Thursday, June 18, 2009

Raw Union Time Capsule, Episode #163

3 days away from getting married and counting!!!


Colette said...

Hi Matt,
I would have loved to tell you as a kind of "wedding gift" that the french translation of your "Raw success" was finished ! Well...not yet : it is quite a long way to do it. Anyway I hope it will be done before the important event of the "fifty years ahead meeting around the Raw Union time capsule" !!!!
Thanks for these videos : we are craving for these lovely cakes, ice cream and savories...
Nadege and I will be thinking of you both, these two next days, wishing you the best for a wonderful, healthy, thriving life in Ecuador and anywhere else !
With all our love to you both,
Colette Pairain

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! cafe gratitude coconut cream pie is amazing!! yay!

kat said...

OMG, LOVE you two. Thanks for sharing this wonderfulness with all of us!
Much Love,

Jamie said...

You guys crack me up and Solla and Sergei are absolutely prescious!!! Have fun you guys wish I could be there. xoxoxoxo

Kristen's Raw said...

Congratulations! Have the most amazing weekend of your lives!!!!!


Terry said...

Best wishes on a happy, fulfilling marriage! I love following you guys! Time capsules are cool. Sergei and Solla are cool (wish i could get my hair to look like Sergei's! LOL) - Peace

Joanna said...

Hi to you both, loving every minute of the run up to your wedding. Blown away by the site of your wedding and how it is decorated.

Time Capsule - yeah a good idea, possibly think this because I am a girl. Hope I am around in 50 years to witness the opening - I will be 92 going on 93 then.

Best of luck for your wedding and thanks for your daily missives.

I am nearly 5 weeks 100% raw again and I have you two to thank for this with your regular updates.

Love and hugs, and every best wish for a happy and fruitful continuance of your life together.

Jo xx

Superfood Girl said...

That was SO cute & funny (especially that last bit) ;-) & of course you were all listening to The Healing Waters band there in the kitchen - too cool. Sooo looking forward to your fabulous event! <3

Penni said...

I LOVE YOU GUYS Sooooooo Much! I'm in my hotel room here in Medford, primping for a day of blissful delight with all of our raw food family. This video makes my heart sing!!

And, Matt, my husband would feel the same way about the time capsule, but I love the idea! This all so exciting!