Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Thailand Adventures!

I just sent out an awesome Newsletter. If you are not on my email list, you can join at If you just want to see the newsletter, go to:

We created a video of our latest Thailand adventures which can viewed at the link below:


Kevin Gianni said...

Dude! no shirt at the restaurant! Awesome. I'm leaving tomorrow to meet up with you guys. :-)

Great snapshot of real life... fun to watch!

:: nbcreative :: said...

that video really jived with me :) I've been to thailand probably 5 times over my childhood, and it is truly a magical place. Enjoy!

taylor wells said...

Hey Matt,

I just read what you and others have said about juice fasting and gaining weight and I have a question regarding the length of juice fasting you are talking about (you mention 92 days).

Can you mess up your metabolism juice fasting for as little as 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7 days?

I have been 100% raw (really :) for 4 years. I eat really well and don't overlap my meals and food combine and don't eat at night...and I don't restrict.

It is really important to me not to be restrictive and to feel free and happy.

When I follow good food combining, etc. it is because my body thrives on this and I feel great and it's what I want to comes from that energy and not restriction.

I have learned to do this b/c of my digestive issues which are longer present as long as i am mindful.

I feel great, look ten years longer than when I ate raw food, am healthy all the time, and I have tons of energy!!

I have four yoga studios in two states, three children and am nursing one of them, and a website and blog ( that I love to write for daily.

Anyhow, I love to eat and did my first juice fast in June I think, after the universe kept putting it in my aura in various ways and I noticed that I had fear around doing it.

I love to face my fear--every single day--so I did...and did a one day juice fast.

I was surprised by how easy it was and how great I felt mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, and so after a bit, I did a two day fast. Then I waited a bit and did a three day juice fast, etc. until I did a 7 day in July while at my in-laws home on Nantucket.

I actually did a 7 day juice fast there because it was just easier than importing all of the raw food for the week--lol!! Also, it made it so easy to be on the go doing stuff all over the island with my children...I just brought along my Sigg bottle of green juice and I was all set!!

I felt amazing during and after all of my juice fasts.

I felt so good that now I have been juice fasting in the mornings and nights and eating one meal a day sometime between 11 and 2.

So the way I work it, I am juice fasting for about 24 hours after I eat (finish eating at about 12 or 1 and then wait five hours till I drink juice so I can digest, and then drink juice at night...and in the morning until I eat my next meal between 11-3).

This works well for me Ayurvedically (I am very Vata) and I feel great.

I was also eating one meal a day before I juice fasted, but then I ate fruit in the am and in the evening (I always waited 5 hours after I ate my lunch to resume eating combining and no meal overlapping/fermentation).

After the juice fasts, I just followed what my body wanted, and that was juice...the fruit didn't appeal to me anymore.

So my question is about juice fasting for a week or less...will this mess with my metabolism?

If so, I am a bit bummed out.

I do love to eat and encourage other people, especially women, to enjoy eating, since eating disorders are a huge problem in our society (I am a clincal Psychologist as well).

So I want to set a good example--for my three children--and for all of my students, friends, and family.

Thanks so much Matt and have the best day ever!!



taylor wells said...

Hi Matt,

I read and loved your books--thanks.

In Raw Success you suggested Fred Bisci's therapeutic enzymes and I ordered them from you--much gratitude.

There are no directions on the bag or in your book.

How much should I take and when and how?

I've been taking about 1/4 tsp in water with my food but should I take them on an empty stomach?

Thanks so much and have the best day ever!!