these beneficial critters to flourish. I feel that you don't need anything to help replenish the bacteria... however... the following suggestions are GREAT! Dr. Norman Walker says if you drink a glass of carrot-spinach juice that the bacteria will be replenished... AND... You can certainly take probiotics to help with this too.


Anonymous said...


There is a thing where your intolerant to chemicals naturally in food like amines and salicylates, phenols. My kids have it and we get peace and happiness following this failsafe diet, do the rpah elimination diet to see how you can feel your best. Do it leaving out the meat, dairy , and gluten, that's what we do and it works. I'm working on a raw low chemical diet like sprouted buckwheat, but it's taking time. Not everyone thrives on a raw food diet although most would be a vast improvement. Since you should be superwoman after eating the way you did then look into this other thing. Especially since you have the aches and pains and tired. It's an elimination diet so you'll be able to figure out in 3 weeks what you can and can't eat. I still believe in raw so juice celery cause it's low chemical. Fedup by sue dengate explains more or google rpah elimination diet and you get plantspoisonsandotherrotten stuff and they have the elimination diet online you can follow.
Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Emily and Matt,

Have you ever considered candidas is the problem? My family and I (my husband and 4 children) have been vegan for 3 years, and raw for 1.5. We've had a nasty case of bloating and gas for months. A fabulous Chiropractor finally figured it was Candida and after taking fresh Aloe Vera juice (5 oz.) and cutting out all extra fat (there is a strong link between candida and fat--not necessarily sugar), the gas and bloating are gone! We feel amazing once again. Good luck!

The Rackleys said...

Sorry if this is a repeat . . .I don't think my last comment posted . . .

Emily and Matt,

Have you ever considered that it may be candida? My family (Husband and 4 children) have been vegan for 3 years and raw for 1.5. We just had a terrible case of candida in our bellies for 3 months. One naturopath put us on some great probotics and a yeast enzyme. We saw a little relief, but not a lot. Then a fabulous chiroprator suggested aloe vera juice (5 oz. twice a day). It totally worked within days. Its been two weeks now, and still no bloating or gas. Yeast takes a while to clear out so we are still taking it.

Somthing I've noticed (while being raw during a twin pregnancy) was that my cadida got worse when I ate higher fatty foods. If I ate too much avacado or nuts or seeds, it'd come back. If I stuck with just veg. and fruit I was fine. I've looked into it a little and apparently there is a link between fat and yeast (how the body processes fat . . . ) . . just something to consider.

Good luck and I hope you start feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard any word on Two Moms In the Raw. Their snacks rock!

Good job on getting the raw word out.

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