Tuesday, April 22, 2008

All Disease is the SAME!!! - even Candida...

Angela does it again in her New Musical Hit Song. I do have to say myself that this is her best one yet! ;-) You can watch it HERE!

Casey Wrote:

I have been avoiding fruits with a few exceptions for about 3 months now as I seemed to have excess candida (it is obvious from my colonics). Would you think that it would now be ok to bring fruit back in to my diet? I miss it greatly (!!) but don't want to go back too quickly. Is there anyway of knowing if it's too early for fruit or any info or suggestions you can provide me with?Thank you very much!Casey

You could go back to fruit whenever you want. I would eat only moderate quantities of fruit. I know that you are on this Anti-Candida diet and it will work and get rid of the Candida. However, Candida can come back into anybody at any time. The truth is it thrives in a toxic system. If you go back into eating more than moderate quantities of fruit ever, there is a great chance that it will come back. It's an ONGOING game keeping the body 'clean' and avoiding symptoms like candida. Additionally, now that you have done the cleaner diet to get rid of the Candida, your system is now cleaner and more sensitive. Now you might find you actually get the Candida back even easier, as your body will not tolerate excess sugar fruit.

All disease is the same! It is waste that builds up in the system and tries to leave through different areas of the body. For example, zits, rashes, bronchitis, flu, Candida, eczema, STD outbreaks, etc., are this MONSTROUS toxicity trying to get out. Most people then take antibiotics or smthg similar to silence the monster. We then end up with internal diseases in the long-run such as arthritis, cancer, etc.
Candida is a result of toxicity in the system. All disease is.

It gets confusing going on a Raw Diet because all these types of outbreaks happens as our body tries to expel this waste. It finds the weakest area of the body and takes that route to leave. For example, in someone who has herpes, the body will take that route to eliminate through the genitals, and the same for acne with the face, Candida, and eczema, etc.

When you go on the 100% Raw Food Diet, it is an ONGOING game to keep this 'waste monster' at bay. The 100% Raw Food diet is like going on a Life-Long Fast, as you clean up your system from all the years of poor eating. We all know the benefits of this though. Degenerative-disease-free, more in-tune to universal cosmic energy, more energy, and so much more. You can read the 'Missing Link on the 100% Raw Food Diet' article HERE to learn more about the Life-Long Fast.

Oh Yeah, And... Colon Hydrotherapy is the Monster's worst enem(a)y. It just pulls his 'outbreaks' right out and disposes of them.
Candida is a result of this toxic monster.


Penni said...

Another tremendous article, Matt! I totally agree about all disease being the same. I have believed this way for years and I love seeing this information going out from someone as reputable as you. Beautiful job and I adore your theatrical music video with your lovely partner, Angela.

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