Friday, February 20, 2009

CSA - Community Supported Agriculture & Eating Seasonally, Episode #51

What an awesome show today. I headed to Farmer and the Cook, and I came across... Jon... Their Farmer and the cook! We talk about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and also eating seasonally. Jon is an AWESOME man and today we have an AWESOME Show.... Enjoy...


mari1942 said...

Really do love the show you bring and please do not stop.

desnatural said...

Matt, SO super thankful for you show. You really have no idea. This show in particular. What this guys says at the end about maintaining a healthy relationship btwn food AND people is such a helpful reminder for me!!! I'll spare you the details but his comment the other day have changed some serious things for my mental clarity regarding food, etc. THANKS!!

mari1942 said...

I agree with you, I beat myself up when I can't be all raw so I need to give some room to get closer with time.
Matt, please keep up your show as it is very comforting and fun.
Thanks again,