Monday, May 18, 2009

Markus Rothkranz Shows Us MarkusWorld, Episode #138

This has got to be the FUNNEST Episode yet!!!!


HILARY said...

Arghhhh! M 'n A, you make an awesome raw pirate and wench team, alright! And Markus is such an amazing being of raw wild creative light! You were all born to be raw and wild! I love how you introduce us to so many amazing people, places, things and concepts. We certainly savor some of these introductions more than others, and I do find this episode among the most savory, you deliciously rogue maritime characters! You could have a personalized licensed plate with your initials (MN8),which also evoke what you do every day: "EMANATE".

Anonymous said...

WOW..Nice work on the video and u both definitely enlightned my day..

Barbara said...

This episode was great fun. You guys looked great in the costumes!
Thanks for doing this show daily it is appreciated by so many of us and brightens our day :-)

Hannah said...

Markus's Go Raw Now trailer was what inspired me to start eating raw!!!!!

uzbekjoe said...

Markus is one of the best raw motivators I have seen.
Lots of positive energy.
His intro video on his site is amazing also.
Hopefully you guys will get more time with him.
Keep introducing us to new or known people.

lala said...

wOOOooww, Markus is sooo talented!!! That was sooo beautiful and fun and inspiring!