Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Ultimate Parasite Cleansing Protocol, Episode #335

Angela and I are in the process of doing the ultimate parasite cleanse. Check out as we utilizes MMS, DMSO, and the silver pulser and magnetic pulser from the Bob Beck protocol.


Anasha said...

hi, merry christmas to you 2, too funny that yesterday i was saying to my beloved life partner that i need a parasite cleanse.
soooo, there it comes, but it goes sooo fast for me, and where do you get all the ? could you elaborate more? i am about to get an order shipped to spain from your shop, do i get the stuff from there?
i have done parasites cleanse before with wormwood etc... more like Clark protocol and Zapper and had good results, but this sounds interesting.
thank you for the show and enjoy the cleanse and the tree of life stay

Anonymous said...

Bring it on, go deep!

A lot of people are sick.

You can make it clear that extreme is just for those who are sick.

Love you!