Thursday, December 31, 2009

Spirulina Salad Raw Food Recipe, Episode #339

Today we had the chance to interview Courtney Pool. She has been into the Raw Foods lifestyle for quite sometime. She shares the BEST Spirulina Salad raw food recipe.


raw food said...

The raw food recipe you mentioned in this video is awesome for our health. Thanks.

hendrik. said...

Hi ,
My name is Hendrik Jan founder and managing director of Aurospirul, a spirulina farm in Auroville/South India, we are producing sun dried spirulina which goes perfectly well with raw food diet . Are you aware that the industrial produced spirulina is being spray dried ?
In other words: dehydration at extremely high temperature during a few seconds (all enzymes are being lost). in fact the same technology is being used for making milk powder out of fresh milk.
We are able to supply you with our sun dried spirulina products.for more information please visit our webpage on the Auroville website.