Thursday, April 17, 2008

Multiple Myeloma Incurable???

The information below is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. I would love for you to make an appointment with Dr. Fred Bisci at 718-979-7950 for the most accurate information possible.

I have been talking a lot about the benefits of enzymes in my blog and newsletters. A few people have asked me if they could succeed on the 100% Raw Food Diet without taking an enzyme supplement.

Of course you can! You don't need enzyme capsules or any other supplement for that matter. Eliminating the foods that damage us the most is the key in allowing our bodies to heal. Supplements, such as enzymes, are simply a great addition to a better diet.

Having said that, in my opinion enzymes are truly 'powdered gold'; they are a Godsend. I personally dedicate a large portion of my budget into buying plenty of enzymes to take each month. I use Dr. Fred Bisci's Therapeutic Enzymes, about one teaspoon, 2 to 3 times a day, on an empty stomach. You can read my article on the benefits of enzymes HERE and you can also read a Q & A on the benefits of enzymes HERE.

I knew of this one man who was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma by his doctor, which is a cancer of the blood. He went to Dr. Fred Bisci for help. Luckily, it was the very beginning stages of the cancer and Dr. Fred Bisci put him on his 'Intermediate Wholefood Healing Diet' while giving him MASSES of these Therapeutic Enzymes to take on an empty stomach, many times a day. Two weeks later, the patient went to his doctor to get tested again. The doctor was dumbfounded and said 'we must have diagnosed you incorrectly'. The Multiple Myeloma had regressed to stages earlier than when he was diagnosed, in just 2 weeks. I am not claiming the enzymes did it.

This is what the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation has to say about healing this cancer:

"Multiple myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cell, is an incurable but treatable disease."


Brad Wrote:

Hi Matt, I hope this finds you in good health and happiness. I have found success in staying with raw foods, especially consistent with my meditation practices and sharing circle. I have a question that perhaps has been discussed in one of your printed materials or blog. I find my addiction to food is enormous and have EXTREME hunger pains; this is true when I don't sit with a huge bag of grapes on my lap or consuming LOTS of nuts to kill the hunger sensation. I will look forward to your suggestions and feedback! I just purchased Angela's Raw Emotions as this seemed to connect with my food addiction issues that seem to be rising to the surface.

Brad Munce

Thanks, Brad. Personally, I went from the Standard American Diet to a 100% Raw Food diet OVERNIGHT. I made the decision and nothing was going to stop me. Little did I know what was in store for me ;). I experienced many 'inconveniences', such as social issues, digestive discomfort, hunger pains, imbalance, overeating, and much more. None of the Raw Food Books at that time addressed anything like this and that is why I wrote Raw Spirit. It was to shed some light on these "negative experiences". I also was dumbfounded by the spiritual transformation that can occur while raw, which didn't seem to be talked about much at that time - so I wrote about that area too in Raw Spirit.

As I have said in the past, It takes years to get used to this type of lifestyle. I remember in the beginning eating a HUGE salad every night and STILL walking back and forth to the refrigerator repeatedly after eating dinner. This HUGE salad consisted of ten large heirloom tomatoes, 3 LARGE avocados, a BIG head of romaine lettuce and many more ingredients. I ate that meal every night for the first 4 YEARS OF BEING 100% Raw. !~THAT'S HOW I DID IT~!

The reason I was able to succeed on that type of diet (eating enormous amounts of Raw food) at first was because it was a dietary improvement compared to my previous Standard American Diet. However, after about 4 years, my body caught up with what I was doing and begged me to stop. After eating 3 avocados like that, instead of feeling good, I would wake up in the morning with a gushing runny nose. My body had cleaned up so much on a cellular level and become so much more efficient that 3 avocados was then way too much food for me. The runny nose was my body's way of asking me to eat less. Additionally, another symptom my body exhibited was a loss of all my energy after eating those huge salads. So, I cut my avocado intake, while at the same time making sure I was still feeling emotionally satisfied by the meal I was eating (i.e., not feeling 'deprived'). As the years go by, this process of gradually eating less food happens automatically. Patience and persistence are key. If you are detoxifying and getting mass cravings, of course, I recommend cleansing the colon to alleviate this pain, as ever.

Although it takes many years to truly get used to this type of diet, it can also seem like a blink of an eye. Before you know it, your body will require very little food. We need a lot less food to THRIVE than most people realise. If at some point you do not feel good on that empty feeling in your stomach and eat over it, then you will experience a lack of energy, indigestion, weight gain, and/or possibly a feeling of dis-satisfaction, as your body deals with food that it doesn't want or need. I am in the process of writing my next newsletter which will discuss how the body evolves into needing very little food on the 100% Raw Food Diet and the importance of gaining COMPLETE control of our food intake on the Raw Diet for ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION and L-O-N-G-E-V-I-T-Y.

I keep getting questions about a good multi-vitamin that people can take. A wide variety of Green Veggie juice twice a day on an empty stomach, seaweed, and an occasional drop of ocean water in our drinks is, in my opinion, all we need. I know that everyone isn't going to do this though, so I created a small section of all the good multi-vitamins that Fred and I recommend to people. The Multi-Vitamins are available HERE. Additionally, many blog posts ago I said I was going to mention all the supplements that I personally take. This will happen soon too. EXCITING!!!


Penni said...

This was a really informative article. I look forward to your information on vitamins. I have people ask me about this all the time and I want to make wise suggestions to them.

I also agree that colon cleansing has helped me so much with over coming compulsive eating. It sounds strange that it would, but I've noticed a change. Also, once the body is getting truly nourished on a raw and living foods dirts, the hunger eventually falls away.

Thanks, as always fo providing such great education!


Kristen's Raw said...

Have a great weekend :)

Healthy Natural Systems said...

I've never had my own chia pet or chia head or whatnot, but they look cool on TV. I just eat the seeds and I swear, they help sooo much as far as energy and feeling good throughout the day goes. I honestly started feeling so much better on a day-to-day basis after I started putting them in my smoothies about a year ago. The one's I get are Chia Pure. Chia Seeds Right Now they are even buy 1
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Anonymous said...

Hi I came across this website while researching dr. Fred bisci.. My mother was diagnosed with late stage ovarian cancer and after finishing my chemo she and my father decided to start a raw diet.. They recently met with dr Fred bisci and had all these miracle stories to tell me about .. I'm skeptical of everything I hear and I came across your story of the man with multiple myeloma and I was just wondering if you met him first hand yourself or if it was a story that was re-told to you?