Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Healthforce Nutritionals Jameth Sheridan Part I & 2, Episode #156 & 157

I just LOVE these two videos!!!... It's HILARIOUS. Enjoy Part I and II below :-)


Christy said...

I love these two videos. You've got to do more with Jameth and maybe one with his beautiful wife. She's a very interesting person. Wonderful people!!! Now please tell us what those Jedi Swords are called and does anyone sell them. I would love to buy several of them.
Your wedding plans are the BEST EVER. I wish I could be there.
Have a Blessed Wedding.
Love you guys

lala said...

Yaaayyyy... so much fun! and GREAT info...

Thank You! <3

Barbara Yeager said...

Matt & Angela - Blessings on your heart, filtering down through each atom to your hearts, united as one...for these wonder-filled, PLAY-FULL videos. I LOVE Health Force Nutritionals, and practically live on them alone. I have never had the op. to 'meet' Jameth Sheridan, so this was so nice...These videos are awesome - especially loved the Jedi Swords, and like Christy commented before me, I'd like to know who makes them/where I can buy some. I love the sound they make too.