Saturday, May 23, 2009

Green Coconut Dream Juice - Raw Food Recipe, Episode #143

I don't know what it is about how the blender turns this magical drink into a Green Malt, but it does... AND... It is AMAZING!!! Enjoy.


uzbekjoe said...

I love simple things. Will keep this one in my mind when traveling.

With the juicer I found a juiceman at a Salvation Army for $4.
It works great unfourtantly does not work to good with greens.
That is my travel juicer and works well enough for me.

jobeck42 said...

Hi you two. I can honestly say that watching you two daily has helped me return to 100% raw. This is my 8th day and the couple of walls I have hit already have been helped by watching you two. So I huge thank you. Wish we could get young coconuts in the UK but the strawberry/Banana raw yoghurt type thing I made yesterday as my treat did the trick. All the best for now, Love Jo xxxx

lala said...

am drinking this RIGHT NOW... oh my MMMMMMmmmm!!! Thank You for the super extra yummy tip!!!!!!!


Barbara said...

Matt, thanks for the "tip" on how to open a young thai coconut. I just opened my first one. Had always shied away for fear of wielding a large knife. This method was less intimidating for a newbie. By the way, I love watching the farmer's market visits...please don't stop!

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