Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Raw Food Friends in Downtown Vilcabamba Ecuador!, Episode #88

Hey EVERYONE!!!! These videos just keep coming!!! We were hanging in downtown Ecuador... and Guess who we ran into... Out of all places!



debbiedoesraw said...

Just insane, what a world we live in and what an adventure you all are having!
the best LIFE ever!

uzbekjoe said...

These videos of your trip are the best keep them coming.

Thanks for the crew in Ecuador for sending good vibes my way

Feel good after watching the video

GoRawMe said...

Rawk! I both wanted to be at that table ... and knew I was already.

Bliss to you all! Maria ... I'm lookin' for you on Facebook!!

RawCheers! ... you BEAUTIES!

Anonymous said...

Huh. Yeah. That was interesting.

Can we see some more of your new neighbor and friend Mike? His obvious love and reverence for the land and the amazing food it produces is truly inspiring. The man couldn't be more endearing.

I'll take 5 quality minutes with Mike over that table of hipsters any day. Mike is the real deal.


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