Friday, February 6, 2009

The Raw Food World TV Show Resumes..., Episode #39

Welcome Everyone! Matt Monarch is BACK and ready to go!!! The Raw Food World TV Show Resumes...


Michelle said...

Hi Matt,
I am so happy your feeling better again!!

And those doggies are the cutest!!!!

Happy Birthday dude!!!

Tawni Lay said...

Ahh Matt,

It's great to see you well again!

Yay for the pups!

Love n Light,

sharon said... good to see that everyone (including the little dogs) is doing better ... "Sandy" looks healed, indeed - that's is really wonderful.

Deirdre said...

That puppy is so insanely cute!!!

fiona said...

Hi Matt,

So good to see you again (at the raw food world....the jingle is so catchy Angela!). Absolutely wonderful to see the dogs doing so well, thank you for the love you've given and continue to give them.

Elizabeth said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Elizabeth said...

Glad you are feeling better
Your Show each day keeps me motivated.
Thank you for all you do to motivate the raw food world.
The puppies are the cutties

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