Monday, January 4, 2010

The Benefits of Systemic Enzymes, Episode #341

Today I discuss the many of the benefits of systemic enzymes in great detail. Learn how systemic enzymes can aid your healing process... Enjoy :-)

The Benefits of Systemic Enzymes, Episode #341

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pineforest said...

Hey Matt,

Very interesting show about enzymes.

Just wondered is there any update about the youtube situation?

Anasha said...

too funny, i wrote to your store yesterday about getting a juicer and a blendtec send to spain and suddenly here come 2 videos so it seems you have recuperated some or all videos or you had the master copy.
this you tube story is weird and freaky, big brother is obviously watching us.....
a girl friend of mine wanted to check out the videos on cultured veggies, do you still have those???????
anyway thanks for sharing and good luck with my space

Necrowitch said...

yay! your posting again! =^-^=

Eric said...

very interesting - in your travels and conversations, have you guys ever heard of anyone healing, or slowing ALS with raw foods and the above protocol?

I'm glad that I don't have any degenerative diseases that I know of. As for me, I would rather walk to New York then take the plane - OI love walking!

Hi :) said...

Hey this might be a stupid question but i really don't know much about enzymes. I just bought some "digestive enzymes" to help me with digestion but it says to take them with food. So are these similar to the enzymes you are talking about, where i should be taking them on an empty stomach for more benefits?

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

Sorry about the Youtube is shocking!

Were you going to update us on the coconut Kefir? I was curious how it looks when you are done.


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