Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dr. Norman Walker's Juicing Princess & Natural Vision Educator, Episode #60

WHOOOOOOAAAAA!!!!! What a show today's episode turned out to be!!!! Matt Monarch Interviews someone that personally new Dr. Norman Walker and a Natural Vision Repair Expert. Enjoy!!!...

You can get all of Dr. Norman Walkers books and charts by clicking HERE.

You can view Farmer and the Cook's website by clicking HERE.

Lastly... You can view Esther's 'Natural Vision Educating' site HERE. Additionally, she does some FREE classes in different parts of the world and you can view them by clicking HERE.


uzbekjoe said...

Information overload today Matt
I love Dr Walker and his juicer is on my wish list.

Read Diet and Salad in one day and working on another from him.
The information he provided is unbelievable for the time period it was written.
Some of his writings are over 70 years old.
Who knew what organic and juicing was back then.
Thanks for Starting the week off with a great show.

Season said...

I want my own Juicing Princess! Wow! But I'm not a rockstar like Dr. Walker. You could probably get your own juicing princess though, not that you need one. You have a wherehouse of shipping princes/princesses, that is probably neat too. Hehe. Thank you for more laughs, Matt! You're so fun!


Moreen Murray said...

Love your postings...such an informative and mind-blowing visit for you Matt!

I have a question...I am new to raw foods and am getting conflicting information.
How do you feel about food combining?...i.e. not eating fruit with veggies...eating nuts and dried fruit separately. I am reading "Raw Detox Food Detox Diet" by Natalia Rose and am already vegan.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt, this is my short story how food can improve your life. I am from Slovakia (formerCzechoslovakia) and I live in Canada now. I’ve started my diet 20 years ago (sorry for my English, I am still learning English). I started eating healthy food following information from the books by Dr. Norman Walker and Dr. Kristine Nolfi. At that time I was a miner and my weight was almost 300 pound. I was healthy and very strong but fatty boy. Our oldest daughter started getting sick. She was 3 years old and doctors had no cure for her. She was permanently under antibiotics. We did not know what to do and thought that doctors were the only ones that could help us. But after a while, we lost hope. At that time Czechoslovakia was a communist country and we had not information as tohealthy eating, we didn't know anything about vegetarians, vegans and our leaders considered it as a style lived in capitalistic countries, thus bad! In spite of this fact, I managed to get some books by Norman Walker, Nolfi, Gerson and Hippocrates and I tried this diet first on me. I started eating vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts and added some enemas. After one and half or two months, I lost almost 140 pound. Everybody told me that I was going to die but I felt very well and I knew that this food could bring our daughter back to health. I applied this diet on our daughter and she became healthy in no time and she has been healthy ever since and now has two healthy children. For everybody, eating for life is better than living to eat.

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