Thursday, February 12, 2009

Raw Food and Sensitivities, Episode #44

Hello EVERYONE!!!! We've got Angela back on the show today. We talk about Raw Foods and Sensitivities... People are GOING NUTS on the comment made towards the end of the video... Enjoy...


Anonymous said...

Really interesting topic Matt, I'd love to hear a lot more about your experiences around food sensitivities and how 'alien' you can feel at that because of the spiritual changes in our yet-to-be sensitive society?

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,
I must say, I was concerned about you becoming so sensitive that you couldn't tolerate a smoky environment, and I think it was useful to hear you say that people might not want to become so clean, because there are issues. Whilst I strive to eat as many whole food, and raw foods as possible, I guess I need to work out what's best for me.

The maca comment was cheeky (said with a grin), but also important.

I'm picking up some really useful tips in your little video-blogs; I should read some of your work.

Thanks Matt,


Chelsea said...

Groovy show Matt. I appreciate your honesty-I cracked up when you mentioned your 3-day long maca-fueled erection. I know, it's serious, but I had the same issue! Well, the female version of the same issue. I'm 100% too and got a little overzealous when my first shipment of Maca came in. My boyfriend, who is not raw or vegan and eats anything but is supportive, could not get any sleep for days because I was so worked up! I think he liked it at first but it got to be a little overwhelming for him.

Anyway, I like hearing honest perspectives on the "downfalls" of living this lifestyle. So often raw food is touted as a cure all for EVERYTHING but it does come with it's own set of challenges. I agree with you though that those challenges are well worth it.

I love being so in tune that plants, like maca and cacao, can speak to me so loudly, even if the message is uncomfortable sometimes. Just this last week I went to the herbalist and started taking some herbs to build up my spleen chi-he told me that it might stir up some crazy emotions bacause the spleen is linked to fear (in traditional chinese medicine) and WHOA! It's been a trip, Matt, a straight up trip!

Anyway, I love watching you and Angela interact-I can feel the love radiating out of the computer screen!

Thanks for the show! Keep up the sweet work!

Anonymous said...

I have certain food sensitivities that keep me from eating out too often. So, I make sure to try to find some types of raw food recipes to keep me healthily full... otherwise i have OTHER types of problems!

Has anyone on here tried RawPeople to look for recipes for food sensitivities? I found it quite useful.

Mellos & Justy said...

Hi Matt
Thank you so much for sharing with us! This has definitely been your best show so far (followed by the Stinging Nettle experiment which was good fun). So thank you and congratulations! We are all on our own journeys, having different experiences and it's inspiring, helpful and reassuring to share them with others. Keep up the great work Matt. Love and blessings from New Zealand.

debbiedoesraw said...

Ok Matt, your TMI made me LMAO!!!!!!
too good, and true! Even being raw , and not fully clean, I experience very strong reactions to certain smells and foods, even just being around them sometimes bothers me.
thanks for being so open.
deb xoxo