Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rawman and Green-Girl, Episode #233

If you haven't seen Rawman and Green-Girl... this is a MUST!!!... check it out!


carachi said...

This is kind of a tech issue. It is always nice with tips and links, and I realize than on TouTube you have to give them in the film, but it WOULD be nice if you could give us a textlink in your blog as well - for all us that read your blog or RSS-feed.

Thanks very much – I always enjoy your shows, and especially any tips and trix and producs, like the one on Blendtec/Green juicer.
By the way. What produce do you juice/blend? What do you use the juicer for? Green leaves? How long does it take to juice them? (They don't blend well even in a Blendtec?)
I am kind of confuesd on what to buy for my GREEN, mostly leave drinks. I spend hours with my old juicer :-/

Anonymous said...

Lol, This is so funny, I have to check Raw MAn and Green Girl out! I can't believe it, you guys are so close to where I live! I live in Bellflower, a couple miles away from Pasadena. It be cool f you could interview the homesteaders, the Dervaes, that live there, they are amazing. Have an awesome-possum daay!


lala said...

aawweessoooommeness!!! can't wait to watch the toons... =)))))