Monday, March 30, 2009

Fresh Lucuma Fruit! (Low Glycemic) Episode #87

Hey EVERYONE!!!! Check us out in our Vilcabamba, Ecuador Hotel...

You can order Lucuma Powder by clicking HERE.


Anonymous said...

SWEET!! I Love You Guys...I feel like i'm right there with you enjoying All your Fresh ,New Tastes and experiences..=Priceless :=)
Big smiles!!

threadspool said...

Watching this is a real eye opener. Raw is taking the two of you to incredible places. Simply unprecedented.

Living roofs? Monkey Puzzles? I'm star struck.

Some dream to live, some live to dream, and here it would seam that both are happening at the same moment.

Your lacuma tree will go forth in the land strong and vibrant.

Raw food is real. Cant wait for episode 100 and beyond!


PS. Any plans for CACAO!?

uzbekjoe said...

Thanks for all the videos the past few days
I am enjoying my virtual vacation with you.

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