Monday, February 2, 2009

Seedy Sunday w/Angela Stokes in the UK, Episode #39

Angela Stokes went and visited a 'Seedy Sunday' permaculture gathering to obtain all these beautiful and amazing seeds for growing on our land in Ecuador. A little messge from our Goddess Angela, 'Apologies for the jumpiness of the video - my camera and computer don't seem to co-operate very well yet - I don't intentionally edit it like this ;)' Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

If you're planning on bringing those seeds back with you when you come back to the States for when you head on to Ecuador later, I recommend checking the U.S. customs website before you do. I wanted to bring some Tulip seeds back from Holland a few years ago and it was not allowed. Maybe things have changed since, but I would check just to be on the safe side; California is especially picky with stuff like that.