Sunday, May 10, 2009

Matt's Brother is Back!!!, (Part I of III) Episode #130

Oh Man!!! My Bro is BACK!!!!...


JoyfullyRaw said...

He's got great questions, Matt! You should have a regular segment with him. Debates are always educational. And he's just so darn cute ;). I hope your mom had a great Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, your brother looks like Clive Owen!!! :))) Super-dooper good-looking! :)

Matthew said...

Tomatoes are one good example how heating can increase the lycopene bioavailability hugely. Hence why I never eat toamtoes raw.

Matthew said...

I've been on Calorie Restriction with optimal nutrition for 6 years, since I was 18 and now almost 25. Looks like I aint aged at all since I was 16 :) I eat lots of raw veggies, some cooked, plenty of fruit, nuts, Extra virgin olive oil. No meat. My calorie intake averages around 1650-1750K/cal per day and I'm 5ft 7"... the problem with CR is that if you started skinny you end up even thinner (i'm only 106 lbs).

Raw fooders according to studies are mildly calorie restricted compared to the average person, though not as much as those on CRON.

The guy that actually studied raw fooders actually has been studying people on CR for years, I got offered to go to washinginton university in St Louis for things like genetic testing. I have 3 links under 'important studies' on the right side of my blog. The studies basically conclude that people on CR have hearts 15 years younger than their age, no risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and little risk of cancer. Virtually no inflammation, all the metabolic and other changes consistent with people who go on to live longer lifespans.

Matt, if you want to know whether you have one of these indicators you can check your body temperature. Usually people who are on CR will have a body temp that is below normal, usually around 36.0 degrees C (need to check oral or ear temperature for accurate results. Lower body temperature = longer lifespan, and its proven to be true in animals as well as humans from the baltimore longitudinal study.

CR induces many changes rather than simply not digesting food. WHen your body singals that calories are low it goes into a protective mode, thousands of genes change in their expression, up regulating repair and maintenance, stress resistance goes up so the cells are much more tougher and can withstand greater challenges.

It's interesting how animals on CR live equivalent to 150-180 human years. Basically 30% CR gives 30% longer lifespan of your remaining life expectancy. The same is true right up until 70% CR which is almost frank starvation... I wouldn't recommend anyone doing this :)

I have lots of media and stuff on my blog if you want to check out anyway. Good show matt!

Anonymous said...

Matt - you're tired because your the lack of enzymes in the cooked food means your body doesn't recognise it as food and therefore starts a whole chain reaction of white blood cell production. All the energy needed for this makes you tired.

Whisper said...

I think I finally "got it" within the last few months. It's more about "living" foods rather than the amount of vit/min loss or gain. If you eat your vegies cooked or raw you will get your vit/min. I think boiling is killing and steaming is the essence of the living plant is altered. I think the essence of life is the important issue of eating raw.

Anonymous said...

I love the question and answer format too.

I'd love to see more of your mum, she's so easy to relate to...and she's learned a thing or two about raw food!

You're a great looking family - even the dog's cute -, Ms. Stokes will have no trouble slotting in.

Oh, and well done for leaving the impression in! - it was fun!

Kelsey said...

your brother is a real character- he will never go raw he just wants to out-prove you lol. its cute.

but yes steamed veg will make you drowsy! they made me drowsy even after 2 weeks of 100% raw!

Michelle said...

I want a grapple please!!!

Marlena Torres said...

i love your family! your brother is hilarious i loved the grapple thing! haha

Anonymous said...

your brother has it wrong. grapples are chemically flavored!!! its impossible to put grapes in the core and then put it back together. maybe he was trying to fool you so that you would unknowingly consume chemicals ..?

seriously though, its gross to see how they make them, but check it out for yourself matt :)

lala said...

very cute... the best part is when Mom says 'fletcherism'! I learned a new word... (and much more)

awww, Matt remembers why Brian calls him Matta! adorable!!!!!

Thank you for sharing about CR, Matthew. And thanks for the link to the Grapple process - yuuuck!!!