Friday, May 1, 2009

Washing Hands Before Eating, Episode #121

C'mon Everyone!!! Do you REALLY believe that I would not wash my hands after I pet the dog and before I touched the food??? There was a break in the clip that was edited out. You don't want to watch 5 minutes of me washing my hands and doing other thing too??? I edit that stuff out :-)

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Kelsey said...

DONT WORRY MATT- I THINK WE'VE ALL BEEN THERE! im not digusted either by it, but yea some people are. im sure your dog is clean :)

honestly though its a natural instinct to pet animals and then make food without cleaning. i think so anyway.

and the people who said EWWW!!- im sure they do way grosser things behind closed doors. hehe.

ps. lo li would have loved to see angelas face

HerbalEranah said...

Ahh we still ove you guys! Washing hands is over rated just go to India! Heehee!

weavermomo said...

Dogs are cleaner than people! Don't worry about it, it is a scientific fact their mouths are cleaner than ours too.

uzbekjoe said...

Its all good.
A little dog fur never hurt anyone.
Hope you shared with the dogs also.
My zippy dog loves to sit with me when I eat so I know I have eaten my share of dog fur.
At least dog fur is raw? lol

Tammie said...

I honestly thought it had been edited out! You guys are awesome! I saw you in Reno and bought both your books. Matt I thought your book would be too hard to understand but I loved it! Thankyou!

Michelle said...

Thanks Matt for taking the time to make this video!