Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Flavored Almonds Raw Food Recipe, episode #325

In today's episode we teach you how to make the best tasting flavored almond raw food recipe. Zack is really good at this. This is a GREAT episode... Enjoy :-)


binniebird/Lynn said...

My understanding is that the almonds will not reach 145 degrees during that one to two hours. They are set that high to prevent bacteria/fungi from growing as they would if they remained wet to too long in the open air. You turn the temp back then to keep them from gradually reaching a point of destroying the enzymes, etc. Just like cooking meat in the oven. If you check the intenal temp of the meat early on, it will not be fully cooked and the temp will be lower. As the meat continues to cook the internal temp will then rise.

D2Quilter said...

The temp of the almond isn't 145 degrees, the air surrounding them is. Just like a turkey isn't done until the temp reaches the done temp. . . which takes hours. So the 145 degree setting warms up the air surrounding the almonds, gets it to a nice temp and then you lower the setting before the almonds get cooked. Clear as mud, Right?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you start higher i temperature because of the moisture cooling it down at first. then just turn it lower and voila;-) guess, gabriel knows what he is talking about, and hey, just try to sprout on of those almonds afterwards and you'll know;-)