Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Need For More!...

In 1997 I was president of ZBT Fraternity at California State University Northridge. I had a beautiful blonde Sorority girlfriend and was considered the 'BMOC' (Big Man On Campus) by many. As many of you know I tend to go outside the norm with my outlandish ways, which can sometime result in controversy. I was always the 'chief' with my friends and lead us through various 'heart-palpitating' adventures during our early years, veering dramatically away from any standard 'rules' of society along the way. Towards the end of my presidency, an extreme flip occurred in my life...

The IFC (Intra Fraternal Council) was always on my back. Toward the end of my Presidency they finally had enough 'evidence' on me to present a case to the alumni advisors of my Fraternity. To make a long story short, with only a month left, I had to step down as President. Shortly after that, I was dumped by my girlfriend who later started living with an older, balding, out-of-shape alumni from my fraternity.

At the time I didn't see this objectively, as an espisode of drama going on in my life. I was blinded by extreme pain and lack of awareness. I missed the fact that this seemingly really harsh event in my life actually sparked a hugely beneficial subconscious search to 'find myself'. Trying to 'prove myself' to the world, I hit the working world searching for the 'hippest' job that I could get my hands on. I ended up at MTV Networks in Santa Monica. Still searching, after two years of working at MTV, I requested to transfer to the NY office. I was still subconsciously unsatisfied and had a feeling of being lost while working two more years in the NY office... AND THEN... someone handed me a book...

Yep! You guessed it! The book was 'Become Younger', by Dr. Norman Walker!

This book contained example after example of people healing from degenerative diseases and acquiring massive amounts of energy by doing three simple things...

1. Eating a 100% Raw Food Diet
2. Drinking a Variety of Vegetable Juices Daily
3. Cleansing the Colon Periodically

This was it! I knew that I'd found what I was looking for! Before I go into the rest of the story, I must say that all three of these points are CRUCIAL. I feel that if you leave *O*N*E* out, then you will not fully experience the amazing benefits mentioned below.

At this point before I went raw, I felt like I needed something more in my life. I didn't know what it was. When I discovered the 100% Raw Food Diet, I knew WHOLE-HEARTEDLY that this was what I was looking for. I didn't have any health issues, yet I knew something was going to happen if I pursued this way of life. The path shouted 'truth', coming my way… AND… Was I surprised!... Oh boy! Was I surprised!...

I started to live my life by the three core principles above. The big transformation wasn't the experience of being completely mucus free for the first time in my life, or the extreme heightening of my five senses. It was something much more profound. My 'finely tuned' intuition guided me to Gil Jacobs ('Chakra 17' Master Colon Therapist) and later to Dr. Fred Bisci.

After six months eating an 'extreme' Raw Diet, Gil sensed that there was no stopping me. He introduced the psyllium & bentonite cleanse, to finish off the cleansing of my small intestines of all mucoid plaque. I talk about this cleanse in my book Raw Spirit and in this blog HERE.

For the first time in my life I experienced what it was like to feel like an 'energy being'. A continual 'hollow-energetic-vibratory-like' pressure in my frontal sinus cavity blisses me out, as energy emanates through my heart space shivering throughout my entire body as I have unearthly experiences, over and over again. Of course, I am still searching on this life-long journey, but I feel like I have learned more about life in the last five years than the entire rest of my life. I found myself!

I'll emphasise the point again: all three of the following core principles, in my opinion, are crucial in succeeding on this type of lifestyle in the short & long-run:

1. Eating a 100% Raw Food Diet
2. Drinking a Variety of Vegetable Juices Daily
3. Cleansing the Colon Periodically

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I just wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful information you post on your blog it is much appreciated. I bet you and Angela have so much fun together and are full of energy.