Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Continuum Concept in action, Episode #274

Our friend Debra is a living example of the Continuum concept. She carries her baby around with her wherever she goes. Check out the video below.

Additionally, we put the INCREDIBLE Gabriel Cousen's interview up on youtube at the link below and it will only be available to the end of this Monday night and then we delete it. The feedback that we got about this interview was PROFOUND!!!

Many people mentioned that they had NO IDEA what the interview was going to be about and they LOVED IT. We went DEEP into the spiritual aspects of the Raw Food Diet and Life.

During the last third of the interview, I delved into vulnerability and told about 1000 people on the call about some of my spiritual experiences since going raw, which were all validated by Dr. Gabriel Cousens. We discussed seeing energy & spirits, lucid dreaming, astral projection and MUCH MORE.

The 1.5 hour interview was primarily an "esoteric talk", however, we did cover important practical info too on solutions for DEEP ROOTED Candida, plus we discussed Raw Chocolate! Make sure to make it to the end of this interview to hear all of the fun magical spiritual stuff.

The special deals on the call are available all the way until Midnight (Pacific time) this Monday (Oct 19th) and you can listen to the interview by visiting the weblink below. Enjoy...!!!

And todays TV Show is available below:


Jolene said...

Just sprung upon ur blog and I love it! :) We are in the process of changing our lifestyle..raw foods is awesome! :) Thanks so much for the great videos! :)

suprchica said...

Hubby & I lived Attachment Parenting, Family Bed, No Vaccines, organic food with our 3 babes. I had 2 awesome, planned unattended home-births (Ina May Gaskin rocks!)only breast milk for 6mos., then combination solid foods & breast milk for 2yrs each. No ear infections, no colic, no night frights. Best time of my life!

Blessings to Matt & Angela!

Tamara :)

Christina said...

Listened to Gabriel, and am SO glad you finelly rised the curtain of your spiritual raw life! I have read about your 3 eye, and people say how great it is spiritually to go 100%, but since nobody talks about WHAT IT IS, it just creates a "yeah, right..." reaction…

So this rasises a few questions:
Some pople say "Oh, but you just have to be 100% raw to gain all the benefits (what benefits?), while others state that high raw is good enough.
Is this the reason you are 100% raw? The spiritual aspect? And how affected is it by what you eat?
What is Angelas story on this subject?

As for me, I live in the north, and I KNOW I'm low in D-vitamine, so I kind of have decided to be raw with some (most often raw) fat fish and eggs, kind of… Would you think this is counterproductive to my raw aims?

I would much appreciate some clues in this matter, eather in your blog or by mail – if you could find the time/energy for it…
Much thanks for your charings! :)

PS. Yes, one of my big reasons for going raw is to get more in line spiritually.