Friday, August 28, 2009

Watermelon Juice, Episode #232

Oh Man!!! The overload of callers crashed the teleconference system. We upgraded and we are doing it tomorrow night at the same time. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone... Today Angela and I made Watermelon Juice. Check it out!


Becca said...

Great idea! I'd never heard of blending and straining juice.

I just love putting watermelon rind in my juicer with all my green veggies!

uzbekjoe said...

I was going to say my watermelon juice was not as green.
The reason for that was not sure if chemical free. So I peeled the dark green part off and used what was left of the rind.
Why would they even make a organic hybrid fruit. I only use seeded watermelon.

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Is watermelon juice with the rind bitter? Is that why Matt added orange juice?

Kristen's Raw said...

CUTE DOGGIE!!!!!!!!! ADORABLE!!!!! :)))))))

Cheers to watermelon juice.

Umm.... question... watermelons are supposed to be consumed alone, for optimal digestion and you added orange juice. I'm guessing this is ok since all of the fiber is gone? What do you say?