Sunday, August 16, 2009

Raw Foods and Weight loss, Episode #220

ANOTHER lovely couple that we absolutely LOVE on the Road in Boulder Colorado. Enjoy...


cindy said...

I love Boulder also and learned craniosacral therapy there at the Colorado School of Energy Studies at the end of Arapahoe by the preserve and trails, the creek.

Can't wait to check out the and was bummed out when the co-op there had to close. But I plan to take the teacher training there so am soooo happy to know that Meredith uncooks and caters! ;D

If you and Angela get a chance to book a session with the Chitty's either Anna or John. They were my teachers and they are amazing biodynamic craniosacral therapists as well as polarity therapists from waaaay back.


Lagston said...

Definitely gotta check out "Go Raw Cafe" in Vegas.
They have two locations of which both are awesome.
Highly recommend the Granola Yummola.
And! They even have a coconut durian smoothie Matt! Rawk it brother!

Safe travels.


praizer4ever said...

I have been searching for Dustins' raw food weight loss testimony for a long time. Thanks Matt and Angela for giving us what we want to see.

praizer4ever said...

Thanks for Dustins' testimony regarding his raw food weight loss. I've been searching for it for awhile.

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