Saturday, June 13, 2009

Alternative Beauty Tips, Episode #160

We are on our way to our Wedding location and we'll be there tomorrow. Exciting!!! We didn't get to the Irish Moss recipe in this video. We'll try to make that happen tomorrow. Enjoy our late night ponderings at Motel 6...


Joeyh007 said...

Hey guys, your oral hygiene regime should really incorporate the use of fluoride. you should be using 1500ppm of fluoride in your toothpaste, otherwise you make your teeth extremely susceptible to caries. also a method of interdental brushing should be employed as these are commonly the areas where tooth caries will begin. And finally, when brushing employ a modified bass technique, unless you want gingival recession, and subsequent dentine hypersensitivity. Ouch!

Anonymous said...

You guys are so cute!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You two are so cute with your clay faces !

Angela, you are right regarding the unwashed blankets and top bedspreads. When I learned this years ago I was incredulous, not to mention concerned travelling with a young child.

Now that my son is a teenager, I will still remind him to keep the covers away from his mouth.

If I am going to be anywhere longer than overnight ,I will call ahead to a hotel and request clean top covers due to allergies.

A small white lie, but works better than asking for clean top covers due to disgust ... :)

Have a most magical wedding, you two. Would have so loved to be there, but obligations do not allow.

Warmest wishes from Victoria.

Anonymous said...

I did a Phd, so that every time someone asked me if I'm a Miss or a Mrs, I could yell back, well actually it's Dr!

Otherwise - in my calmer moments - I'm a Ms.

Ms. Angela Stokes-Monarch suits you...Ms. Stokes is even better - very British!

Anonymous said...

Soap is actually making the water do its job better by increasing the surface area of the water....water is the universal solvent.

And stick to your guns Angela, if we can redefine what is a healthy diet then we can redefine our roles in relationships

etc...friends of mine put both their names together to create a new name....example: Stokesmonarch or Monarchstokes...

Anonymous said...

May I assume that Matt will become Mr. Monarch-Stokes?


TeresaH said...

You two crack me up. You're the best!

Kristen's Raw said...

You two are so freakin' adorable and funny. I like your videos. :)

Hey Matt... question about the clay... If you put it with water in a jar like you have, how long does it last? Do you store in refrigerator (I suspect not, since you have it traveling with you). I brought some of mine that I bought from your store with me to NYC, but I brought it as powder and I mixed with water before using. I'd like to have a ready made mixture with water already done.


Ana said...

I've worked several years in hotels. Let me tell you Ms. Stokes is correct. Unfortunately, just the white sheets get a wash each time. BYO Sleep sack or sleeping bag!

Anonymous said...

I bring my own pillow when I travel. Take the bed covers off or half way down, i fold the sheet over the blanket quite a bit. I bring alcohol and wipe toilet seat, knobs, remote, and wear socks instead of going barefoot. I'm not OCD, but just take precaution.

Have a wonderful wedding!! and a beautiful life together.
My hubby and I have been married now for 27 yrs. I use Ms in business, I took my husband's last name but if I would be you today I think I would use my name with a dash and my husband's name... Anyway all that is not important, what matters is love, respect, kindness; you'll want to be present to that when the rough times come - and they will come.

I'm new to raw foods - even though I knew about it for a long time but it just clicked with me in the last month. I started on a transition diet and I'm researching, reading about it; taking one day at a time and see how it goes. Bumped into your blog and enjoy it.

All the best to both of you!

Anonymous said...

love this episode, great tips

lala said...

Angela, you are soooo adorable!!!!!

Love to You, Solla, Angela, and Matt!!!!! <<<<<33333