Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Tree of Life Dispensary, Episode #334

The Tree of Life Dispensary is where the products Dr. Gabriel Cousens recommends to visitor and patients are dispensed. The workers here get all of the cutting edge information right off the bat!


Mapuana said...

Aloha Matt and Angela, Mele Kalikimaka ame Hauoli Makahiki Hou. Very glad to see u both recovered from the accident. Mahalo nui loa for all the work u both do to expand our awareness in attaining a healthier life style thru raw foods. By watching you guys on utube I've started to transist with raw foods and green juices by shedding the SAD and years of being on numerous medications. U both have been of great help and inspiration. I love ur energies and light! Ho'opomaika'i/Blessings~Aloha No

Pamela said...

THANKS for showing me this. I have ordered lots of things from them. They are always so nice on the phone. It is sweet to see them and hear their philosophy. They do give out love as the number 1 priority. The space feels really clear. I like that.

'God Jul' to Thim, I am half Swedish.

Love to you.

Thanks for your honesty Angela. That is a huge help.

Christmas Blessings. I like it that you are being non-denominational. I always feel bad for Jewish people and don't want them feeling left out. Being left out is not what Christ is about.

Love you, any day of the year.