Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Attuned Awareness after birth, episode #348

Today we had the pleasure in interviewing David Rainoshek. David discusses how they juicefeasted before conception and how more attuned awareness is experienced after birthing a new child.


omamma said...

I love these guys! i worked for their family in Victoria B.C. at Cafe Bliss..
Katrina is an inspiring mother!
thier family inspired me to stay raw .. and work for bliss.. they all thrive and shine..the juice speaks..

. and thier baby is so precious.. truely a bliss baby!! i miss them all.. thanks for the interview what a treat! And thanks for all your wondeorus Jucie Feasting Majik everyone!

Anonymous said...

thanks for doing this interview you two. I will be checking their website out.

Rhonda said...

Yes very good information.
Thanks I will definately pass this on to others.

Cindy Cummins, Skylight Massage said...

I fasted and did Arise and Shine colon cleanse and alkalinizing for 30 days before planned loving conception of my second son.

My husband at the time did not but was vegetarian and also mindful of planning inviting in our son.

It does make a difference. It does show in the young person.

That was 1997! ;)