Thursday, January 28, 2010

Raw Food Resources, episode #360

Today Angela shares with you her favorite raw food resources. She explains the best online websites for getting your questions answered, social websites, recipes and traveling on the road. Enjoy...


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Midday in the Garden of Good and Better said...

Don't block me! I have a supportive comment about hair.

I don't know why you would cut your hair, Matt. It is distinctive, your signature. My son has a friend who had long, curly hair for years. Very blond. Everyone picked him out of crowds immediately. He looked like, I don't know, an angel or a sculpture of a god or something. Maybe that distinction got to him at 16. So he cut the hair all off.

Guess what. It was like Sampson losing his hair in a sense. He looks like every other teenage boy now. You can't pick him out of a crowd now. Maybe that's what he wanted for some reason.

But why would you want that? Doesn't that go against everything you are?

Anonymous said...

do you believe that orthorexia exists? have you noticed some raw foodies who don't seem, uh, well? there's one on facebook who ONLY posts about fasting and exercise, and i'm wondering if all raw food folks are this obsessed with their bodies? can you address it on a show?

Anonymous said...

At the risk of being deleted...gasp!... a few respectful comments sent with love. It sometimes appears that you are each / both exasperated by the comments and questions that are sent to you. Matt occasionally seems especially frustrated. I applaud the reference sites and hope that it decreases your work load regarding answering. (You could always just do an automatic response featuring these sites, and no longer answer individual questions.)

With all due respect to you both, and to your successful enterprise, I find a certain lack of respect for your faithful viewers. Angela,perhaps you don't realize that your imitation of questions is in an extremely mocking voice,( perhaps keep that as your 'private' voice) and that 'fade out' with the pointed finger, Matt, is bordering on the seems you can hardly wait to be done recording.

Please remember that these questions and comments are made by your customers, those that directly support your lifestyle. Of course, there is no reason for you to take abuse , but perhaps you may need to be more centered and professional in your 10 minutes of video each day. If you are burnt out on this as a daily responsibility, you could consider every second day.
I do enjoy the shows, but am finding the cringe worthy moments more frequent.
Matt,perhaps you are truly saturated with hair comments but I find the threat of deletion a rather childish response.
You are both running a business that depends on the continued support of a diverse general public, warts, stupid comments and all. I do as well, and as such, realize there is an 'on' time and it is not to be confused with backstage.
Take time to step back from the personal reactions and do these videos because you WANT to, not because you HAVE to. Cost of doin' business. Continued success and balance to you.

Anonymous said...

huh you dont get rid of me that easily :D
seriously as someone that has been banned, i can honestly say i meant no harm and am upset that my off the cuff remark about your being vain hurt you so badly.
good lesson learned for me however that i need to watch what i say/type, or maybe not comment any more and just listern and learn.
as for you hair i beleive i made a comment a while back but you did ask us why you wasnt voted as raw hunk, or whatever the title was.

for the record i like your hair now its not so matted and dont think you should tie it back.

so sorry i hurt your feelings but i am confussed about the bunch of other stuff i commented on, sorry for those too, what ever they were.

love you and love what your doing


Anonymous said...

leave the hair alone! it's beautiful. those expressing their negative opinions need to focus on the "free and valuable" information being provided! I have long hair, hundreds of people have told me to cut it, or do this or that, blah blah blah. they are just opinions, some pople are so unhappy that they look for ways to raise themselves up by being less than nice to others. LOVE the hair long and wild, it says you are confident, and expresses your own personal unique signature, 'nuff said.

Angela - what a transformation in your personality after the tree of life - GLOW BABY GIRL! WOW!.

Anonymous said...

Hair is just hair, we all have it. It's no big deal unless one makes it a big deal.
I am not subscribed to this site to hear anyone's drama. I'm here to expand my health awareness.
Leave the drama at at home.

Anonymous said...

On Curezone- u hafta check out the Barefoot herbalist mh! he was talking about barefeet way b4 david wolfe, and explains how were breathairian and basically he's the best ever! :)

Anonymous said...

here is his website i really think you'll both love it. :)

ive tried them-crazy amazing.
1 mis called 'longevity spices' has 108 herbs!

Anonymous said...

Matt and Angela,
You are like a breath of fresh air. I see your enthusiasm. I see your lovely souls. Regarding any negativity, I offer you advice that you may take or leave as your free will dictates...
1. Don't sweat the small stuff.
2. You can't please everybody.
You are beautiful beings and I applaud your efforts to make this world a better place!

Anonymous said...

Just saw this, fyi, even though I know you're switching everything to teh raw food world:

adrienne said...

I love when angela ask questions etc. in that voice! At the end when matt closes out with his finger has never once come across slightly hostile or anything of that nature. I love the show and look forward to seeing it everyday. I'm not in business so maybe you should come across as more centered and professional, but to me that would would take away an important aspect of the show. I think I love it so much because I'm incredibly thankful to find two people so similar to myself. If you changed to being maybe more professional? I would still watch the show, but it wouldn't be the same. ***love4u***!

Anonymous said...

I really like your show~ watching it makes me happy :)

Anonymous said...

Love the hair, love Angela's voices, love Matt's personality. Love it all! Thanks for bringing the light.

Koa said...

It's not that the hair is bad. It's that your face is good, and I think people want to see more of it. I do.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
Just thought we ought to include Penni Shelton's Raw Food Rehab to the list at In my opinion, it is the most loving and supportive raw community on the web. Love you guys, long hair green hair, dreaded hair, no hair, love is just love. xoxo ~Colleen~

Anonymous said...

Matt/Angela..You guys are Wonderful, beautiful and amazing. No worries about your hair it looks luxurious...

Anonymous said...

Don't change the way you do the show...I can go to many places to get my health information but what I enjoy about your show is how personal and quirky it is, that amuses me and keeps me coming back. Some people are just oversensitive, what can you do? Don't change.

Plus your hair looks better lately then it has in ages.

viagra online said...

Thanks Angela! I love your blog about raw food, please post some recipes as soon as you can.

apad 2 said...

Goodness, there is a great deal of effective info above!