Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Raw Foods in College? Episode #81

Welcome EVERYONE!!! I'll be with Angela Stokes in about 24 hours!!!

Can Ignorance be Bliss? hmmmmm... Enjoy this episode as I answer a College Students question about the Raw Food Diet.


christine said...
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Laurel said...

Haha, very interesting!

I'm a college student as well, and trying to do 100% raw food right now. And I've been a vegetarian since I was 12 too. I go to BYU - not really a party school. But it's still hard to find someone who is even a vegetarian. And I'm really struggling, not with eating right . . . but with fitting in. Being a loner can have a negative toll on your health as well! I wouldn't change a thing though. Knowledge is power . . . he he :).

Love your show!!


Anonymous said...

yay Laurel! its great that you are doing raw at what seems like a conservative place. it does suck to be a loner but its all perspective. i say keep eatin raw and let your inner light shine - then those who reject you will not help but be drawn to you, and want to know your secret! :)

Mellos and Justy said...

Great show. Q was awesome! Thank you for doing what you do.


uzbekjoe said...

Sure hope you have some video when you and Angela first see each other.
Please be gentle Matt I see the excitement in your eyes.

Me I do have regrets in the back of my mind but do not dwell on the past.
I was sorta healthy back in college days eating flexatarian diet. Then went full SAD for about 8 years and now in recovery with a high raw vegan diet the past 2 years.
Would like to pursue the possibility of 100 raw to see if I can handle it.
Just no support for me in real life.