Saturday, August 8, 2009

Natural Spring Water w/ Daniel Vitalis Part 3, Episode #207

Wow! We are all LOVING Daniel Vitalis!!! :-)

We've got more coming after this too :-)


Miriam said...

This makes me want to take more advantage of the spring in my town. I was lucky enough to come across one while hiking.

I live about 3 hours from jackson, nh. Maybe I'll take a trip up to that spring someday :)

Anonymous said...

I love and admire Daniel for his knowledge on this subject and can't wait to find a spring near me! I am drinking spring water from a healthfood store that is bottled in glass....I am absolutely on the journey that Daniel speaks of and I am ready for the next level! Thank you Matt and Angela for posting this series! xo

Kat Ruyle said...

WOW. This is an amazing idea...what an eye opening thought process! I could listen to him speak all day because of his enthusiasm for and knowledge (just like Matt!) about what he's talking about. AMAZING! Thank you for posting this!!

Anonymous said...

Did you publish more episodes of the spring water trip from 2009 or did it end with episode 3? I can't find any links past 3. Thanks!