Thursday, April 3, 2008

Inside the colon!

"There is no ailment, sickness, or disease that will not respond to treatment quicker and more effectively than it will after the administration of a series of colonic irrigations."
Dr. Norman Walker

Here is a great video about the colon. Be careful. I almost vomited during this video as they show video imaging of the inside of peoples' colons. However, if you can handle it, then it is certainly educational. The video is available HERE.

The first couple of colons are quite clean. Keep in mind that before putting the camera inside the colon, they completely cleaned it out first, as part of the preparation proces. Additionally, this video does not include information about the gas pressure in the colon or the "Hidden Mess" lurking in their small intestines. It is easy for anyone to clean the colon out, however, the nasty mess inside the small intestines is quite difficult to access. I finally accomplished this, personally, after doing the psyllium-bentonite cleanse, when my third eye opened. That psyllium-bentonite cleanse targets the small intestines. The GREAT thing about the Colosan product is that it VERY GENTLY works on the small intestines with oxygen, to release all that old junk.

When you do colon hydrotherapy, you can't get into the small intestines. However, when you cleanse the colon you definitely provide a greater opportunity for waste in the small intestines to dump into the colon. The most important thing about colon hydrotherapy is that it eliminates gas. That gas pressure is what constipates our cells from detoxing on a cellular level. You can sometimes feel this gas pressure in your head and other areas of the body. Most people get MASSIVE relief after doing a colonic. If you have improved your diet in any way consistently for a reasonable amount of time, then it's a GREAT idea to do a colonic and there is a GREAT chance that you too will experience a massive amount of RELIEF!

I have spoken about my mom many times and I have neglected to tell you about how lucky I am to have been brought up by my Daddy! Wow! When I was growing up, I heard on various occasions, my friends and others telling me they wished that they could have a dad like mine. My dad always played these SILLY STUPID games with us with a HUGE smile. The funny thing is, he still plays these SILLY STUPID games with us now, with that same smile! I feel more comfortable around my father than almost ANYONE else. I can literally tell him anything without the fear of judgement. He won't like me any less, no matter WHAT it is! He is happy with any choices that I make in my life!

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of my Dad on the net to share with you. However, my dad is an accountant. He worked for the IRS for 30 years and knows ALL the ins and outs. If you are looking for someone to do your taxes, my dad is the MAN! He prepares income tax returns and he also represents people who owe taxes. You can check out his website at:, and his office number is: 949-553-1123.

We just got back from an event in Christchurch, NZ. I have been away from big cities for many months now. It was very interesting and kind of sad to me, that I felt a feeling of comfort when I saw the first BIG Shopping center. It must have been the HUGE building similar to Target and Walmart that seemed comforting to me. Oh boy! I guess that is what I grew up with and what I was used to. CRAZY!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Matt, Have you ever had a colonoscopy? I went for my yearly check up and my doctor who doesn't beleive in the benefits of colonics insists on a colonoscopy.