Saturday, February 14, 2009

More Sensitivities, Dogs, & Stinging Nettles Experiment, Episode #45

Hello Everyone... Oh man... My computer died. I lost all the information on it. I got a brand new one though that I am excited about. I am still trying to retrieve some of the files. It's just moving soooooo sloooooooowly... Well... I was up a 5am to get in that shipping department and make miracles happen. it was fun... In today's I talk about more sensitivities, Raw Dog Food, and I bust out another Stinging Nettle experiment. Enjoy... (I just LOVE typing with this new computer... I am going to be here all day in a moment.)...

I know that I stated I would do two shows today. I just didn't get to it. I am all over this new computer. NEXT Saturday we'll have the deep talk. Ok... Here we go... Enjoy...


Barbara said...

You had me laughing out loud with the stinging nettles :-) Great episode. Love keeping up with the dogs progress.

Anonymous said...

You remind me of a stereotypical "english eccentric"! So funny.

Great video content - I look out for your shows.

I've just finished reading "Becoming Younger" (recommended in one of your shows!)


Anonymous said...

Matt I love your show! Keep it up! :) but if the daily posting thing ever becomes difficult for you, don't feel pressure to post every day