Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Matt's Response to Debate, Episode #148

You don't want to miss the article that I just wrote on Consistency in my last Newsletter. Additionally, there are many 'at cost' specials including almonds, olives, ZeoForce, Oxygen Supreme, Certified Organic Chia Seeds and much more...


Enjoy today's episode below...



tanawana said...

Great Matt, I never knew you had these viewpoints. A long termer myself, this mirrors my progress also. I wish there was more of this out there and not so much of the beginner rehash you hear over and over and over and over ;O)


Matthew said...

Good video! :-)

Matt, I'm sure if you have some tests done they'll show you're much healthier on the inside than 95% of the general populaton on a SAD diet your age. As for skin aging, how old you look... you live in California right? Sun damage can take years to show up, maybe it's simply sun exposure. Yes a raw food diet will probably slow damage down and I've done a post on this and supplied references, but it doesn't totally prevent it. Although the sun is important for vitamin D production, the sun also ages the skin and is estimated responsible for 80-90% of total skin aging. For example, I know many people who have done CR for years, the ones that had a lot of sun exposure look a bit younger but more closer to their age than people who do CR and protect themselves from the sun (while getting enough vitamn D). I know quite a few people now that are like 40 and easily mistake for a 20-23 year old. Plus theres expression lines which don't have much to do with actual skin aging.

Also its probably worth mentioning that even natural cosmetic like Aloe Vera which is quite popular can accelerate skin aging if you use it on your face while in the sun. After the sun or night time is fine. This goes for some other oils too.

uzbekjoe said...

I am with you on consistency. Noticed now I am eating smaller meals and my day to day routine is pretty much the same.

It is great when someone takes your advice to make changes in there diet.
What is sad is when you see someone try so hard to reverse disease.
Then the disease is stronger and takes that persons life.
Not going to elaborate on that one.
I am doing what I can to strive for optimal health. Along the way there may be a few setbacks.It gets easier as time goes by and I learn.
Thanks for all the great advise

desnatural said...

Matt- I can't tell you how timely this information is for me right now. (I've emailed both you and Angela about this and you are now finally answering-yay!) So...THANK YOU!!

And one follow up question (of course). Besides giving the advice of going bad to a nearly 100% RAW diet like I was before (I know def. know I need something much more moderate) what would you suggest doing after one has slung one's self back into oblivion and gained 25lbs they can't get rid off!!?! How to repair the damage that's been done?

Nikki said...

Thank you for sharing these principles. I am 31 and obese. I have been folowing your show & renegade health fir about 4 months. I do 30 mins on the elliptical each day, either juice, have green smoothies or a complete raw meal everyday. We try to eat young coconts, goji, berries, kale, bee pollen, raw food vitamins, ect- 4-5 days a week. I have not lost a ton of weight, but my body fat percentage has went down and I feel healthier. If I went 100percent raw in the beginning, I might have failed. However taking small consistent steps like you say, I know I will reach my goal of 80-90percent raw. When will that happen? Maybe a few years, but after being on diets since I was 5 years old, I will become truely healthy in a fraction of the time. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. Most people that are obese need a healthy diet change to be realistic to stick with it. You and Angela have been great motivators for me. I do think i differ in spiritual beliefs. I am Christian, but that does not make me better than you. I just skip the areas that don't apply and try and receive all the love and knowlege I can receive from you. I pray that God blesses you both in your marriage and business.
God bless, Nikki

Raw Fit Personal Training said...

Hi Matt. Great info. Bring more of this stuff ! I have been raw for 10 years and I think cacao is great for my health. I run marathons and it gives me lots of energy. Maca is the opposite, it sucks my energy out. Please talk more about Maca, interview more long term rawfoodists on the issue of superfoods. I am now having lots of Goji and cut down on fruit. so basically Greens, goji and cacao. I never felt so great.

Cheers from Australia

Ricardo Riskalla

Anonymous said...

I totally agree--small consistent improvements are good. And 3 avocados are better than fast food, eh?

Also, I think we all age. You know--all these yoga teachers who used to talk about how you won't age w/ yoga, are old looking now. I'm sure it happens w/ raw foods. We all like to tell each other how young we look for our ages, but really, well, um, ya know, it's not really true when you get 40+. Some can create the illusion of youth, and healthy energy is great--but people who haven't seen me in 10 years will say how I look exactly the same, and I'm like, are you kidding? Have you looked at me? If we are so attached to the body, we won't mature, and in some countries you just don't hear people telling others how young they look. So eat raw because it feels good, tastes good, and keeps your energy up--and let the aging part go. It's good to get old in so many ways. Sometimes it seems all these health kicks are just masking age anxiety or something.

But you seem very level here. And reasonable! Thanks.


Steve Kraisinger said...

Matt, This is your best show ever.I returned to an almost 100% 12/09 I found your site and have went back and watched every show. I like your approach and your message. I am 53 years old, have lost 40lbs and feel better than I have in 20 years. Every product of yours that I have tried is working for me and mine.
Keep in mind that I have juiced and sprouted since99, but was not all raw and clean, moving around from different schools of thought, RAW IS THE BEST AND I WILL STAY WITH IT this time.
I like Paul's time of day talks, trying it now. I got to work at 5am so I am going to stop drinking my smooth at 4:30am.
Do keep up the great work and I am looking forward to meeting you in Dallas.

PS. The girls at work are wanting to know what I am doing to my skin, how I lost the weight and why I look 20 years younger. I did cheat and shaved off my whiting beard I have had for years.
It does feel good to spread the word!
I also work part time at a little ?Health Food Store and it is a great feeling to talk to others about the raw life and how you feel and look.

Dr Baylac said...

I have exclude raw cacao completely from my diet. I have noticed that I had severe stomach ache after eating larger quantities. Now cacao acts on the brain neurottransmittors and can be addictive and sure I probably eat to much of it. A raw diet rich in greens is more valuable to promote health than raw cacao. I do not deny that the pleasure given by raw cacao is a good argument to convince someone to go on a raw food diet! However, I am using food medically and I believe that the good results I get come essentially from the greens. www.rawdetox.org

Christina said...

I agree about the relativity of health improvements. It is an ongoing cycle of better and better improvements.

It is like bodybuilders who say that you can't build muscle unless you use heavy resistance and weights. Yet, that is only true for them because they are so strong already that it takes a lot of weight for them to maintain it or to build even greater strength. Take someone who has been completely sedentary for years and years and barely has any strength. They on the other hand, can build muscle very quickly and get just as sore the next day from even just doing cardio exercise or a beginners yoga class. It is all relative. I remember after not exercising for so long, going and doing some light jogging and my muscles were very sore the next day. Same thing with a yoga class. On the other hand, someone who does yoga everyday is not sore from it at all. They have reached the fitness level to match the stress and exertion of it. Just like when you plateau with weights.

So, why wouldn't it be the same with food and nutrition health. It is.

I agree with the consistency as far as being consistent in eating healthy foods, and the balance of various healthy foods. It needs to be improved over time though.

I don't necessarily agree with eating the exact same foods though. I think the body needs variety and it has been shown that eating the same thing too much and too often can build up intolerances to that food. It can also cause imbalance because you are eating a diet that is super high in X,Y, and Z nutrition, but is low in A, G, and T for instance.