Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Raw Union Festival, Episode #'s 153 - 155

We've got FOUR NEW episodes today on the Raw Food World TV Show. Just start at the top with this David Wolfe Video and make your way down :-)

The 'Raw Union' Festival/Expo/Wedding is going to be THE RAW EVENT OF THE YEAR and you DON'T WANT TO MISS OUT ON IT!!!

We are gearing up for the Raw Union Festival!!!... And!... It is only 10 days away!... And...!!! It is going to be OFF THE HOOK! :-)

If you missed the 'Durian Eating Contest' with David Wolfe and I, in that video David stated that this is the fourth marriage he has officiated. He is extremely EXCITED to marry Angela and I and to be part of this EXTRAORDINARY Raw Union. Angela and I are amazed that it is suddenly only ten days away!!! :-)

Rainbeau Mars, in the video to the left, will be teaching yoga every day of the festie and also MCing parts of the event. Rainbeau teaches yoga classes around the world for Adidas and these classes often contain around 4000 people at a time. This is your chance to do yoga with Rainbeau Mars in a more intimate atmosphere.

The night before the wedding Ceremony, the men and the women adventure away from each other and the sacred bachelor(ette) parties begin...

Kevin Gianni is heading the men's gathering and I am a bit nervous about it all. It is an absolute MYSTERY to me what Kevin has up his sleeves. I had to question Kevin in the video to the right here... YIKES!!! I have a feeling that Kevin is going to be involving David Wolfe in this Bachelor Fun. Oh MAN!!!!

Angela is so EXCITED for the Sacred Women's gathering. Annie Jubb is going to head a special Ceremony and then Angela will head the Woman's Sacred Song circle with Annie and her GREAT friend Michelle Sabathne'. I wish that I personally could be in that room for just one SPLIT SECOND so I could be uplifted by these Goddesses singing FREELY into the ethers...

We just booked Cathy Silvers to be our Elixer Bar Hostess. During the party after the wedding, Cathy will be offering three different raw chocolate elixers for this WONDEROUS celebration, which will be sure to send you off into the stars and back. Now... in addition to the 'all you can eat' Raw Food Buffet, there will be an UNLIMITED supply of these Wild Wizard Raw Chocolate Elixers at NO COST to everyone attending this celebration.

This will surely be an outstanding event to remember and we're so thrilled that Cathy will be adding this extra . Many of you know Cathy Silvers as Jenny Piccolo, one of the main characthers on the hit show Happy Days.

When I was talking to Cathy this weekend, she actually said that she and the cast are going out to dinner together this week, I guess that includes Scott Baio and Henry Winkler. FUN!!!

OH!!!! And... it gets even BETTER!!!

We have !!!SEVEN AMAZING BANDS & MUSICIANS!!! who are going to be playing LIVE music all weekend long. There will be genre's, which include folk, rock, reggae and more. We even have Michelle, a Raw Opera singer, who lost over 170 pounds on a healthy diet. We are not getting a DJ for the Post Wedding Celebration... We are going to have Live Music througout this well structure post wedding celebration :-)

And of course!!!... There will be many speakers, workshops and food demos ALL WEEKEND LONG! The schedule is up and can now be viewed by clicking HERE. :-)

There are workshops on Natural Birthing, Permaculture, Weight Loss, Food Demos, How to heal from Degenerative Diseases, Wild Foods, Hikes, Superfoods, Yoga, fitness and SO MUCH MORE!!!!

The 'Raw Union' Festival/Expo/Wedding is going to be THE RAW EVENT OF THE YEAR and you DON'T WANT TO MISS OUT ON IT!!!

Get your tickets now, because if you buy them at the door, they go up from $65 to $85.

Bring your Kids and Pets along!!!

There is going to be a dedicated Child Care Program at the festival, run by some yummy Raw Moms. You can feel relaxed and relieved knowing that your children are well taken care of as you enjoy the WONDERS of this EXTRAORDINARY event. Children under 12 years of age are welcomed free of charge and those aged 12-17 come half-price to the festie. You can even bring your Pets along! The 'Angel's Health Institute has an enclosed Pet Sanctuary and Dog Park, with plenty of space.


Click HERE for full event details!

Wedding Celebration Sunday at 3 PM
Campers can arrive from Friday afternoon

Angel's Organic Farm
9394 Blackwell Rd.
Central Point, OR 97502
30 minutes north of Ashland Oregon

Location URL: http://angelshealthfoodinstitute.com/

We'll see you there for the raw food Festival/Expo/Wedding of the year... ;)

Honeymoon Retreat with Matt Monarch & Angela Stokes

Taking place immediately after the Raw Union festival is the Honeymoon Retreat from June 22nd - June 28th.

The price of this week-long Retreat is $2000 and includes room, board, food and an entire fun filled 'Healthy Living' Program. Everyday there are Full-Day classes hosted by Ken Brown, Peggy McDonnel, Matt Monarch, and Angela Stokes. Within this week time-frame, we will cover EVERYTHING that you need to know about Healthy Living. Click HERE for the Full Retreat Program Outline.

You don't want to miss out on this Fun-Filled Inspring Educational week.

There are 25 spaces for people, which include really nice rooms to a four person dorm... The first people that sign up for this retreat will get first choice of room.

You can purchase your tickets by clicking HERE.

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