Friday, March 13, 2009

How to make Rejuvelac w/Angela Stokes

Hey Everybody!!!... We've got Angela Stokes showing you how to make rejuvelac in this FUN episode. Here is a little message from Angela... "I apologise again for the c.h.o.p.p.y-ness of this video - I do not edit it this way, my video camera just does not seem to cooperate well with my computer ;)"

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7-Day Rejuvelac Timeline:

Day 1: Leave wheatberries to soak in water overnight.
Day 2: Morning - discard soak water, leave wheat to sprout. Evening - rinse sprouts with clean water.
Day 3: Morning and evening - rinse sprouts off with clean water.
Day 4: Place sprouted wheat into a container and cover with lots of water to create the rejuvelac. Leave to ferment for the next 36-48 hours or so.
Day 5: Leave the rejuvelac fermenting.
Day 6: Decant the drink into containers, into the fridge. Add more water onto the wheat to make a second batch of rejuvelac.
Day 7: Decant the second batch of rejuvelac and offer the wheatberries to the local birdies ;)



raw in nauvoo said...

Thank you SO much for doing this video. Reading about how to make rejuvelac just overwhelmed me. You made me see how EASY it is. I will start mine tomorrow. Thanks for all you BOTH do!

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good to know
lol about the ending : )

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