Sunday, June 28, 2009

Photo Montage of Angela Stokes & Matt Monarch

And the final bits for the Raw Union Festival. There are two videos below. The second half of the Montage just TOPS THE CAKE :-) Enjoy...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Matt and Angela. Thx so much for sharing your special day. May your bliss multiply.

Anonymous said...

How can you have Angela AND Brian in your life?
What an incredible brother!


mari1942 said...

Oh My Word!!!
I can feel the love between you two just zooming out of this computer, it is soooo awesome I was in tears at the end and just wishing I could have that perfect person in my life as well.
All the Best Days Ever for you both,
Please keep it coming we all love you greatly!!!!!

uzbekjoe said...

Matt your brother did a fantastic job on the Montage.
I feel your happiness radiating through cyber world.
Thanks for sharing

Barbara said...

Much love and congratulations to you both. Not only do you look adorable together you are perfect soulmates.
Continued blessings for a happy life :-)

Isaac Alfandary said...

Congratulation to the both of you.
I will celebrate 19 years with my soul mate on Wednesday and you know, a loving relationship is among life's largest blessings. Here's to the two of you enjoying and sharing many happy years of raw, juicy bliss.

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