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!PERMANENT!!! Forward Steps!, Cigarettes, Homeostasis Alkaline vs. Acid

What a month May was! And... What a month June is going to be!!! I flew 14 hours from Australia back to California. As soon as I hit the ground, ADRENALIN r.u.s.h.e.d into my bloodstream. My being was burning with FIRE to accomplish many things. From being in Australia, my body had become used to sleeping during the hours that are daytime in California. I ended up sleeping 3 - 4 hours a day, while working away. I discovered that my only 'hope' was to Juice Fast... And... What a life saver that was! I only drank a couple of juices each day, as my body went through hard labor, organising things at the warehouse. The juice fast enabled my body to complete the 'miraculous' as it balanced out into California rhythms. What on earth was I doing???

Customer Service Excellence!!!
We have a very high-class 'all-round' growing business building here. I decided to take it to the NEXT LEVEL... For the entire last week I DOVE head first into the shipping department and dramatically restructured it. I wanted to see how everything has been working there, for myself. I probably packed half of all of your packages this last week. If you got a note from me... YEP... That was really me! It's been so long since I played a part in this process that I was able to come to it with fresh eyes, learn so much and restructure it, to serve you in the best way possible. I was literally in bliss packing hundreds of packages this week. It was like wrapping presents for each and every one of you. So much LOVE was emanating from my being to you. I
am absolutely positive that I will jump in and do this every once in a while in the future too ;)

My goal is to make sure that every single package you receive from us will feel like opening a present during the holidays. I have arranged masses of samples of various products to include in each
and every package. There are a few other surprises that I am excited for you to discover also!... ;-)

When I got home the first product that I was ITCHING to taste from the shipping department was the 'Goji Berry Powder'. It is a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y SINFUL!. Whoa! AND... When I tried the 'Better Than Roasted' Pine Nut, Hazelnut, Pistachio, and Brazil nut
Butters, I felt I had to offer them as this month's 'at cost' specials, so that EVERYONE could taste. You can check out more about what I have to say on that in the
'at cost' section!

PERMANENT!!! Forward Steps!, Cigarettes, Homeostasis (Alkaline vs Acid)

One of the most rewarding experiences that I have is when I see someone improve their diet to where they experience immense healing and regeneration. The most painful thing for me to witness is when someone does this and then goes back to eating the same diet they ate before.

Not only do these people end up back in the same postion they were in before, but... their situation ends up even worse. You reach a New 'Plateau' when you improve your diet for a
lengthy amount of time and all those old foods that you used to eat will then affect your body in a more adverse way.

For example, a really close person to me used to eat a lot of fast food on the Standard American Diet. He improved his diet and was eating Dr. Fred Bisci's Intermediate Wholefood Healing Diet. He lost 50 pounds within a year and was healing on all levels. As time went by, his good habits started to diminish. He gained almost all the weight back... AND!... THE CRAZY THING ABOUT IT ALL, his diet wasn't as bad as it used to be. Hmmmm?

Another example: I had this really good friend who was inspired by my way of living. They improved their diet, started drinking vegetable juices, quit smoking cigarettes, marijuana, and drinking alcohol. Additionally, they got a handful of those MIGHTY POWERFUL Colonic Irrigations! They felt amazing, slept better, and had tons of energy. As the months went by and the stress built in their life, they went back in the other direction and picked up some of these old habits. It seems to me that they are perpetually sick now, as the body tries to 'fight back' and protest, while adapting to accepting the harm from their old ways.

PERMANENT FORWARD STEPS... PLEASE!!! A lot of people move forward and then back and they get confused and scared about what is happening to them. The more times you yo-yo like this, the bigger the issues will become. A lot of people email me asking if Agave Nectar is ok, or, Lara Bars, or Whole Grains. These types of people have generally improved their diet TREMENDOUSLY
and are 85 - 99% raw. They have made HUGE Forward Steps. Congratulations!!! Have fun! Party it up! You have MIRACULOUSLY improved your diet and your process of 'becoming younger' will last anywhere from four to fifteen years. As the years go by, if you are consistent, then you will most likely drop certain foods that you feel are not ideal to you. Let's just move forward from here. ;-)
Danny wrote:
Hi Matt,
whats your straight advice and insight for a smoker besides stop smoking?
Best Regards,

I feel that most people can't just flick the cigarette in anger and quit. The physiological addiction, combined with the emotional attachment will most likely result in picking it up again. My advice is to be very meditative about it. Watch the process of smoking with deep awareness. Inhale... Feel the smoke go into your
lungs. Exhale, and watch it leave. Keep watching and watching. Meditate on the process. If you do this with complete awareness, one day you will realize how 'idiotic' and unnecessary it is to do this to your body. You won't flick the cigarette away in anger this time... It will just DROP from your fingers, as realization
Gail Wrote:

What food can I eat that are the most alkaline to the
body? How does this process work, why does an alkaline food take
acid away?

Yes! there is a lot of confusion about the 'Alkaline vs. Acid' concept. It is not the alkaline foods that raise the ph of our blood, it is our bodies that do it. Our bodies are quite amazing! They strive for ultimate health ALWAYS, no matter what we do to them. 'Homeostasis' is the process that the body does to restore balance among our systems, to maintain ultimate health. The better we treat our bodies, the easier job they have to maintain this optimal healthy
balance, which results in a longer life, more health and vigor.

There are many more, but the four most common balancing processes of
homeostasis are:

- The PH of the blood (Acid vs. Alkaline, about 7.4 is normal)
- The amount of glucose in the blood (insulin helps maintain glucose levels, glucose level should be about .1%)
- Blood Pressure (about 120/80 mm Hg norm)
- Body Temperature (about 98.6% norm)

In all the homeostasis processes, the body is always striving to keep itself as close to that norm as possible, no matter what you do to it. It is not 'alkaline' foods that raise the ph of our system. It is the body that does it. When you eat healthier 'alkaline' foods it makes it easier for the body to get to the normal ph range, which will provide health, vigor, and increased efficiency of our healing cycles. If you are eating foods that cause an 'acidic' condition, such as foods from the Standard American Diet, the body will work extra hard to try to reach that normal ph range, which could result in an unhealthy state of exhaustion, as the body's cells don't work at their optimal level. When you are out of these normal ranges consistently, there is a great chance that disease will happen.

For example, if you are eating masses and masses of fruit each day, with very little exercise, your glucose levels in the blood can sky-rocket and the body will secrete excess insulin to
deal with it. If you do this consistently, then you will have an excess of insulin floating in the blood. This can result in hyperinsulinism, which can lead to further problems if continued.

I feel that nothing compares to a green vegetable juice to aid the body in reaching a more alkaline state. AND of course... Nothing else compares to colon hydrotherapy to
assist the body in reaching optimal health. Fresh air, sunshine, plenty of sleep, exercise and not eating late at night are also major factors that aid or hinder the body in reaching that optimal
Davy wrote:
Hi Matt...
Okay here goes, please bare with me. I have been 100% raw for 3 years. I have started out weighing 220, now I'm down to a healthy muscular toned, 175, which was my goal weight. My body has changed. I haven't been sick with a flu or a cold since I first went raw. I love raw foods, and now enjoy foods I never ever thought I would. I consume about 6 heads of dark greens daily, I love them. This has been a complete life changing journey on all levels. However- I have still a few lingering issues that really bother me. The number one thing being, ACNE... still after 3 years. My skin each day, has always had something on my face each morning. Either its a fresh outbreak, or it's old red marks from previous outbreaks. When I first went raw, the healing crisis, was INSANE, my whole face was covered with deep painful acne. Now after the years, it has gotten better, MUCH better, don't get me wrong. But
still, I have blackheads, and smaller outbreaks, NO MATTER WHAT I DO.

Here is a list of things I have done or do to try to help with this issue.... Taken Pro-biotics...Digestive enzymes, Herbal Cleanses - kidney's, Liver, Lungs, Colon, BLOOD, ( i read skin is a reflection of the blood), Herbal Tinctures, Done 12 colon, cleanses throughout the
years, Done a series of colonics, at the beginning of my Raw journey, 12 liver flushes, Fasted for 30 days, Then other fasts, juice, coconut water etc., Dry brush daily, Infrared Sauna's
daily, Lymphatic massage, Workout with weights, Jog 30 minutes daily, Watched Fat intake, didnt make a diff, Added blood cleansing foods, fresh turmeric root, burdock, anything good for the skin in my green smoothies, you name it I tried it, and still do it, Consumed pounds of aloe gel fresh from the leaves to cleanse the liver ( to boost immunity etc), Hot cold-showers-,
Distilled water, Prill water, Lemon water, ozonated oil on my face, nothing on my face, acv on my face, oil cleansing method, steam facials..., used a zapper, parasite cleansed, Shower filter
on shower making sure water is not causing any issue, msm, vit c from whole food sources
I dont consume much dehydrated foods... doesnt make a diff with me, Energy healing, etc haha...

You name it I tried it, and still, Im having this issue. I dont even like to tell people Im raw, which kills me, because my face is the first thing they see, with these red marks that never
leave, and outbreaks. So with your plethora of knowledge hopefully you can offer some guidance? I mean reading that list, doesn't really do justice all the things I have tried. Not just to clear my skin, but to become healthy overall, and I feel I have except for this last lingering crisis?

So the lymph, I know empties out in the colon, I think, so maybe I still have some issues there. I have movements 3 times a day though, I'm not backed up. I have done tons of cleanses down there. So I don't know. My money is running out, so is my patience and will. But i feel soooo close to my goal...

I have read you are a supporter of enemas, etc which I have never tried. My intuition tells me this is where the problem might be... I saw in your newsletter you have some really good products, I would be willing to try anything one last get me over this crisis that wont seem to leave. I have lost all my weight, my body is toned and strong muscular, I thought these issues might be done by now, but alas, here I am.... So any thoughts? recommendations?
Thanks soooo much...Davy... the Seeker

Davy and I have been going back and forth on email with this situation. All disease is the same. It is just waste trying to leave the body. In this case, it is leaving through his face. If the 100% Raw Food Diet is so great, then why
is he experiencing this after 3 years??? Many say that you have an initial detoxification, but once that is over you are fine. He did a 30 day fast! Wouldn't that speed up this initial detoxification period??? Fasting is a crisis causing situation. More deep, detoxifying cellular gaseous waste is just added to the system. Even if you are going three times a day, like Davy is, you need to get the gases out and this can be done through colon hydrotherapy. If you know what you are doing you can get to these gases with a 4 or 6qt enema bag, or a colema
. However, I recommend getting a colonic, as you will definitely get to the gases that way. This seeker had done EVERYTHING else under the sun! Colon Hydrotherapy is KEY in succeeding on the 100% Raw Food Diet, for modern humans.
Davy is in such a GREAT position! He has successfully been on a 100% Raw Food Diet for three years. He just has to cleanse the colon periodically and he will experience much more BLISS and HEALING , as his body evolves into a more in-tune receptive machine to spiritual energy. I suspect he has no idea quite what is in store for him if he does this...
It took me a while to convince Davy to do colon hydrotherapy 3 - 4 times a month JUST for the
initial three months, but he finally got his first session. He reported that his colon therapist was ABSOLUTELY DUMBFOUNDED at the amounts of waste that came out of him! Most people would think that a 100% Raw Food eater would have less waste coming out during a session compared to a cooked food eater. However, every colon therapist that I have asked state it is the complete opposite. Keep in mind that if you do colon hydrotherapy you will become much leaner, much faster and you will become more sensitive to all the harmful foods that you used to eat.
So... It's all about !PERMANENT!!! Forward Steps and Colon Hydrotherapy. ;-)


Tanisha Marshall said...

Hey Matt,

This was a great post. Sounds like you are/were having a good time in Cali.

Thanks for sharing Davy's story, it's a nice reminder to keep up with the colonics.

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Hey Matt,

Great to hear that you are back home and especially that you are personally involved with your company's shipping. I have tried many times to order your wonderful products but your shipping dept. doesn't accomodate those of us who live outside of the continental US. What can one do about ordering from the United states Virgin Islands? We use the same US post office, parcel post of even express mail. Would appreciate.

Matt Monarch said...

email me at and we'll take care of it.